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Globalization of domestic politics: between convergence and
pluralism: the italian case.
by Simone Tonelli
This paper seeks to investigate the latest events of the italian political realm, with an
historical perspective, aiming to understand the impact of globalization on the domestic
politics. The reason of the analysis stems from the necessity to explain the episodes
occurred in Italy during the last five years, given that seems they have provoked uneven
understandings of the phenomenon and suggest the emergence of different, and by some
points of view dangerous, forthcoming perspective.
Following the insight of Nederveen Pieterse (1995) which suggest that globalization
allows the formation of several organizational forms at the same time, I will aim to
explain how it is impacting on the italian politics: on the one hand, it seems make the
state, by certain point of view, an efficient machine working in a computable manner,
constrained by scientific knowledge to give predictable outcomes, which result, by
certain perspective, dehumanizing of both, the role of the politicians and of the overall
citizenship. On the other I will illustrate how this phenomenon, together with the
historical and socio-political circumstances, seems to have been leading to the
emergence of a tendency towards the self-management of public affairs, therefore
avoiding the traditional mediated democracy. Moreover I will foresee an hybridization
of these two tendencies following the Ritzer’s insight about the unavoidability of the
human advocacy by mcdonalized organizations.
In the first part of this paper I will seek to define theoretical framework within which I
intend to fit my analysis. The object of my studying is politics, I will define it as a
cultural object, and then what I mean with culture and cultural object, and I will
separate its features through the use of the cultural diamond (Wendy Griswold 2005).
Therefore I will endeavor to conceptualize globalization, cultural globalization and
mcdonaldization, through the use of the insights of Ritzer, Robertson, DiMaggio and