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Regolamento Coppa Europa english 1 .pdf

Nome del file originale: Regolamento Coppa Europa english 1.pdf
Autore: Cristian

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ROMANIA OCTOBER 07 – 13/ 2013
(Cacit hunting practice)

• Participants:
Teams representing European regions;

• The Team will be represented:
By a coordinator who will represent the team. He is responsible for his team and for the partecipants to the
competition of his team. Each team must be in possession of garments such as (hats, or shirts, or jackets
etc.), which represent the region of origin;

• Team Coordinators:
Admitted into the competition are team’s coordinators, who are resident in the same region belonging to the
team. All coordinators should send (30 days prior to the competition), a photocopy of the ID of the
conductors with a copy of the documents of the participating dogs.
Coordinators cannot be conductors and vice versa.

• Conductors Team:
Will be admitted into the competition conductors which are resident in the same region represented by the
team. Furthermore, within each team, one can have multiple conductors (maximum one for each dog, and
therefore not more than three for each team). All conductors must send to coordinators a photocopy of the
identification document in time for the application.
*All conductors shall not be coordinators and vice versa.

• Dogs participants:
Dogs enrolling in the competition, will represent their team and therefore the region, so it is preferable that
dogs are part of the same region, in other cases, (for lack of dogs), one can take advantage of other dogs of a
different origin as long as national. In addition, they must be in possession of pedigree certificates, European
passport, work permit and microchip. There is no age limit for dogs admitted to the competition. The dogs,
who, for Acts of God must be replaced, will be announced 10 days before the competition to the organizers.
* All dogs will be subject to approval by reading the microchip!

• The team will consist of:
Continental 4 (3 +1 backup) plus 4 English (3 +1 reserve), the maximum number allowed.

• Registration:
Applications must be received 30 days prior to the organization of the competition by filling in the
registration sheets that you will find on our site, or via e-mail at:, by making a
payment via bank transfer to the account ASS RO TIROL (for entries in Euros, Iban:
RO10CECETM08C1EUR0754930) while (for entries in Ron, Iban: RO98CECETM0830RON0754833).
The cost of registration for the Cup of Nations Team for 2013 will be: (for English, € 150) + (for continental
€ 150) for a total of € 300 for each day of the race.
The Team may be also composed of only English or continental alone.

• The Contest:
The competition will take place in Romania, in the funds made available by the ROTIROL, 7 to 13 October
2013, unless the changes that will be submitted to the respective coordinators. The duration of the contest
will be 7 days. CACITs 7 will be released for the English and 7 CACITs for continental.

• The rankings:
Prizes will be awarded: participants whether individual who have obtained the highest score conductor / dog
until the third qualified. Prizes will be awarded, in addition, teams or teams up to the third qualified. Every
evening, will be awarded to the winners of the day with their CACITs, CAC, ETC.
The prize, in addition to gadgets offered by our sponsors, will consist also in money and the amount will be
proportional to the number of team members. The prize in money, will be announced on our website 20 days
before starting of the competition. .

• The judges:
The judges will be chosen by the organizers in Europe, by selecting qualified expert judges, prior notification
and approval of the respective institutions, and will be communicated on the website 20 days before the
competition. The expert judges, will be drawn in the presence of coordinators in the evening before the
competition, and will be on display together with the batteries in 'special bulletin Dogs inscribed for the next
day, in the same way, will be drawn in the presence of the coordinators of the respective teams in the
evening before the competition.

Scores for ability

Scores for morphology






The staff
Ro.Tirol Association

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