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Monthly Report Product Marketing / Marketing Services

EasyScan a fundus camera
for the optician to assess
eye health and coop with

Find everything on Marketing Exchange\PR.

Beside our SEIKO Digital MultiTool
we will support the business of our
customers additionally with a high
professional fundus camera called
SEIKO EasyScan.

has now been finalised. In addition
to the already existing categories
SEIKO Premium Partner und SEIKO
Partner there will now be the new
SEIKO Premium Partner Plus.

SOG Partner Programme
for 2015

The new SEIKO EasyScan eye care
test is a retina exam that brings the
optician a profitable consumer eyecare experience, packed in a straightforward turnkey concept.
It takes only three minutes to complete a full image set. The zerodilation EasyScan camera is based
on premium hospital technology and
the result: stunning high-resolution
images. Consumers will love the
EasyScan test because it is fast,
easy, comfortable and it gives them
a unique view of the inside of their
eyes. Often for the first time.
It’s a perfect tool for revenue boost,
traffic increase, enhanced customer
loyalty, improved consumer spending, expert positioning differentiation…AND to upsell material index SRB coatings, UV400 etc
We will present the new tool for the
first time at the Opti Fair in Munich.

product study is the current SOG sales campaign
for the area sales managers in Germany.
Supporting materials include a
poster and ads, as
well as an end
user questionnaire
and the chance to
watch. An online
banner on the
internet page of one of the leading
German trade magazines will lead
interested opticians to a micro site
where they can find more information and register their participation. This will be available soon at

The emphasis of the new program is
 on SEIKO brand, with a diversity
of material to support the optician at the point of sale
 on the simple and significant
cooperation, as there are many
services and extras available
without charge
 on the technical support and
demo materials
A new marketing catalogue has
been created to show the width of
our services and marketing offer.


SEIKO PR texts
A new cooperation with a PR writer
will now allow us to offer a variety
of PR texts, informative and attractive at the same time. If you have
any subject you would like to cover,
please feel free to contact us. Texts
already available are SEIKO SUPERIOR Xcel and SEIKO SuperResistant Blue. More will follow soon.

SRB Displays
A rather stunning
3.000 displays for
have been produced – with end

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