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Tornado workshop Manual.pdf

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This manual contains an introductory description of the Benelli Tornado Three together
with the procedures for control/intervention and revision of the main components.
Information considered generally noted is not included.
This manual will help you to understand the motorcycle better in order to provide the
client with a rapid and trustworthy service.

* The present manual has been prepared on the basis of state-of-the-art
specifications valid at the date of publication. In the case of modifications
carried out after this date, differences may exist between the contents of the
manual and the motorcycle under review.
* The illustrations in this manual are used to highlight the fundamental principles
and procedures of basic interventions. They may not show exactly the
motorcycle in your possession.
* This manual has been written for people who have the knowledge, the technical
skill and the instruments, including the special, for servicing Benelli motorcycles.
If you do not possess the necessary training and tools, have repairs made at
an authorised Benelli concessionaire.

Inexpert mechanics or those lacking appropriate instruments and apparatuses
may not be able to carry out the operations described in this manual.
Incorrect repairs can cause damage to the mechanic and render the motorcycle
unsafe for the driver and passenger.