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Alex Rio Guia do Papo Sexy.pdf

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And it stems from the fact that most men have no clue what are good conversation
topics to generate attraction in women.
Sure, by now you probably realize that "interview mode" never leads to attraction.
…But you're probably still wondering 'what the hell do I talk about to fill all that dead air
with a woman- and what conversation topics will actually lead to her feeling attraction
towards me?"

Conversation Ammunition
Well, before I get into the actual topics… let's first talk about why it is so important to
introduce the right topics into your conversations with women...
I already mentioned "interview mode." Interview mode usually stems from guys having
no clue what to say next… so they revert to asking boring "fact based" questions about
the woman's job, hometown, or family.
"Do you have any siblings?"
"Where did you go to college?"
"What made you decide to be a nurse?"
The main problem with these questions is that they are generic. They don't separate
you from the hundreds of other guys who have probably asked the same questions…
nor do they ignite any emotions or feelings of attraction.
Yet, because you don't know what topics to talk about… you continually let the woman
lead you into this dead end trap of a conversation.
Having a repertoire of topics that you can unleash at any moment allows you to remain
in control of the conversation.
If you read the "Gary Null Story" in my The Small Talk Tactics Report than you saw how I
easily handed over control of the conversation to the woman- and was stuck talking
about health food for the next hour.
If you don't have the ammunition to keep a conversation flowing naturally towards
YOUR OBJECTIVE… she will likely steer the conversation towards something "safe" and
"boring." (and you'll likely catch her giving one of your mates a hand job an hour later)