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Catalog of gates and fences aluminum brand .pdf

Nome del file originale: Catalog of gates and fences aluminum brand
Autore: mio pc

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C.A.S.A. of Pericolini Valter was born as a small firm, founded by the current owner
Pericolini Valter in 1974, marked by the construction and installation of aluminum
windows. The professionalism that distinguishes it is acquired also by the children
who, with the same seriousness and dedication, work inside the company.
After several years of experience, that adapt to the needs of the market, it was
decided to invest in the acquisition of new CNC machines, but more importantly, it
was decided to develop a new and innovative product by detecting a new
company, ALUTREND proposes gates aluminum of exceptional strength and
toughness, gates to be considered "eternal".

The decorative elements are obtained in a die, injecting high pressure
molten aluminum at 700 ° C in the molds of hardened steel.

We can provide mechanisms for swing gates, underground installation, very
compact. Steel with cataphoresis paint finish guarantees optimal resistance to
corrosion, and thickness of 2.5 mm guarantees strength. Provide mechanisms for
sliding gates up to 1,000 kg.

Simple and practical solutions, developed to improve your living
comfort: a wide range of systems for the automation of gates…

After assembly, welding and cleaning, our gates are subjected to
a process of sandblasting with corundum and silica sand, are

then washed and degreased with solvents and acids, dried in
the oven, to be finally subjected to electrostatic application of
powders polyurethane of the chosen color and inserted in the
oven at 200 ° for 20 minutes. This whole process is done online,
in order to ensure a high quality and a 10 year warranty on
both structural defects that painting, with insurance coverage
REALE MUTUA insurance…

The gates to two hinged doors are tested and certified to a
maximum width of 8 meters in class 2; for the model sliding,
instead, to a maximum width of 12 meters in Class 3.

Many colors to your liking ... from crayons tints more details ..always
carried out with paints epoxidic,
guaranteed by the company for 10 years ....even in areas of high salinity,
as may be the location of the sea ..

Example of lateral sliding gate with automation .... From classic design
and common residential .. "gate fake two doors"

Another example of a sliding gate side with special engravings on the
aluminum ... incisions can be made under your request and design ...

series : EKOTREND

All of the hinges used are realized with central pin stainless steel
with joint, bush bearing brass plate fixed to the wall and
adjustable steel eyelet, all equipped with hole for grease and
stainless steel shims. The ornamental elements of our production
and supply are made in cast aluminum and die-full, and stuck to
the profiles by welding or threading. All screws or bolts used are
stainless steel…

The series consists of series

: EKOTREND primary aluminum

alloy profiles 6060.
The diameter of the profiles are of a size 40x40 mm x 3 mm thick walls.
The uprights are applied where the hinges and diameter 40x40 full ...

All pedestrian
gates that driveways are equipped as standard with electric lock
opening button on the box, with manual lock options ...

Series : EKOTREND mono block…
can be fitted under painted steel structure in epoxy resin.
The substructure allows for quick and easy installation by
estimating a time of 40 minutes ...

example gate brand Alutrend, classic design rustic villas and
classic ... you look at the details like rivets, spears, and studs, is
reflected in the style of wrought iron ... makes a difference no
rust and excellent sealing solutions technological…

example for fastening metal sheets applied by means of brackets
8mm thick, aluminum sheets have a thickness of 4mm resulting
from the nautical sector, with a greater resistance to the onset of

Aluminum fences to brand Alutrend

The railings…
Railings, fences and balustrades aluminum are the perfect
complement to our gates, for every need…

Railings for balconies
The balcony railing not only ensures safety, but also impacts on the aesthetics of
the building. The railings ALUTREND carry out both functions.
The market continually inspires producers to meet the expectations of customers.

example of a good solution to securely lock the perimeter
of your home safe taking your family

The producer of gates and fences ALUTREND has
expanded its range of residential fencing with modular
railings for balcony, available in two different variants of
realization. From the point of view of style, the proposal
ALUTREND refers to the most popular models of fences,
included in the portfolio of the firm.

We combine great design, attention to detail, with a wide range
of designs, colors and decorative applications, integrating the
functional and aesthetic characteristics.
Parameters technological functionality of materials provide the
ability to perform even the most unusual shapes
Advanced production technology, innovation, bold design and
development vision for further looking forward to the front to
the bases of competitive advantage

With decorum LA PALMA are applicable both as fence as
illustrated example shown above, or is used as a cornice for gate
giving a unique design ...

Balcony railings with special rivets, quieted solution is suitable in
the historic center where redevelopment wrapped requires less
weight ....

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