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Governance and Home Affairs

Support to Bosnia and Herzegovina for IPA II Programming

Request for Services 2014/

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been supported by the European Union (EU) via nancial
Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) since 2007. As a potential candidate country BiH
has had access to the Transition Assistance and Institution Building (TAIB) Component and CrossBorder Cooperation Component - two out of ve IPA components.
The EU Assistance management in BiH is de-concentrated meaning that the implementation of the
programmes is delegated to the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina
(EUD). Until the decision to decentralise the management of the assistance is taken, the ultimate
responsibility for programming and project implementation management rests with the EU and not
with the national authorities. Although Bil-I had started the process of transition to de-centralised
implementation system (DIS) of EU assistance, it has not yet completed the "phase 0" of the
European Commission (EC) Roadmap to DIS.
The IPA Implementing Regulation (EC No 718/2007 of 12 June 2007) requires that the bene ciary
country is in the lead of programming of EU assistance. IPA assistance in the period 2007-2013 to
BiH was hence programmed by the national authorities in lead, with Directorate for European
Integration (DEI) in charge of the coordination on behalf of the national government. The DEI was
acting as National Aid Coordinator (NAC)I for CARDS Programme and DEI director continued to
play the role of National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC) for IPA 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2013
programming exercises (in 2009 and 2010 the NIPAC function was moved to state Minister of
Finance). For the entire IPA 2007-2013 period the DEI Division for Coordination of EU
Assistance served as the NIPAC Of ce and technically supported the NIPAC in leading the
programming process on behalf of national authorities.
The IPA 2012-2013 programming exercise emphasised the importance of strengthening the
knowledge of EU assistance and skills of the key national actors involved inthe process, regarding
the development of programming documents. It has also demonstrated that it is necessary to
support communication between all internal actors in the programming process on political and
operational level as well as to facilitate and monitor the process in order to ensure its smooth
Another challenge in the programming exercise has been the complexity of the country‘s
administrative set up. Complex coordination of different authority levels and large number of
stakeholders involved in the process, many of whom had no previous knowledge/experience of the
programming process or project development, further prolonged the consultation.
All these challenges need to be taken into account and mitigated during the preparations for, and
utilisation of the new pre-accession instrument IPA II for the period 2014-2020.
I In December 2005 the Council of Ministers of BiH appointed the Director of the DEI as NAC.

A number of prograrmning documents will have to be prepared for that, including a Country
Strategy Paper (CSP) for Bosnia and Herzegovina that will highlight the strategic priorities for BiH
in the period (It is to be noted that reduced in scope Country Strategy Paper for BiH for the period
2014-2017 has been prepared and is expected to be adopted by the European Commission), as well
as a number of country wide strategies, which will serve as a basis for the programming of EU
assistance in this period.
The programming guidelines and templates for IPA II are now available and can be introduced to the
BiH authorities. The current system for IPA II planning and programming in BiH, needs to be
reviewed and, if needed, adjusted in-line with the new requirements. Furthermore BiH stakeholders
need to be trained in IPA II and proper internal guidelines developed.
Even though the preparations for IPA II, including the CSP and preparations for programming are
currently on hold in BiH, due to a non-agreement of EU co-ordination mechanism, the preparations
for the programming and implementation of IPA II should proceed. That will allow a quick and
smooth start of IPA II programming, as soon as the conditions are there.
As such, the Kick off Meeting for the IPA 2014 programming took place on 7 May 2014 when EC
presented the priorities for IPA 2014 programming and introduced the methodology for the
development of IPA 2014 Action Documents (AD) to relevant stakeholders in BiH including civil
society. With a very risky deadline set (only three weeks for the development of the rst dra s of
ADs), the programming process has been evaluated as atypical process, and the signi cant role of
the expert team secured by the EC has been introduced in the process. Two rounds of consultations
with relevant stakeholders, including civil society, were organized. As a result of the disastrous
oods in mid May 2014, 15 million EUR out of available 40 million EUR for the IPA 2014
programme were re-allocated to the “ ood related priority measures”. IPA 2014 programming
exercise resulted with the submission ofthe nine ADs amounting 23,09 million EUR to the EC.
Draft CSP for Bill is reduced in scope, duration and nancial allocations since “...the Commission
concluded that in the absence of a comprehensive EU coordination mechanism, which is a precondition for supporting reforms in areas where competences are shared between different levels of
Governments, a full-scale support is not justifiable” and “as the Commission concluded in the 2013
Bosnia and Herzegovina Progress Report, it is becoming increasingly dif cult to justify providing
pre-accession funds to a cotmtry whose political representatives are not willing to reach consensus
necessary to move forward on the pre-accession path” and that“...the Commission conditioned
investments, in particular in transport and environment infrastructure, to the adoption of countrywide
sector strategies.
Following four sectors (policy areas) are chosen for support in the current draft of CSP given the
restricted envelope for B&H (circa 40 million EUR per year in the period 2014-2017): Democracy
and governance, Rule of law and fundamental rights, Competitiveness and innovation: local
development strategies and Education, employment and social policies. The revision of the draft
CSP for BiH is envisaged in 2017 or at any time by the initiative of the EC.
On the notion of the sector approach, draft CSP for BiH states: “To bene t "om support through a
sector approach, sector strategies should be based on agreed programmes, a budget, medium term
expenditure and performance management frameworks, sector and donor coordination and, in the
particular case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, should facilitate a countrywide harmonised
implementation of the EU acquis. None of the sectors envisaged for support by the new instrument
appears at present suitable for support through a sector approach. The EU continues to support the

preparation and gradual implementation of suitable strategies. In particular, EU assistance aims to
create the capacities for strategic plaming and the preparation for sector support. Until sectors are
mature for support through a sector approach, the assistance will be provided through projects, if
they are in line with valid strategies and receive political support.
Available assessments of the sectors readiness for the sector approach include findings of the
regional project “Study Mapping of sector Strategies in Westem Balkans and Turkey”, Twinning
with the Directorate for Economic Planning which provides certain basic support in development of
CWSS and builds on the ndings of the mentioned regional project on the capacities of bene ciary
countries in the application of a sector approach.
In line with introduction of sector approach in IPA II the support for huge investment projects under
Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) is also redesigned with strengthening of more
systematic approach for identifying investment needs and priorities including establishment —
through a National Investment Committee or a similar national coordination mechanism — of single
sector project pipelines per sector within each participating country.

Having in mind the aforementioned challenges in the context of preparing adequately for efficient
use of IPA II pre-accession assistance, this TA should provide support to NIPAC in the
programming exercise of IPA II, including the preparation of the project proposals in the format
required by IPA II (Action Documents (formerly named Project Fiche), and, as required, Sector
Planning Documents.

In addition, the TA will be expected to provide capacity building for IPA II programming to the
NIPAC as well as initial support for application of sector approach and preparations for WBIF
NIC establishment.
The Contrctor is asked to provide full-time hands-on support:
Within the period from December 2014 to mid-February 2015 to draft and deliver the Action
Documents for IPA 2015 National Programme in close collaboration with EUD, NIPAC Of ce,
Entity and Brcko District IPA Coordinators, SPOs, other bene ciary institutions, and civil society


> Global objective
Efficient and effective preparation of IPA II assistance amework for 2014-2020 in BiH
> Specific objective
To support the NIPAC Of ce and all relevant BiH institutions in initial programming activities
under IPA II for BiH
> Requested services:

1/ The project will support preparation and delivery of nal version of Action Documents
for 2015 IPA II national package.

/ The project will support NIPAC Of ce in other IPA II related requirements, such as
sector approach application, sector planning documents preparation, sector analyses,

sector budget, new WBIF approach and National Investment Committee (NIC) framework
The project is expected to remain exible due to:
possible change of needs by the EC/EU Delegation or NIPAC Of ce relating to Bil-I
preparation for, and programming of IPA II,
newly emerged needs concerning IPA Ii utilization
any other unforeseen needs and changes conceming IPA II programming
The project team Willgbgeijequpgted to P_§l:I:t_)lf_i'l‘l__ folltovrililgtaslts:


Advise NIPAC Office with respect to IPA II preparation and utilization, including
sector approach perspective.
Drafting Action Documents for IPA national BiH package in collaboration with
EUD, NIPAC Of ce, Entity and Brcko District IPA Coordinators, SPOs, other
bene ciary institutions, and civil society organisations.
Drafting Sector Planning Documents for IPA national BiH package in
collaboration with EUD, NIPAC Of ce, Entity and Brcko District IPA Coordinators,
SPOs, other bene ciary institutions, and civil society organisations.
Provide other IPA II programming related actions, such as support to application
of the new WBIF methodology, capacity building of participants in the IPA II
programming process in BiH.
> Required outputs
Provision of technical advice to NIPAC Of ce on IPA II, preparations and utilisation,
including analyses, programming process design, interpretation of sector approach
application, training (minimum two-day trainings) to the staff of NIPAC Of ce,
focusing on IPA II progranuning experience and preparation of Action Documents and
Sector Planning Documents.
Action Documents for, some of which include sector approach perspective, national
IPA II BiH package prepared for timely nal submission to the EC, in consultation
with DEU, NIPAC Of ce and BiH institutions/stakeholders, and preparation of speci c
Sector Planning Documents.
Know-how support as to the requirements for new WBIF methodology, as regards
preparation of the Action Plan for National Investment Committee (NIC) framework
and associated sub-action plans for preparation of country Wide Strategies, Single
Sector Project Pipelines, and establishment of Sector Working Groups, including
support to consultation process in BiH.
Provision of trainings to participants of IPA II programming process in BiH on IPA II
programming and utilization, including trainings for preparation of Sector Planning


> Language of the speci c contract English
> Subcontracting Not foreseen


> Number of requested experts per category and number of man-days per expert
The assignment will be carried out by a TA team with the following comPositigqnlg
Number of





IPA II EU assistance coordination and programming
expert, Team Leader

Category I


Category II


EU assistance programming expert 1
1 EU assistance programming expert 2

Cansoor ll

‘ EU assistance programming expert 3

Category II

50P=7”* T

Category II

EIJ__,r_;ssis_t_ar1ce4programming__<_e3rpeit 4


280 days (80
Category I
and 200 Category
II) ,___

* Indicative number of working days (working days can be arranged differently among the experts of category II

according to the project implmentaion needs. The total remains 200 working days for Category II)

> Pro le per expert or expertise required:
Due to the varying levels of knowledge of English of relevant BiH actors participating in the IPA
II preparations, planning and programming, the expert team would ideally have members with
good command of BiH official languages.
The experts need to have very good communication skills, as well as good negotiation and
mediation skills.
Profile of EU assistance coordination and programming expert, Team Leader (Category I, 80
working days)
Categorv and duration ofequivalgngexperienge
°At least 12 years of professional working experience in the eld of programme or project
design under external nancial assistance provided to bene ciary countries.

° Education at least Master Degree or equivalent 4 years professional experience above the
general experience required above;
° Experience in introduction of IPA regulation and requirements to a bene ciary country;
° Experience in Sector Wide approach application in the context of EU assistance, preferably in
Enlargement context


Experience in working with BiH various government levels would be considered as an
advantage Langgage skills C‘
° Fluency in both written and spoken English;
° Knowledge of BiH of cial languages would be an advantage.

Pro le of EU assistance programming experts 1 to 4 (Category II, in total 200 working days
per expert)

Caiegerv and duration efequeirelent experience

°At least 6 years of professional working experience in the eld ofprogramme or project
design under external nancial assistance provided to bene ciary countries.



° Education at least Master Degree or equivalent 4 years professional experience above the
general experience required above;

° Experience in writing andlor quality assessment of IPA project ches, including logical
amework matrix related to EU assistance;
Experience in introduction and preparation of Sector planning documents.
° Experience in one ofthe following sectors:
Justice and, Home Affairs/Public Financial Management/Public Administration
Reform/Private Sector Development/SMEs/Competitiveness/Social Development,
IT/Data Protection will be considered an advantage
° Experience in working with BiH various government levels would be considered as an advantage.
Langage skills
° Fluency in both written and spoken English;
° Knowledge of BiH of cial languages would be an advantage.
> Management team memberpresence required or notfor brie ng and/or debrie ng Brie ng and
debrie ng meetings between Team Leader and EU Delegation Programme Manager are expected to
take place in the beginning and in the end of the assignment. Ad hoc meetings will be organised in
the course of the project implementation, if required. Presence of management team members is not
required for these meetings.
> Starting period

The expected starting date for the assignment is beginning of December 2014. The EU Assistance
Programming experts need to be available to connnence work immediately upon the assignment
starting date and to be continuously available throughout the period December 2014 - October
2015 during which intensive implementation of the assignment is expected.
The experts, at the start of the assignment will have an initial brie ng meeting with the EU
Delegation and with the NIPAC Of ce. Following that meeting the provisional timetable and the
working methodology should be further elaborated and agreed between the DEI, EU Delegation and
the TA Team, within two weeks of the assignment commencement.
> Foreseen nishingperiod or duration
The expected duration of the assignment is 11 months including one month for the approval of the
draft nal report as per section 5.
> Planning including the periodfor noti cationfor placement ofthe sta "as per art 16.4 a)


The experts will be expected to start their assignment immediately following the starting date of the
contract. Approximately 20 missions to BiH are foreseen in the course of the project.
Work-plan, time-management, organisation of the team members, allocation of duties among the
experts for the efficiency and success of the assignment and reporting isthe responsibility and duty
of the Team Leader.

> Location(s) of assignment
The location of assignment will be mainly Sarajevo, exceptionally with possible locations (estimated
20 working days total) throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina for the consultations sessions/purposes.
Each of the experts will be required to spend at least 80% of the time in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The
experts will be expected to secure their own work premises during their assignment in Bosnia and

> Content, language, submission/comments timing and number of report(s) copies
Within two weeks of the assignment commencement an inception report will be submitted to DEI
and EU Delegation that will spell out the agreed timetable and the working methodology based on
the prior discussions.
The draft nal report will be submitted for comments to the EU Delegation 30 days before the end
of implementation.
The draft nal report produced may be required to be further revised by the contractor. These
revisions are considered to be an integral part of the assignment. In the event that comments are not
given 15 days after the formal submission of the draft nal reports, it shall be deemed that tacit
approval is given. The Content of the report should at minimum cover the following:
o the implementation of the assignment covering, among other things, conclusions and
recommendations on IPA II Programming process in BiH and capacity building of IPA
II programming participants, as well analysis of the most frequently made mistakes in,
and problems encountered with drafting Action Documents and Sector Plarming
Documents drafting, both of the process and procedural nature, and in application of the
WBIF methodology.


recommendations to BiH for further IPA II utilization.


In addition to Final Report, the contractor may be requested by EU Delegation and/or NIPAC of ce
during the project implementation to provide ad hoc analyses/assessments related to IPA II
preparation, depending on the needs and the IPA II requirements.
The Reports must be clear and concise and should be prepared in English in electronic version
(readable by a Microsoft Of ce application) and submitted to the EU Delegation. In addition the
Final Report should be provided in three hard copies. If the contractor is unable to deliver the report
in required quality, the Contractor will provide, at no additional costs, irmnediate technical support
to complete the report to meet the required standards.


> Other identi ed reimbursable costs:

The expenditures to be covered include: -international travel costs, local (inter-city) travel costs for
estimated 20 working days, per diems, interpretation (for meetings, training, workshops, etc.)
[translation (of Action Documents, and possibly some other documents), printing costs, costs for
training/meetings/workshops etc. for programming participants, including venue, lunch and
refreshment, costs of participants (including accommodation and transport), renting of training
equipment, catering and refreshment.
> Details regarding Tax Exemption:
The project is nanced from the Instrument for Pre-Accession and as such is exempt from VAT and
other taxes. For related questions the contractor is advised to contact: delegation» The relevant instruction note is attached to this request for services.
> The expenditure veri cation report to accompany the nal invoice:
The Provision for expenditure veri cation for this contract is EUR 3,000. This amount must be
included without modification in the Budget breakdown.
> De nition of indicators

o NIPAC Of ce assisted with respect to initial introduction of IPA II:
I Initial analysis ofrelevant documents, structures and capacities required for IPA II
introduction prepared and respective recommendations provided
I Bil-I stakeholders have knowledge regarding IPA ll requirements and procedures
o The Action Doctnnents, Sector Planning Documents and any requested documents as speci ed
by the ToR are prepared timely and in good quality IPA programming process facilitated:





Request for Services n°2014I'
FWC BENEFICIARIES 2013 - LOT 7: Governance and Home Affairs
EURpeAidlXXX/C.-'SERlMulti "Support to Bosnia and Herzegovina for IPA H programming"
The Contracting authority selects the offer with the best value for money using a 80/20 weighing between
technical quality and price. Technical quality is evaluated on the basis of the following grid:
*"*‘*a~;::5555533355-5§£?:¥Z§$5iE531%55.55E33523?.‘EE‘liE?Ei%i3535E3Z52?E?Z£§Z%§?7~?E§ii£Z?i£§§l§i?;Z2§£E?iiii iéiéiiléi hizhiiiiiigr::E;r§ii:3§'5§iREESE}?
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.,_.-_~....:_-..~_~:.';_;.<.‘.>.:<~ 1 ;;':=.~.>r;r:a:¢:=~:*:*/;~as~;~-~:-nu:-,-_,..\v..W AAQMKAVI~IKv1I1v:g::~:;::::;~:::$::)P Y-:z¢.::¥:>m~~cam:c:~.:&:1:<:::::::1::;::;:z>*u:;:~e;‘;<"~¢~<‘* *“=1‘§~"-1"-1"‘?==1=1¢'°1°?

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11: s*z~

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Any offer falling short of the technical threshold of 80 out of 100 points, is automatically rejected


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