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Work in progress

A risk assessment analysis (Road ecology).
I'm developing a risk assessment map of the major roads impact on wildlife in Campania region, as coordinator of the project. The map
is divided into critical areas and priority areas of intervention. The first concerns the intersections of major roads with potential corridors
of each species, derived by a binary map of presence/absence calculated by SDMs,the second is derived from the kernel density
analysis of all road impact points

1) The aim of this work is to study the relationship between environmental suitability and density of hort-toed Treecreeper. Density
estimates have been made through mixture-models and 8 SDMS to assess the environmental suitability. Finally through Generalized
least square models and quantile regression the density in their environment was analyzed 90%
Tutor: Rosario Balestrieri

2) The aim is the advancement in the search for genus "Salamandrina", extending the work presented at the X Congress SHI. This
research is expected to study the climatic niche also for the Northern (not only the Southern) spectacled salamander in order to
establish whether there are barriers which lead to the division in the two species.

Tutor: Antonio Romano

3) Improving the species distribution models: the use of pollinators species-specific in Ophrys insectifera. How to approach to the
realized niche or co-occurence

Tutor: Antonio Croce