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regolamento inglese (1) .pdf

Nome del file originale: regolamento inglese (1).pdf
Titolo: regolamento inglese.cdr
Autore: Lara

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Application Form

The Competition has no profit or commercial objective or
subjective purposes.

The Organizing Office has no responsibility for any damages to
people or things which may occur during the event.

In accordance with the art. 10 of the Italian law 675/96 about
“The Personal Data Protection”, the Association Clara Wieck
Schumann informs that the data given at the moment of
enrolment will be preserved and used only in order to send
information related to the Association and that, in accordance
with the art. 13 of the above-mentioned law, the holder of the data
has the right to know, update, cancel or rectify his/her data or take
position against their use.

Cathegory______________ Euro_________________
Date of birth_____________ Place_______________
City code____________________________________
Mobile phone number__________________________

Art. 16 – The Competition enrolment implies the unconditional acceptance
of these regulations, together with acknowledgment that the Organizing
Office can modify them at any moment.

A certificate will be offered to the first places (with a score between 95/100
and 97/100).
A certificate will be offered to the second places (with a score between
90/100 and 94/100).

Teacher's name and surname

A certificate will be offered to the third places (with a score between 85/100
and 89/100).


A certificate will be offered to the forth places (with a score between 80/100
and 84/100).


The Examining Board will select some very young talents who will be
invited to take part in the Festival “Giovani Pianist” (Young Pianist
Players) 2016 and other events organized by the Association.
The absolute winners of the Cat F and I will be invited to take part in the

Programme__________________________________ opening concert of the Third Edition of the “Clara Wieck Schumann”
___________________________________________ Music Competition 2016.
A prize for the Teaching will be given to the teacher who will have the
___________________________________________ higher
number of awarded students. He/she will be invited to join in the
A copy of the payment receipt is enclosed

Examining Board of the Competition Third Edition.

Edition 2014
The undersigned entirely accepts the announcement rules and
authorizes the treatment of his/her personal data only in order to
Section I: Piano Cat. First Notes: Gabriele Basteri 100/100 Cat.A:
receive information related to the competition (according to the law
Arianna Maria Angelotti 98/100 Cat.B: Jacopo Tollardo 98/100
Cat.F: Federico Giannotti 100/100
Art. 15 is explicitly approved.
Section II: Chamber Music Cat.G: Scuola Figlie di Maria Missionaria in

Competitor's signature_________________________
( in case of minors, the signatures of both parents or those who have parental
rights are requested)

joint place with Dolce Consort 100/100 Cat.I: Elettra Gallini-Ivano
Chiarotti ( Violoncello-Piano ) 100/100
Section III: Solo Instruments Cat.M: Samuele Travisani ( Sax ) 98/100
Cat.M: Emanuele Pauletta ( Guitar ) 100/100
Cat.N: Simone Broggini ( Violin ) 98/100
Prize for the Teaching Prof. Isabella Lo Ponso Maestro Giovanni


Voices of the soul
Ordine Francescano Secolare di Massa
Convent of Friars Minor Cappuccini
Square S. Francesco, 3 Massa

A certificate, a grant and prize concerts will be offered to the absolute first
places (with a score not lower than 98/100).

Home phone number __________________________

A supporting piano player (provided by the Association) is needed

30 e 31 May 1 e 2 June 2015
2° International Competition
Music Performance
“Padre Damiano da Bozzano”
Association “Clara Wieck Schumann”
City of Massa

4 October 2015
National Poetry Prize
“Padre Damiano da Bozzano”
City of Massa

Music Section
Artistic Director : Prof. Sena Fini
Application deadline

11 May 2015


First section: Piano

€ 30,00 for each competitor in the Cat. G/H

“Clara Wieck Schumann” music competition
town of Massa
The Association “Clara Wieck Schumann” with the collaboration of
the Secular Franciscan Order of Massa announces and organizes the
II International Music Competition.

Enrolment Fees

Cat. First Notes: born after the 1st January 2007

€ 35,00 for each competitor in the Cat. I

Max duration of the performance 4 minutes

€ 40,00 for the Cat. First Notes/A/L/M

Cat. A: born from 01-01-2005 to 31-12-2006

€ 45,00 for the Cat. B/C/D/N

Max duration of the performance 5 minute
Art. 1 – The Competition is open to musicians of all nationalities and education
Cat. B: born from 01-01-2002 to 31-12-2004

€ 50,00 for the Cat. E/O

Art. 2 – The application form (duly filled and signed) together with the
payment receipt (refundable only in case of cancellation of the
competition) are requested before 11th May, 2015 at:

Max duration of the performance 7 minutes

€ 25,00 for each member of the groups when they consist of 4 or more

Associazione Musicale “Clara Wieck Schumann” - Via San Carlo
n. 9 - 54100 Massa (Italy)

Max duration of the performance 10 minutes

Or by email:

Max duration of the performance 15 minutes

The enrolment fee is due at the following current account:

Cat. C: born from 01-01-1999 to 31-12-2001
Cat. D: born from 01-01-1996 to 31-12-1998

€ 55,00 for the Cat. F/P

Competitors can enrol in a higher category but not in a lower one as regards
their age.
Chamber music artists' age is calculated on the average age of the group

Cat. E: born from 01-01-1992 to 31-12-1995

Results will be communicated at the end of each category performances.

c/c 001002277141

Max duration of the performance 20 minutes

IBAN: IT61E0760113600001002277141-Poste Italiane

Cat. F: no age limit

Prizes for those ones in the First, the Second, the Third and the Forth places
will be given at the end of each category auditions.

in favour of the Associazione Clara Wieck Schumann

Max duration of the performance 25 minutes

The Artistic Committee set aside the possibility to accept
applications received after the deadline mentioned above. Please
note: payments on the day of the competition will not be accepted.
Art. 3 – The competition is open and will take place at the presence of an
examining board from the 30th May to the 2nd June 2015 from 9.00a.m. to
8.00p.m. in the hall of the Convent of the P.P. Cappuccini of Massa,
Piazza San Francesco 3.
Musicians can try out the piano and the hall acoustics on the days of the
competition from 8 to 9 a.m. and during lunch breaks.
Art. 4 – The scheduled rehearsal order will be communicated by email or
you can contact the office of the competition at +39 338 6755186.
Absentees will be excluded from the Competition, unless they
demonstrate it is due to circumstances beyond their control and the
rehearsal is not finished.

Second Section: Chamber Music and Piano Four Hands
Cat. G: average age up to 14

The absolute winners of each category of the 3 sections will
imperatively have to take part in the gala concert on Tuesday 2nd June
(free entrance) at 9 p.m. at the Hall where the certificates, prizes and
grants will be delivered. Absent candidates will lose their right for the

Max duration of the performance 10 minutes

Art. 8 – The board consists of highly qualified musicians.

Cat. H: average age up to 20

Art. 9 – In case of educational relationship between a competitor and a
board member, the latter will abstain from voting.

Max duration of the performance 20 minutes
Cat. I: no age limit
Max duration of the performance 25 minutes
Third Section: Solo Instruments ( all except Piano )
Cat. L: born after 01-01-2005

Art. 10 – Solo artists, who need a supporting piano player, can contact Prof.
Sena Fini (+39 338 6755186, email or the
Association at . 25€ will be charged on the
competition day. They are kindly requested to attach a copy of the pieces of
music to the application form.
Art. 11 - The final marks will be out of a hundred. The average grade
will be calculated at the incontestable discretion of the Examining
Board: each member will establish his/her own list which will average
with the other members'.

Art. 5 – Candidates should show their ID cards at the moment of

Max duration of the performance 5 minutes

All the costs (board and lodging) are in the competitors' charge.

Max duration of the performance 8 minutes

Art. 6 – Performances will have to be of original published pieces of
music. Possible variations to the programme mentioned in the
application form have to be communicated directly to the examining
board before execution. The programme is free. Performances by heart
are not compulsory.

In case the Competition will be filmed or shot, participants have no right for
any money claim towards the Association.

Cat. N: born from 01-01-1997 to 31-12-2000

Art. 12 – Competitors coming on an equal footing will share the prize.

Max duration of the performance 10 minutes

Art. 13 – The Artistic Committee set aside the right of cancelling the
Competition due to force majeure. In that case the whole enrolment fee will
be refunded.

Art. 7 – At the beginning of each rehearsal, competitors have to hand in a
copy of the pieces they are going to play. The examining board set aside
the right to shorten the performance length.
Sections, categories, enrolment fees
The competition is divided into 3 sections and 15 categories:

Cat. M: born from 01-01-2001 to 31-12-2004

Cat. O: born from 01-01-1992 to 31-12-1996
Max duration of the performance 15 minutes
Cat. P: no age limit
Max duration of the performance 20 minutes

Art. 14 – What is not mentioned here is under the authority of the Artistic
Art. 15 - If there are any objections, the printed version of these regulations
will be considered the only legal document for this announcement.
Whatever controversy might arise out, the Court in Massa will be the only
in charge of it.

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