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My business idea involves the construction of an enterprise for the production of
EPS elements used for decoration and thermal and acoustic insulation of
external and internal prospects.
For several years, the elements in expanded polystyrene are replacing, traditional
materials due to their cheapness lightness and practicality.
The new product that is to be realized, is made from profiles of polystyrene covered
with a hardening resin, which are installed directly on prospectuses through a normal
adhesive, widely used in building. For this reason unlike the traditional elements do
not need specialized labor for installation.
The range to be produced is constituted by:
ï‚· Architectural profiles
ï‚· Sills
ï‚· String courses
ï‚· Friezes
ï‚· Ashlar
ï‚· Molds for casting.
Profiles give a personal aspect to the prospectus, in short time and with a net cost
savings. The intent is to offer a eco-designproduct to create energy efficient buildings
but also palces that are attractive from the point of view of aesthetics.
The customer
target of EcoDesign is represented by three different groups:
Construction companies, Studies of technical advice, Resales building products.
In particular, the objective is to turn to organizations interested in the subject of
ecology and at the same time seeking innovative solutions with low costs.
The cost of production of each piece is very low (about 8 €) while the sales price can
be very high (25 €) thanks to the production cycle which is high added value. The
company derives enormous profits from this business because the gain of each piece
is around 300%.
The production technology in recent years has evolved and now you can buy on the
market equipment that enable all types and more complex.The reasons that led
members to build a plant for the production of polystyrene objects are different:
Growth in investment in restructuring and housing recovery recorded
throughout Europe;
 evolution of the Italian legislation on energy saving (27 December 2006, n. 296
article 1 paragraphs 344 to 349), which provides tax benefits in the case of use
of insulating materials in construction and construction work in general;
 competitiveness of Italian design;
 spread of manufacturing technology and providers of manufacturing machinery
in the international arena;