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Sedra Microelectronic Circuits 6th c2010 txtbk.pdf

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Part I. Devices and Basic Circuits
Chapter 1. Signals and Amplifiers
1.1 Signals
1.2 Frequency Spectrum of Signals
1.3 Analog and Digital Signals
1.4 Amplifiers
1.4.1 Signal Amplification
1.4.2 Amplifier Circuit Symbol
1.4.3 Voltage Gain
1.4.4 Power Gain and Current Gain
1.4.5 Expressing Gain in Decibels
1.4.6 Amplifier Power Supplies
1.4.7 Amplifier Saturation
1.4.8 Symbol Convention
1.5 Circuit Models for Amplifiers
1.5.1 Voltage Amplifiers
1.5.2 Cascaded Amplifiers
1.5.3 Other Amplifier Types
1.5.4 Relationships Between the Four Amplifier Models
1.5.5 Determining Ri and Ro
1.5.6 Unilateral Models
1.6 Frequency Response of Amplifiers
1.6.1 Measuring the Amplifier Frequency Response
1.6.2 Amplifier Bandwidth
1.6.3 Evaluating the Frequency Response of Amplifiers
1.6.4 Single-Time-Constant Networks
1.6.5 Classification of Amplifiers Based on Frequency Response
Chapter 2. Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)
2.1 The Ideal Op Amp
2.1.1 The Op-Amp Terminals
2.1.2 Function and Characteristics of the Ideal Op Amp
2.1.3 Differential and Common-Mode Signals
2.2 The Inverting Configuration
2.2.1 The Closed-Loop Gain
2.2.2 Effect of the Finite Open-Loop Gain
2.2.3 Input and Output Resistances
2.2.4 An Important Application: The Weighted Summer
2.3 The Noninverting Configuration
2.3.1 The Closed-Loop Gain
2.3.2 Effect of the Finite Open-Loop Gain
2.3.3 Input and Output Resistances
2.3.4 The Voltage Follower
2.4 Difference Amplifiers
2.4.1 A Single Op-Amp Difference Amplifier
2.4.2 A Superior Circuit: The Instrumentation Amplifier
2.5 Integrators and Differentiators
2.5.1 The Inverting Configuration with General Impedances
2.5.2 The Inverting Integrator
2.5.3 The Op-Amp Differentiator
2.6 DC Imperfections