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Sedra Microelectronic Circuits 6th c2010 txtbk.pdf

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2.6.1 Offset Voltage
2.6.2 Input Bias and Offset Currents
2.6.3 Effect of Vos and Ios on the Operation of the Inverting Integrator
2.7 Effect of Finite Open-Loop Gain and Bandwidth on Circuit Performance
2.7.1 Frequency Dependence of the Open-Loop Gain
2.7.2 Frequency Response of the Closed-Loop Amplifier
2.8 Large-Signal Operation of Op Amps
2.8.1 Output Voltage Saturation
2.8.2 Output Current Limits
2.8.3 Slew Rate
2.8.4 Full-Power Bandwidth
Chapter 3. Semiconductors
3.1 Intrinsic Semiconductors
3.2 Doped Semiconductors
3.3 Current Flow in Semiconductors
3.3.1 Drift Current
3.3.2 Diffusion Current
3.3.3 Relationship Between D and ?
3.4 The pn Junction with Open-Circuit Terminals (Equilibrium)
3.4.1 Physical Structure
3.4.2 Operation with Open-Circuit Terminals
3.5 The pn Junction with Applied Voltage
3.5.1 Qualitative Description of Junction Operation
3.5.2 The Current-Voltage Relationship of the Junction
3.5.3 Reverse Breakdown
3.6 Capacitive Effects in the pn Junction
3.6.1 Depletion or Junction Capacitance
3.6.2 Diffusion Capacitance
Chapter 4. Diodes
4.1 The Ideal Diode
4.1.1 Current-Voltage Characteristic
4.1.2 A Simple Application: The Rectifier
4.1.3 Another Application: Diode Logic Gates
4.2 Terminal Characteristics of Junction Diodes
4.2.1 The Forward-Bias Region
4.2.2 The Reverse-Bias Region
4.2.3 The Breakdown Region
4.3 Modelling the Diode Forward Characteristic
4.3.1 The Exponential Model
4.3.2 Graphical Analysis Using the Exponential Model
4.3.3 Iterative Analysis Using the Exponential Model
4.3.4 The Need for Rapid Analysis
4.3.5 The Constant-Voltage Drop Model
4.3.6 The Ideal-Diode Model
4.3.7 The Small-Signal Model
4.3.8 Use of the Diode Forward Drop in Voltage Regulation
4.4 Operation in the Reverse Breakdown Region-Zener Diodes
4.4.1 Specifying and Modeling the Zener Diode