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OMORIS Brochure definitivo low resolution.pdf

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WAEP west africa engineering plants



Omoris Invests Corp

the right

Waep Services
Just trust to professionals
Engineering, construction and maintenance of technological systems

Electric, Telecom &
Security systems
Design, installation and
maintenance of distribution
boards, cable network and
cable support systems,
power and lighting
distribution, metering,
control and protection

Electrical &
special system

Piped services, plumbing &
water treatment systems

Mechanical and Electrical

Fire fighting systems

HVAC systems
For large commercial
systems – shopping centers,
hotels, hospitals, industrial
buildings and high standard
residential buildings.
Facilities Management
We have a team of qualified
expats and nationals to
strategize and in operation
to interpret and deliver
your expectations not only
to meet it but to always
exceed your expectations.

Hvac systems




Our Engineering
Department makes use
of the most eminent
specialists with leading
manufacturers of
technological systems,
combines the very
best state of the art in
technology with maximum
efficiency in terms of
operational costs: a
tailored approach looking
at the entire lifecycle of the

Piped services, plumbing
& water treatment
Different pre-engineered
and prefabricated or
built-in-place water and
wastewater treatment plan
with a variety of treatment
processes. Modular
solutions provides the user
with a compact, easy to
operate and cost effective
priced unit.
Mechanical & Electrical
In our Maintenance
Department very high
skilled team of engineers
and technicians are always
available, trained and
updated on all preventive
actions recommended
by the manufacturers to
ensure a longer life cycle for
your plants.
Fire fighting systems
Fully compliant with the
latest world standards
for sprinklers system
installation with electrical,
diesel & jockey pumps.
Project Management
We provide public
institutions, private
investors, real estate
owners, insurers and
construction companies
with trusted project
management all over the