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Objectives and results of the PSUP

The overall goal of this programme is to improve the living conditions of the urban poor and
contribute to MDG 7 (ensure environmental sustainability), target 7C (halve, by 2015, the
proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation) and
target 7D (have achieved by 2020 a significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million
slum dwellers).
The project purpose is to strengthen local, national and regional decision-makers, institutional
and key urban stakeholders' capacities in slum improvement and prevention by enabling them to
identify appropriate responses to increased urbanisation of poverty and to efficiently implement
pro-poor urban policies, city-wide slum upgrading strategies and slum upgrading demonstration
projects following an approach of three phases.

– Phase I (8 countries): city-wide and national cross-sector assessment studies
identifying most urgent urban development needs;
– Phase II (18 countries): recommendations for urban policies, city-wide slum
upgrading strategies and project documents for slum upgrading interventions
including a resource mobilisation strategy to be implemented in 18 ACP
countries of which 6 countries are additionally adapting and applying the
International Guidelines for Decentralisation and Basic Services for All.
– Phase III (9countries): implementation of slum upgrading projects and strategies
for replication and up-scaling.
Table: Relationship and continuity between phases I, II and III of the PSUP

PSUP activities
undertaken before 2008
(non EDF resources)
9th EDF PSUP 1
10th EDF PSUP 2

Phase I
Urban profiling

Phase II
Action Planning

Phase III
Pilot projects

12 new countries



18 new countries

12 countries


9 new countries

18 countries

Up to 9 countries

Expected results of the programme are as follows:
For phase I: ACP countries’ national, city and community representatives and planning
authorities are enabled to assess urban development needs and urban poverty in ACP countries.
This includes 1) the acknowledgement of the participatory urban profiling approach as a tool for
urban planning by the relevant bodies in charge of urban development and 2) the involvement
and empowerment of Non Governmental Organisation (NGOs) and Community Based
Organisations (CBOs) representing slum dwellers in assessing and following the burning issues
in their cities
For Phase II: ACP countries’ national, city and community representatives as well as planning
authorities are empowered to address slum dwellers’ needs for better living conditions in their
cities with adequate planning tools and realistic resource mobilisation strategies – addressing and
including the slum population directly in designing slum upgrading programmes.