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26 NOVEMBRE 1986

via Roma 9, Ballabio (LC)
temporary address viale Campari 11 (Pavia)
mobile: +39 340 05 85 437

2012 Master’s Degree of Teorie e metodi per la comunicazione with graduation thesis in french about

Nuit et brouillard di Alain Resnais, Università degli Studi di Milano.
Final grades 110/110

2009 First level degree of Linguaggi dei media curriculum Cinema with graduation thesis about

La fotografia senza macchina fotografica, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano.
Final grades 104/110.

2005 High School Psychosocial graduation, Istituto magistrale G. Bertacchi, Lecco.


Secretary (March - September) at Ammiraglia Srl (Pavia), for management of letters and registered mail, pick
up and delivery of correspondence, desk work, customer support, collaboration with PostaImprese, supervising
of postmen activities at the end of the day.
Internship (September 2013 - March 2014) as Marketing Assistant and Visual Merchandiser at Groupe Zannier
(Milan) with management responsibilities for Coin’s corner and Serravalle outlet store. Duties as copywriting
and content for papers and for shops advertising, creation of
handbook retail dedicated. Store staging as
visual merchandiser. Web marketing and drafts for online content, management of promotional budget for
advertising and campaign. Support for the customer service about clients management and translation Italian
- French - English.

2013 Marketing Assistant at Vans - VF Italy in Milan (March - September) with tasks about organization and promotions of sports events. Management of stocks and products orders. Business management of warehouse and
stocks. Support athletes, sponsorships and partnerships. Web marketing with online editorial content. Organization and set-up for press day, showrooms, stores opening and events locations.
Secretary at Nerea Services, temporary employee for customer service for an outbound call center. I was
responsible for supervision of signed contracts and for telephone support focus on interventions of the technicians for repair service or upgrades on telephone lines.

Event manager at TILT, Milan, as public relations assistant and artistic director.
Collaboration with Mainstream Revolution, booking agency and management, Milan, with the specific task of
public relations, management and organization of musical events and concerts, artists support and permanency planner.
Employed by Connect Viaggievento, Brescia, as media relations manager, web marketing supervisor and website management with monitoring about online content.
Various activities for Boom Models Agency as promoter for products launch, modeling for catalogs and photo
shoots model.

2008 From January 2008, worked at the publishing company Dreams Creek Production Srl, Milan, as Press Office
manager and director of Research and Development division for the book Italian students, published in Sep2009
tember 2009.
2007 Shop assistant at Wenal, Lecco, specializes in clothing and equipment for skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding. Main tasks: clients assistance, cash register operations, supervision stocks and orders

Assistant during summer holidays for family business Fratelli Calegari with clerical tasks, managing budgets,
customer service.

Operating systems Windows and Mac OS X; Microsoft Office suite; Explorer browser, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, GoogleChrome; great knowledge of Adobe Photoshop; Quark Xpress, Adobe Indesign; basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Basic HTML and web page layout; ability with social networks, blogs and
web 2.0, keywords finder. Softwere b2b, commissions and stock management. Great knowledge of postal practice
and process.

English (oral comprehension B1, conversation B2, writing B1)
French (oral comprehension B1, conversation B2, writing B1)

I have great social and public relations skills gained by working as a saleswoman and promoter. I have organizational
ability reaching with help provided for sports and cultural events on Lecco area. I developed different models of action
designed specifically for different categories of users (children, youth and adults) acquired after my psychosocial graduation when I’ve worked for an assistent program for elementary school and junior high. After this experience I knew
how to adapt different approaches based on targets. After the management of other people during the internship at
Dreams Creek Production Srl I have developed the ability to work in teams and supervising staff. During my Master’s
Degree I attended a workshop about Writing press releases and informative brochure and this gave me the ability of
expand my skills about public relations in scientifical, healty, medical, informative and psychological fields. I am qualified
in visual communication because I’ve a passion for photography and aesthetics. Over the years I have also worked with
blogs and online magazines writing about music, society and trends frequently helping magazines with content research and development. My experience with Vans Italy gave me the opportunity to learn most innovative economical and
marketing strategies, but also I’ve learned all the market process from product desig to positioning and finally placing in
stores. The experience with Group Zannier increase my marketing skills with the responsability of visual merchandising
coordinator for the corner Coin. Now I think that I’ve a full competence both in economy and marketing organization and
in public relation, event planning, visual merchandising and clients supports.
My strengths are order, purposeful stance, determination and great ability to adapt. My hobbies are fine arts, design,
photography and literature, and this made me love travel a lot to visit the city’s museums and cultural attractions. I also
have a good dedication to the sport, of all cycling. Finally, I am a lover of cooking and DIY.
Currently based in Pavia, available to move around Italy.
DRIVING LICENCE, have my own car.
@ Email:
✆ Mobile: +39 340 05 85 437
Skype: Cecilia Penelope Zambelli

In compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30/06/2003, I hereby authorize the recipient of this document to use and process my personal details
for the purpose of recruiting and selecting staff and I confirm to be informed of my rights in accordance to art. 7 of the above mentioned decree.

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