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If you are installing the pot and mosfet external to the board then you are done and can
move on to installing the board in the amp. If you are installing the pot and mosfet on the
board then go on to step 4
Step 4) Mount the pot on the board in the holes closest to the edge of the board

Step5) Mount the mosfet on the board. The mosfet is a static sensitive device. That means
that static electricity that builds up in your body can blow the mosfet. Always make sure
you use normal static precautions when handling the mosfet. It can be mounted either on
top of the board or on the bottom of the board.

Top Mount

Bottom Mount

No matter how you mount the mosfet, you will need to bolt it to the chassis or adequate
heat sink to provide proper cooling. ALWAYS make sure you install the insulator
provided between the chassis/heat sink and the mosfet or you will damage the mosfet.

That completes the board assembly for a Cathode Biased Amp.