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Via Villa Bisignano, 70
80147 Napoli, Italy
☎ +39 081484669

Curriculum Vitae

Cell ☎ +39 3392151765
Birth Date 04/04/1985

Education and training

March 2013
Dottore Magistrale in Scienze e Tecnologie per la Natura e per l'Ambiente (Master of Science in
Biology) with 110/110 score cum Laude
Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, Faculty of Science (Scienze MM. FF. NN.) (2013)


November 2011
Dottore in Scienze Naturali (Bachelor of Science in Biology) with 97/110 score
Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, Faculty of Science. (Scienze MM. FF. NN.)

Work experience



March 2014 – July 2015
Work as a part of a Cnr ( project, with the aim
to determine the environmental suitability regarded two bird species in Habitats
Directive: Collared Flycatcher and Red-backed Shrike.
Specifically, the work has focused on the suitability of species within the Sic
areas of Chiarano and Feudozzo, providing specific information for monitoring
areas or conservation plans. Landscape metrics have also been derived, in order
to identify the most aggregate suitable areas out of boundaries of Sic.


Rosario Balestrieri (Cnr)


Landscape ecology, Species Distribution Models, Habitat suitability, Landscape


January 2014 - Today


A risk assessment analysis (Road ecology).
I'm developing a risk assessment map of the major roads impact on wildlife in
Campania, as coordinator of the project.
The map is divided into critical areas and priority areas of intervention. The first
concerns the intersections of major roads with potential corridors of each species,
the second is derived from the kernel density analysis of all road impact points


Board of directors (a group of professionals) in Ardea Onlus association, with the
sponsorship of the department of Zoology of Naples (Università degli Studi di
Napoli “Federico II”)


Page 1 - Curriculum vitae of
Valerio Francesco

Road ecology, Landscape ecology, Habitat suitability, Cost raster, Stepping
stones, Corridors, Wildlife crossing, Kernel density, Mitigation design, Citizen

January 2010 - 2014
I took part to the IWC (International Waterbird Census) project, collaborating for
the annual census of wintering birds in Ramsar Campania areas
Dr. V. Cavaliere (Regional Coordinator IWC)