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Monthly Report Product Marketing / Marketing Services
tions. All markets should now have
received their quantities, please
contact us in case of any question.

months: 8 out of 11 models are
listed in the TOP 10 sales ranking
list in Europe.

reading chart will be integrated to
quickly select the correct power.
Glazed frames will be available for
59€ for opticians providing the possibility to suggest attractive retail

SOG will support SEIKO
SuperResistantBlue with a
marketing package containing posters, ads, customer mailings and the
chance for the optician to win an
iTunes coupon when ordering the

The story of success will be continued with four additional new models
T 6012 - T6015 that will be
launched during the opti show in
Munich January 2015.

More details in the next issue and
any feedback is welcome.

Production location SOEL
with attractive impact on


Our European facility in Lippstadt
has broadened its capabilities further.

There are two sources of demand in
the frame business - driven by functional products that focus on the
product innovation and technology,
and eyewear - driven by personal
accessory products. This important
factor has been considered in the
SEIKO Optical Eyewear collections
SEIKO, S2 by SEIKO Optical Europe
& Starvision the collection.

SEIKO SuperResistantBlue is available on a broad range of products to
simplify our customer’s life when

Styles Comfort Fit
Beginning 2014 SOE launched a
new generation of contemporary
Gents frames consisting of 11 styles
in an even sportier elegant design.
Comfort Fit by SEIKO Optical.
The model numbers: T6001 - T
6011. This new segment of the
SEIKO frame collection was designed in Europe and combines titanium, finished ION Plating, the most
resistant galvanic coating available
on eyewear. The 6000 series frame
collection is addressed to men who
enjoy the comfort of lightness, innovation and style. All models are high
performers. Sales result after nine

Additionally SOEL has been upgraded with MEI edgers to enhance our
remote edging capabilities and to
prepare for curved edging with step
bevel in the future.

Seiko S2 - Ready Reader
Beginning 2015 SOE will launch a
set of glazed ready reader frames
S2. We will offer glazed frames SZ
406 & SZ407 as a set of ready to
wear eyewear.
Powers ranges are between + 1.00
and 3.00 dpt.
The idea is to combine a Titanium
frame with 1.60 index SEIKO lenses
to provide a premium offer for the
opticians coupled with the Seiko
The set will arrive in a stylish box
that can be used on the shop counter or even for restaurant usage. A

brand engraving is available from SOEL.
When customers provide the frame
shape data this nice feature can be
added to any Seiko lens sold.

SEIKO Branding available
from SOEL
Our European facility in Lippstadt
has enabled a new important option
which support identifiable branded
lens products under the brand
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