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Autore: Cecilia

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Second International Topical Congress of the AIECM3

Faenza,17th-18th of April 2015
Call for paper
Who we are?
AIECM3 is an international association for the
study of medieval and modern pottery in the
Mediterranean. It organizes the Medieval and
Modern Pottery International Conference
(CICM3) each three years, arrived at the 10th
edition. The work of the association has been
essential for new achievements and significant
reflections about history of pottery.
In the 2014, after near 40 years of activity, initially
informal with the Valbonne Conference of 1978,
then official with the establishment of the
AIECM3, the International Committee has
decided to add new yearly dates to traditional
Congress. The International Topical Congress is
proposed from time to time by a different
hosting Country.
Second International Congress
After the first Topical Congress (MontpellierLattes, France, 19th-21st November 2014), the
second will be hold in spring 2015 at the
International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza
(Ravenna, Italy) and will be titled «In&Around.
Material culture is an expression of a will, but at
the same time it influences choices. Objects,
their shape, their decoration are not neutral
element in social dynamics, on the contrary,
they interact in human behaviors, both in the
moment of acquisition and in the period of use.
The meanings of things is never univocal, but
always strictly context depending: same

artifacts in different contexts, may play deeply
different roles. If that is true for a single person, it is
more substantial talking about communities.
The conference topic is the interaction between
pottery and communities, that is to say the
analysis of the meaning of these artifacts within
human groups, for instance religious
communities, families, crews, whole cities or
specific social classes. Tableware, cooking pots
and ceramic containers are not the only
protagonists of our debate: we are interested in
every ceramic artifact related with communities
or spaces, such as fl o o r s o r a r c h i t e c t u r a l
decorations. Focuses are the using contexts and
the consumers.
We encourage applications on topics
discussing the following issues:
- Investigating changes in the configuration of
the community through the time by plotting
pottery distribution
- Ceramic consuming and community
- Mutual influences between behaviours and
pottery: who used these objects? What did
these artefacts mean? How community
negotiated their views of others and of their own
past through them?
Case studies, synthesis and methodological
discussions are welcome. Potentialities of the
subjects suggest a multidisciplinary approach
and a comparison among pottery and other
artifacts. Chronological range is wide, starting
from Early Middle Ages to these days.

To apply

After the congress

Send to

It is intended that the proceedings of this
collaboratory will be published as an edited
collection. Selected conference papers will be
peer-reviewed for the publishing by AIECM3
International Committee members.

within the 30th September 2014
- Communications: abstract between the 2000
and 4000 types (spaces included)

Registration fees: 50 euros (students: 25 euros)
- Posters: abstract no longer than 500 types
(spaces included)
We suggest to indicate, if relevant, theoretical
approach and specific goals.

Members of AIECM3 International Committee
President: Sauro GELICHI

Name of the authors, eventual institutions and a
valid e-mail address are mandatory.
A brief track record (no more than one page) of
relevant publications, works in progress,
research projects or other pertinent activities is
- Communication: 30 min. available
- Posters: cm 70x100
"Graziella Berti" scholarship
We would like to offer to young researchers the
opportunity to share their studies.
Two scholarships (500 euros each) are available
for original papers, characterized by a highly
innovative methodological approach and a
pronounced multidisciplinarity.
The prize will be appointed to the single
contribution, even if it is a team work.
Candidates are encouraged to indicate an
explicit participation request in the submission
mail, attaching author's CV and motivational
Young age and long distance residence from
the congress seat are preferential criterions.

Roland-Pierre GAYRAUD
Suzana GOMEZ
Véronique FRANÇOIS
Maria Alexandra LINO GASPAR
Alessandra MOLINARI
Maurice PICON

Organizing team:
Sauro Gelichi
Margherita Ferri
Cecilia Moine
Lara Sabbionesi

Organized by:

Association Internationale
pour l'Etude des
Céramiques Médiévales et
en Méditerranée

Museo Internazionale
delle Ceramiche
in Faenza


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