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Specify the cultural object means to isolate some features of a wider culture and make
them the object of the analysis. Therefore I need to use an analytic tool, which is, in this
case the cultural diamond (Wendy Griswold). She argued that a cultural object is a
product of human beings (creators) and only after it has reached an audience (recipients)
and this audience is an active producer of meaning, and it is roots in a certain contest
(social world), than an the object becomes a cultural object. The italian political realm
will be the context of my analysis (social world), which is also, the nation-state, the
traditional boundary in which is traditionally constrained the expression of sovereignty,
which expression is the cultural side of politics. But who are the creators and the
recipients of the cultural object? And in which way politics can be created and
delivered? This is a bit more complex argument. Using an old-fashioned term it can be
argued that the cultural conception of politics is set up by the opinion-leaders and it is
delivered to its audience. While I am using this term I don’t want to say that all the
informations coming from those people are taken as givens by their recipients, which is,
among others, the reasons because Katz and Lazarsfeld have been criticized, but rather I
suggest that exist persons whose arguments stems from a certain position, which can
range from to, be the leader of a movement, be the member of a party or an activist,
until to, be the mother or the grandfather of the audience rather than a famous singer or
a football player, such that gives them a specific authority regarding certain topics, and
thus their interlocutors are influenced by them. But, as I said before, they are not passive
recipients, rather they assume their ‘filtered’ informations and they hybridize them
together with their cultural background and their experience of day-to-day life.
There are two ‘variables’ by which I intend to subject my object of study, both part of
the process of globalization: the process of cultural globalization as Ritzer (2003)
outlined it, namely that lead to a cultural pluralism; and the process of McDonaldization
(Ritzer 1997; 2008) which lead to a cultural convergence, an homogenization of
cultures. The latter is, in some parts, incorporated in the former, indeed as we will see,
the process of McDonaldization cannot overall avoid the agency of individuals.
First I must define what globalization is. The reductive definition of it is “the shrinking
of the world” that is to say the compression of time and space, but as many scholars
have highlighted globalization is not a unique process, rather is a complex phenomenon
which involve many flows across the world. Flows of capital and people allowed by the
increasing interconnectedness and regional cooperation among states around the world