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Nome del file originale: definite call4papers.pdf
Titolo: draft call4papers
Autore: lunaRM3

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October 11-12, 2013
Roma Tre University
Rome, Italy

is a Research Project developed by
Roma Tre University, in
collaboration with Yasar University,
Saint Petersburg State University of
Economics, and Aahrus University.

International Conference on

Via Silvio D’

Call for Papers

Via Silvio D’

Societies, Institutions, and Networks

Sustainable Cultural
Heritage Management

International Conference on

Sustainable Cultural Heritage Management
Rome, 11-12 October 2013

Culture is at the basis of a symbolic world full of

approaches, including development of new tools and methods,

meanings, believes, values, traditions and as such it holds a

to the preservation of cultural heritage and its transmission to

fundamental role in human development. Cultural heritage,

future generations. Also, the adoption of new technologies

tangible and intangible, includes a wide variety of artistic and

offers innovative opportunities and dynamic managerial

cultural forms of expression like, inter alia, literature, the visual


arts, architecture, music and theatre and may provide
important benefits for society and the economy. The cultural
experience is not only a single event in the life of an individual,
it can also contribute to the development of joint sense of
identities in sparse population. European citizenship as well as
economic and social development stipulate a better protection,
promotion and use of the European cultural heritage.
Moreover, the dissemination and valorization of cultural
outputs requires new production and consumption modalities
(ACRI, 2003). This has significant, yet often untapped,
potential for stimulating jobs and economic growth, and
fosters the development of other sectors in the economic


system. Culture thus holds an essential role for the creation of

As highlighted by the Faro Convention (Art.1, 2005) “the

national wealth through numerous implication of social,

value and potential of the cultural heritage, if adequately

economic and political nature. In particular, to invest in cultural

managed as a resource, is the key element for the lasting

resources means contributing to improve the quality of life in a

development and for the quality of life in a society in

specific territory, attracting new economic, financial, and

continuous evolution”. The knowledge of the cultural heritage

human resources, improving social and territorial cohesion as

and the cultural tourism represent therefore an essential

well as defining new types of artistic careers. This

resource to facilitate the peaceful coexistence, where the

advancement bears side effects on the development of multi

different values must be respected and developed through an

cultural societies.

integrated management approach.
Bearing in mind that only preserving the awareness about
the past, the new generations can be committed in creating a
better future, the International Conference on Sustainable
Cultural Heritage Management aims at offering a unique venue
to gather academics, practitioners, and citizens to discuss the
core elements of Cultural Heritage Management and

!Due to this, it is important to foster creative and innovative


International Conference on

Sustainable Cultural Heritage Management
Rome, 11-12 October 2013

Please consider submitting your proposal to one of the
following tracks. A more detailed description of each track
is provided in the conference website.
Social Entrepreneurship and Cultural Heritage
Chair: Cagri Bulut (Yasar University)
Cultural Heritage Marketing
Chair: Anna Kovaleva and Michael Epstein
(Saint Petersburg State University of Economics)
Technology in Sustainable Cultural Heritage
Chairs: Maria Claudia Lucchetti and Gabriella
Arcese (Roma Tre University)

Please refer to the website for more detailed
description of the tracks and any updates!

IS in Cultural Heritage and Virtual Museums
Chair: Andrea Carugati (Aahrus University)

Trends and Issues in Museum Management
Chair: Ige Pirnar (Yasar University)
Organizational and Institutional issues in Cultural
Heritage Management
Chairs: Lucia Marchegiani and Michela Marchiori
(Roma Tre University)
Improvement in Museums' visitors satisfaction
Chair: Francesca Renzi (Roma Tre University)
Value of Cultural Heritage for Society
Chairs: Roberta Guglielmetti and Laura Di Pietro
(Roma Tre University)


International Conference on

Sustainable Cultural Heritage Management
Rome, 11-12 October 2013

Scientific Committee
Cagri Bulut
Andrea Carugati
Lidia D’Alessio (tbc)
Maria Claudia Lucchetti
Ige Pirnar
Maria Francesca Renzi
Dimitri Vasilenko
Program Committee
Lucia Marchegiani

Selected papers will be
included in fast track revision
and/or special issues of:
Journal of Yasar University;
Intl. Journal of Cultural
Studies; Advances in
Tourism, Cultural, and
Hospitality Research;
Current Issues in Tourism.
Conference proceedings will
be published (with

Gabriella Arcese
Laura Di Pietro
Roberta Guglielmetti
Anna Kovaleva

Poster sessions are also
Key note speakers

June, 30th: extended abstract
submission (2000 words)
July, 31st: notification of
September, 10th: full paper final
version submission
September, 5th: early registration
Conference Venue
The Conference will be hosted by
Roma Tre University, which is located in
Via Silvio d’Amico 77 (San Paolo area)
Rome, Italy.
Metro B station San Paolo is at
walking distance and train station
Ostiense is the closest one.
For further information, please visit the
conference website.

Publication opportunities


Important deadlines

October, 11th morning session
(@ Roma Tre University)

October, 11th afternoon session
(@ Roma Tre University)

- Keynote speech: European Identity and Cultural Heritage Anna Maria Villa, Coordinator of European Citizen Office,
Department of European Policies
- Parallel sessions
- Keynote speech: Networks and networking in the cultural
fields – Mrs Yelena Gerasimenko, Etnografic Museum of
Saint Petersburg (invited)
- Parallel sessions
Social event in Palazzo Braschi

October, 12th
(@ Roman Museum TBC)

- Presentation of the results of the NetMUSE Project
- Roundtable between experts in the field of Normative
intervention and citizens’ inclusion in cultural heritage
promotion (Alberto Cattani, Department of European
Policies; Marco Causi, Professor of Cultural Heritage
Management; Maria Rita Minelli, Cultural Technology District
Lazio Region; Pierluigi Mattera, Director of Palazzo Braschi
Rome) (invited).

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