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In the second part of the paper I will first define the social context in which my object of
study is situated and by which is shaped, retracing a very brief history of the italian
politics from the post-WWII to the 2007’s financial crises and its developments, going
through it by the lens of the international relationship and its impact on the internal
functioning of the political system, with a specific emphasis of its influence on the
system of parties.
Following, in the third part of the paper, I will consider, on the one hand, the similarities
between mcdonaldization tendencies and the technocrats government (developed in
Italy during the financial crises) and, on the other, the relationship between cultural
globalization and the emergence of a tendency to a direct management of public affairs.

Theoretical perspective
My object of study is politics as a cultural practice, that is an institutionalized symbolic
form which serves to manage public affairs. On the side of the society as such it serves
as a practical mean to make the state’s machine working, on its cultural side is the
expression of the people’s sovereignty.
When I refer about culture I consider it as a set of tools, settled by norms, values,
believes and symbolic forms of expressions, that the individuals use in their day-to-day
lives as a mean to understand what is happening around them. The relationship between
culture and the society stems by the fact that the former suggest the expressive side of
the object, intrinsic to it, and the latter its functional side. According with Taylor I
define culture as a complex set of practices which include the arts, the knowledge, the
right, the costumes, the moral and any other skill and habit acquired as a member of the
society. As it aim to be a scientific knowledge, sociology, needs to isolate it’s object of
study and so to endeavor to explain the outcome of its shock with other variables. A
cultural object can be either an object as such or not, it can be anything, it just needs to
be a meaning incorporated into a form, the status of cultural object it’s the product of an
analytical choice rather than a given of the object as such. The form can be real or
conceptual, for instance, the crucifix is an object and indeed is practically a torture
machine, but for catholics it have became the sign of the sacrifice, the passion of Jesus
Christ towards humanity. Another example could be the concept of freedom, as a
concept it does not exist in the real world, but for some peoples it is a cultural object, for
instance, the people of United States, on which it has based its nation.