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Como Exchange is an exchange organisation for
European youngsters who wish to discover the best
things the world has to offer. Born in 2015, its aim is to
bring together young people who belong to different
cultures and allow them to meet and share
experiences, while diving into the beauty of the “Bel
Paese” with a special consideration for the culture,
nature and traditions of the Como Lake area.


The idea of promoting Como Lake and its
surroundings stems from the desire to show the
wonders that for centuries have enchanted writers,
poets and musicians from all over Europe.
The challenge is to enable an experience of growth in
terms of culture and interpersonal relationships, to
broaden their horizons, but in an environmentally
friendly manner, so that both visitors and local
residents can take advantage of it.
Visit our website!

Como Exchange
Via Alighieri, 14
22100 Como (CO)

Our project

Why choose us?
Learning and improving a
foreign language abroad is an
experience that everyone
should try at least once in
their lifetime. And if learning
takes place in a beautiful
scenery, rich in natural and
architectural wonders, the
experience is even more
These are just some of the
reasons why you should
choose to spend two weeks
with us, hosted by families in
the area, between pleasant
Italian lessons during the week
and excursions aimed at the
discovery of unique places in
the world over the weekend.

The project is addressed at European
young people from 16 to 25 years old
who possess an innate curiosity and
desire to discover a reality other than
their own and wish to get in touch with
different perspectives.
Upon registration, you are given the
option to choose between two different
types of programmes:

Culture and Gastronomy dedicated
to the culture and local

Sports and Nature targeted at those
who prefer the contact with nature
and share the passion for sports.

Italian for everyone
A major goal of Como Exchange is to
spread the knowledge of the Italian
language. Italian is among the most
noble and harmonious languages,
appreciated by intellectuals. To
facilitate the approach to the Italian
language, before departure we will
organise optional online courses, in
order to build, through enjoyable and
interactive methods, a basic level of
knowledge of the language.

At the end of two weeks, as well as a
cultural heritage enriched by new
experiences and new friends, those who
have acceded to the opportunity to
sustain the Italian exam will receive a
certification that meets the standards
set by the Common European
Framework of Reference for Knowledge
of Languages (CEFR).

Como Exchange
Via Alighieri, 14
22100 Como
T. (+39) 031 2016598
F. (+39) 031 2016554

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