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Monthly Report Product Marketing / Marketing Services

New STARVISION product
catalogue& pricelist

Bigger power ranges for index
material 1.60 & 1.67 in
clear/tints & Transitions
SEIKO MIRROR on 1.67 index
for 24 lens products
SEIKO brand engraving on
right lens for remote edging orders (also page 4 & 5)

Outlook on SEIKO lens
products for 2015/16
New products in our pipeline are:

SEIKO Trivex (1.53) for several
lens design products
SEIKO Curved Series for SV and
PAL products
SEIKO MIRROR Green on index
material 1.67, Tribrid, 1.60, 1.53
& 1.50
SEIKO 1.74 Transitions Rx for
several lens products

SEIKO Optical offers beside our
Seiko premium product line the net
line product-portfolio STARVISION,
to satisfy our customer needs in the
range of affordable entry level

For the DACH region (Germany,
Austria, Switzerland), the new catalogue will be valid from the

Follow up for SEIKO Lens.NET+ by
a new and simplified software solution is under preparation. This tool
will be partially already launched in
Seiko France to support the this
growth driven by the changes in the
French health insurance system.

The international STARVISION catalogue will follow soon, prices and
ranges can be adjusted to local

Valid SEIKO product catalogue 2014/15
The revised and updated SEIKO
product catalogue is available in
English and German version via
download on our webpage in the
business section.

Both tools will support the opticians
in selling High End SEIKO lenses
and frames as the LENS CONSULTING will focus on the lens
visual and coating performances provided among and
focus on the aesthetic improvements available through thinner
materials and minifying and magnification effects possible . See some
examples already included

SEIKO Digital MultiTool
SDMT launched in 2013 will undergo
a major update to further support
our customers and enhance services
Our purchasing prices are extremely
attractive and provide us the flexibility to leverage this tool with many

Major updates product related are:
Individualized PAL SEIKO SUPERIOR Xcel with three Lifestyle design options
Increased range of the blue
light filter coating SEIKO SuperResistantBlue now on 106
lens products
Stock lens option for SEIKO
SEIKO SuperCleanCoat

1. Lens consulting
2. Lens consulting +
Frame consulting

Seiko Lens.Net+ will get a
successor in 2015

Additionally a freshly designed catalogue binder is available.

have the choice between the full
blown measurement and consultation system, as it exists or a consultation only version that consists of
two modules:

The ECP’s are very satisfied with the
easy and fast handling. But sometimes they possess already a measurement device and they only need
the lens demonstration and frame
consulting tool.

Additionally we will add new lens
consulting features for colour
presentation, SRB coating to match
the EasyScan story (see next tool)
and more realistic and impressive
augmented reality functions.
The new Apps will be available in
January 2015.

To support the customers we developed a “consultation only” version of
the SDMT. In future the ECPs will
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