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SEIKO Nov 2014 .pdf

Nome del file originale: SEIKO Nov 2014.pdf
Autore: Rainer Burkard

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Monthly Report
Product Marketing / Marketing Services
November 2014

Table of content

B2C Website

Hot topics .................................................. 1

Our new Business to Consumer
website to strengthen the SEIKO
brand to the consumer is under
construction. Features of this side
will be the quality promise of Seiko,
the benefits Seiko Specialist provide,
consumer friendly introduction to
our products, nearby opticians, registration of the Seiko purchase
among many others.

B2C Website .............................................. 1
New STARVISION product catalogue&
pricelist 2014/15 ....................................... 2
Valid SEIKO product catalogue 2014/15 .... 2
Outlook on SEIKO lens products for
2015/16 .................................................... 2
Seiko Lens.Net+ will get a successor in 20152
SEIKO Digital MultiTool ............................. 2
EasyScan a fundus camera for the optician
to assess eye health and coop with
ophthalmologist ........................................ 3
SEIKO PR texts ........................................... 3
SOG Partner Programme for 2015 ............. 3
SEIKO SUPERIOR Xcel product study is the
current SOG sales campaign ...................... 3
SRB Displays .............................................. 3
SOG will support SEIKO SuperResistantBlue4
SEIKO TITANIUM Gents Styles Comfort Fit . 4
Seiko S2 - Ready Reader Program .............. 4
Production location SOEL with attractive
impact on SEIKO ........................................ 4
SEIKO Branding available from SOEL ......... 4
International visitors at SOEL of customers
from SOE Export partner............................ 5
Save the date – Opti fair ............................ 5
SEIKO The Movie – Part 2 .......................... 5

We like to welcome to our new bimonthly Marketing- and Product report.
Please let us know if you have any inquires related and we will continue to
enhance and increase our service provided.
Your Seiko Product and Marketing

Hot topics
>New consumer webpage under
>Coop with i-optics on fundus camera for easy eyetest available to optometrists and master opticians
>Seiko S2 ready reader program to
be launched during Opti
>Seiko the Movie part 2

Please find herewith a first impression about the look and feel of this
new website that is in line with the
image used by our colleagues in the
Seiko watch division.
International version will be online
beginning of 2015. It will be easily
possible to adapt the webpage for
every country and language soon.

The benefits of SEIKO products will
be presented in a consumer friendly
language. Registering SEIKO purchase will create a feeling of trust
and security to the consumer as well
as the strong Quality Promise coupled with the possibility to participate in lucky draws to win a Seiko

Monthly Report Product Marketing / Marketing Services

New STARVISION product
catalogue& pricelist

Bigger power ranges for index
material 1.60 & 1.67 in
clear/tints & Transitions
SEIKO MIRROR on 1.67 index
for 24 lens products
SEIKO brand engraving on
right lens for remote edging orders (also page 4 & 5)

Outlook on SEIKO lens
products for 2015/16
New products in our pipeline are:

SEIKO Trivex (1.53) for several
lens design products
SEIKO Curved Series for SV and
PAL products
SEIKO MIRROR Green on index
material 1.67, Tribrid, 1.60, 1.53
& 1.50
SEIKO 1.74 Transitions Rx for
several lens products

SEIKO Optical offers beside our
Seiko premium product line the net
line product-portfolio STARVISION,
to satisfy our customer needs in the
range of affordable entry level

For the DACH region (Germany,
Austria, Switzerland), the new catalogue will be valid from the

Follow up for SEIKO Lens.NET+ by
a new and simplified software solution is under preparation. This tool
will be partially already launched in
Seiko France to support the this
growth driven by the changes in the
French health insurance system.

The international STARVISION catalogue will follow soon, prices and
ranges can be adjusted to local

Valid SEIKO product catalogue 2014/15
The revised and updated SEIKO
product catalogue is available in
English and German version via
download on our webpage in the
business section.

Both tools will support the opticians
in selling High End SEIKO lenses
and frames as the LENS CONSULTING will focus on the lens
visual and coating performances provided among and
focus on the aesthetic improvements available through thinner
materials and minifying and magnification effects possible . See some
examples already included

SEIKO Digital MultiTool
SDMT launched in 2013 will undergo
a major update to further support
our customers and enhance services
Our purchasing prices are extremely
attractive and provide us the flexibility to leverage this tool with many

Major updates product related are:
Individualized PAL SEIKO SUPERIOR Xcel with three Lifestyle design options
Increased range of the blue
light filter coating SEIKO SuperResistantBlue now on 106
lens products
Stock lens option for SEIKO
SEIKO SuperCleanCoat

1. Lens consulting
2. Lens consulting +
Frame consulting

Seiko Lens.Net+ will get a
successor in 2015

Additionally a freshly designed catalogue binder is available.

have the choice between the full
blown measurement and consultation system, as it exists or a consultation only version that consists of
two modules:

The ECP’s are very satisfied with the
easy and fast handling. But sometimes they possess already a measurement device and they only need
the lens demonstration and frame
consulting tool.

Additionally we will add new lens
consulting features for colour
presentation, SRB coating to match
the EasyScan story (see next tool)
and more realistic and impressive
augmented reality functions.
The new Apps will be available in
January 2015.

To support the customers we developed a “consultation only” version of
the SDMT. In future the ECPs will
Page 2 of 5

Monthly Report Product Marketing / Marketing Services

EasyScan a fundus camera
for the optician to assess
eye health and coop with

Find everything on Marketing Exchange\PR.

Beside our SEIKO Digital MultiTool
we will support the business of our
customers additionally with a high
professional fundus camera called
SEIKO EasyScan.

has now been finalised. In addition
to the already existing categories
SEIKO Premium Partner und SEIKO
Partner there will now be the new
SEIKO Premium Partner Plus.

SOG Partner Programme
for 2015

The new SEIKO EasyScan eye care
test is a retina exam that brings the
optician a profitable consumer eyecare experience, packed in a straightforward turnkey concept.
It takes only three minutes to complete a full image set. The zerodilation EasyScan camera is based
on premium hospital technology and
the result: stunning high-resolution
images. Consumers will love the
EasyScan test because it is fast,
easy, comfortable and it gives them
a unique view of the inside of their
eyes. Often for the first time.
It’s a perfect tool for revenue boost,
traffic increase, enhanced customer
loyalty, improved consumer spending, expert positioning differentiation…AND to upsell material index SRB coatings, UV400 etc
We will present the new tool for the
first time at the Opti Fair in Munich.

product study is the current SOG sales campaign
for the area sales managers in Germany.
Supporting materials include a
poster and ads, as
well as an end
user questionnaire
and the chance to
watch. An online
banner on the
internet page of one of the leading
German trade magazines will lead
interested opticians to a micro site
where they can find more information and register their participation. This will be available soon at

The emphasis of the new program is
 on SEIKO brand, with a diversity
of material to support the optician at the point of sale
 on the simple and significant
cooperation, as there are many
services and extras available
without charge
 on the technical support and
demo materials
A new marketing catalogue has
been created to show the width of
our services and marketing offer.


SEIKO PR texts
A new cooperation with a PR writer
will now allow us to offer a variety
of PR texts, informative and attractive at the same time. If you have
any subject you would like to cover,
please feel free to contact us. Texts
already available are SEIKO SUPERIOR Xcel and SEIKO SuperResistant Blue. More will follow soon.

SRB Displays
A rather stunning
3.000 displays for
have been produced – with end

Page 3 of 5

Monthly Report Product Marketing / Marketing Services
tions. All markets should now have
received their quantities, please
contact us in case of any question.

months: 8 out of 11 models are
listed in the TOP 10 sales ranking
list in Europe.

reading chart will be integrated to
quickly select the correct power.
Glazed frames will be available for
59€ for opticians providing the possibility to suggest attractive retail

SOG will support SEIKO
SuperResistantBlue with a
marketing package containing posters, ads, customer mailings and the
chance for the optician to win an
iTunes coupon when ordering the

The story of success will be continued with four additional new models
T 6012 - T6015 that will be
launched during the opti show in
Munich January 2015.

More details in the next issue and
any feedback is welcome.

Production location SOEL
with attractive impact on


Our European facility in Lippstadt
has broadened its capabilities further.

There are two sources of demand in
the frame business - driven by functional products that focus on the
product innovation and technology,
and eyewear - driven by personal
accessory products. This important
factor has been considered in the
SEIKO Optical Eyewear collections
SEIKO, S2 by SEIKO Optical Europe
& Starvision the collection.

SEIKO SuperResistantBlue is available on a broad range of products to
simplify our customer’s life when

Styles Comfort Fit
Beginning 2014 SOE launched a
new generation of contemporary
Gents frames consisting of 11 styles
in an even sportier elegant design.
Comfort Fit by SEIKO Optical.
The model numbers: T6001 - T
6011. This new segment of the
SEIKO frame collection was designed in Europe and combines titanium, finished ION Plating, the most
resistant galvanic coating available
on eyewear. The 6000 series frame
collection is addressed to men who
enjoy the comfort of lightness, innovation and style. All models are high
performers. Sales result after nine

Additionally SOEL has been upgraded with MEI edgers to enhance our
remote edging capabilities and to
prepare for curved edging with step
bevel in the future.

Seiko S2 - Ready Reader
Beginning 2015 SOE will launch a
set of glazed ready reader frames
S2. We will offer glazed frames SZ
406 & SZ407 as a set of ready to
wear eyewear.
Powers ranges are between + 1.00
and 3.00 dpt.
The idea is to combine a Titanium
frame with 1.60 index SEIKO lenses
to provide a premium offer for the
opticians coupled with the Seiko
The set will arrive in a stylish box
that can be used on the shop counter or even for restaurant usage. A

brand engraving is available from SOEL.
When customers provide the frame
shape data this nice feature can be
added to any Seiko lens sold.

SEIKO Branding available
from SOEL
Our European facility in Lippstadt
has enabled a new important option
which support identifiable branded
lens products under the brand
Page 4 of 5

Monthly Report Product Marketing / Marketing Services
The lenses are identifiable as branded products due to a subtle engraving. This premium quality feature
enables our customers to authenticate and differentiate to the consumer.
The position is fixed automatically
according to the shape on temporal
side of the right lens.
The required shape data can be
forwarded electronically or by sending the frame itself.

Furthermore, we will present on a
separate booth our cooperation with

SEIKO The Movie – Part 2
Due to the high acceptance of
SEIKO Image Film we've decided to
develop a second part. In this film
we will focus on the product benefits of SEIKO lenses. The film is
expected to be completed early next

The best and ideal combination is
the use of the SEIKO remote edging
and finishing.
Contact SEIKO customer service
center for further information:

International visitors at
SOEL of customers from
SOE Export partner
06.+07.10.2014 Russian opticians
were visiting our facility in Lippstadt
SOEL. Our Russian distribution partner Krupon with the office S-Lens in
Moscow invited this customer group
to have a detailed look into all the
processes for lens production at
This was also
combined with
an interesting
lecture about
products. This
kind of visits is
positive influence on the customer loyalty and
will be done again in 12-2014.

Save the date – Opti fair
Opti fair will take place from 9. – 11.
January 2015 in Munich. The German sales team will welcome their
customer on a refreshed booth presenting Specialist Program, SUPERIOR Xcel as well as Curved and
Mirror lenses. In addition, the frame
department will present their latest

Any questions, remarks or
We are looking forward to hearing
from you:
Frank Lautenbach
PM Lenses Starvision and SYSTEMS:
Erhard Kampmeier
Marketing Services:
Tanja Kutscheidt
Partner Programs, Marketing Germany and POS material:
Sabine Ketturkat
Norbert Meisterburg
Sabine Piecowski
Uwe Chilinski

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