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Jumping puzzle .pdf

Nome del file originale: Jumping puzzle.pdf
Autore: Shell

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--------------------- Ascalon --------------------Plains of Ashford

Loreclaw Expanse, southeast.

Diessa Plateau

Crimson Plateau, rock structure south of Redreave Mill Waypoint, southeast corner of it

Grendich Gamble, just north of The Blasted Moors waypoint

Wall Breach Blitz, southwest of the Breached Wall Waypoint (part of nearby vista)

Fields of Ruin

Branded Mine southwest of Varim's Run.

Blazeridge Steppes

Behem Gauntlet, behind the spider cave east of Behem Waypoint.

Craze's Folly, northeast of the Terra Carorunda Waypoint.

Iron Marches

Chaos Crystal Cavern, just west of Old Piken Ruins Waypoint

Fireheart Rise

Pig Iron Quarry is northeast of Severed Breach Waypoint ontop of the island

---------------- Maguuma Jungle ---------------Caledon Forest

Dark Reverie, just behind Morgan's Leap inside the Dreamdark Enclave

Morgan's Leap, at the Morgan's Spiral skill point

Spekks's Laboratory, In Sandycove Beach, follow the river west from Bay Haven to its source.

Spelunker's Delve, South of the Point of Interest Danador's Kennel. Follow the road south through
the level 3 Jungle Trolls.

Metrica Province

Goemm's Lab, is south of the Cuatl Waypoint, hidden by trees; entrance between rocks.

Mount Maelstrom

Conundrum Cubed, through a small passage directly north of the Govoran Waypoint

Hidden Garden, accessed through mysterious portal, after killing one of four "keepers"

Sparkfly Fen

Hexfoundry Unhinged, southeast

--------------------- Kryta --------------------Lion's Arch

Troll's End get up to Vista by Trader's Forum Waypoint, fall off towards the southeast (look down to
see the hole) and down a very narrow hole, and then swim to the underground tunnel and to the

Urmaug's Secret in the northeast, starting behind Urmaug.

Weyandt's Revenge in the Sharkmaw Caverns, starting behind Tokk's Mill.


Demongrub Pits, southeast

Kessex Hills

The Collapsed Observatory, southeast

Gendarran Fields

Swashbuckler's Cove, roughly south of Stonefish Beach POI.

Not So Secret, Follow the noises south of Broadhollow Waypoint to a mechanical jump pad.

Harathi Hinterlands

Fawcett's Bounty, north of Arca Lake (if you fall into a pit near the start, you will earn the Fawcett's
Revenge achievement).

Bloodtide Coast

Professor Portmatt's Lab is just west of Sorrowful Waypoint underwater, has an underwater

------------- Shiverpeak Mountains ------------Wayfarer Foothills

Shamans Rookery, north of The Osenfold Shear

Snowden Drifts

King Jalis's Refuge, central east area

Lornar's Pass

Griffonrook Run, southwest of False Lake waypoint. Entrance is in the water South of the waypoint look for the purple glow to the right of the wooden house ruins

Dredgehaunt Cliffs

Tribulation Caverns after Tribulation Rift Scaffolding a cleft west of the Vista

Tribulation Rift Scaffolding, southwest corner at the Vista

Timberline Falls

Coddler's Cove, inside Mellagan's Grotto: the entrance starts directly south of the Okarinoo point of

Only Zuhl, north of the Foundation 86 Waypoint.

Frostgorge Sound

Shattered Ice Ruins, east of the Ice Floe waypoint starting underwater.

---------------- Sea of Sorrows ---------------Southsun Cove

Skipping Stones, in the cave south of Lion Point Waypoint

Under New Management, east of Pearl Islet Waypoint

----------------- Ruins of Orr ----------------Straits of Devastation

Vizier's Tower, on the island directly east of the Lone Post Waypoint

Malchor's Leap

Antre of Adjournment, a tunnel in the water north of the bridge directly east of the Valley of Lyss

Scavenger's Chasm, south of the map near Hope Falls Point of interest you can drop down to a
Mithril Ore.

Cursed Shore

Buried Archives,

------------------ The Mists -----------------Obsidian Sanctum

Obsidian Sanctum, accessed from the three keeps in Eternal Battlegrounds


Mistwrought Vault is known by three names and includes three separate achievements, depending
on the map on which it is found. Each has the same solution. You can also use the key pieces found
in one borderland to open the chest in another.

Emerald Sanctum, located in the Green Borderlands (western map)

Garnet Sanctum, located in the Red Borderlands (northern map)

Sapphire Sanctum, located in the Blue Borderlands (eastern map)

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