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Before starting the engine, read the engine manual for the proper type
oil type and volume and fuel type.

After the engine operates properly, it is strongly recommended to
ALWAYS have an electrical load of at LEAST 25% of the nameplate
rating on the generator when operating the unit. Operating the engine
without an electrical load for prolonged periods of time (one hour or
more) will eventually cause damage to the diesel engine (sometimes
called wet stacking which is NOT covered by the engine
manufacturer’s warranty) or damage to the rings, fuel oil entering the
lubricating oil and excessive vibration. Breaking in the diesel engine
can require 5 to 10 hours of operation. It is extremely important to
have electrical loads of at least 25% to 50% of the rated capacity of the
generator’s nameplate rating to have the valves properly seat. Be sure
to change the oil and oil filter after several hours of initial operation. All
oil and fuel filters should be changed every 250 hours of operation and
air filters as often as necessary depending on the environment. Dirty
filters WILL cause erratic operation, dark exhaust fumes and erratic
voltage from the generator. Consult the engine owner’s manual for
complete engine operation. If the diesel engine does not stop when the
start/stop switch is turned off, the oil in the engine sump has been over
filled and the engine is using over pressurized sump oil as fuel. To
stop the engine with this condition you must block the air intake flow
which will stop the engine. Eventually the engine will consume the
excess sump oil and stop on it's own but this could take some time. If
this situation has occurred, you must check the air filter as pressurized
oil has gone through the engine breather and saturated the air filter.
The air filter MUST be replaced before restarting the engine.

On all gasoline powered models use unleaded gasoline of at least 87
octane rating. On all diesel powered units fill with diesel fuel No2
(DF2) in normal ambient temperatures or NO1 (DF1) in cold weather.
JP5 or JP8 turbine fuel may be used on diesel powered units only with
slight engine de-rations. The fuel shut off valve is located on the
bottom of the fuel tank. Be sure that the valve is turned counter
clockwise (the open position) to permit the flow of fuel from the tank.

Fill the oil sump or to the full mark on the dipstick (if applicable).
(Figure 1) Pour slowly to avoid air bubbles. To avoid engine damage
always check for full oil level before starting engine. Crankcase
pressure can blow hot engine oil out the fill tube causing severe burns,
always stop the engine before removing the oil cap. Do not overfill the
oil level on 13, 16, 18, 20, 23, 25 and 31 HP gasoline engines and all
diesel engines, as damage will occur. Engine damage due to low oil
level is NOT covered by the engine manufacturer’s warranty. For
gasoline engine refill with API Class SG or SH oil (also SG/CD,
SG/CE, SH/CD or SH/CE) having an SAE viscosity grade appropriate
for the temperatures as indicated below. For diesel engines, see the
engine manual for the proper oil selection.



32° F (0° C) and Higher
10° F to 100° F -12° C to 38° C
0° F to 80° F -18° C to 27° C
-20° F to 50° F -28° C to 10° C


Viscosity Grade


This generator set should only be operated by a
responsible adult.

To start the engine:
1. Disconnect all loads to start the engine.
2. Fully open the fuel valve if the engine is so equipped. The
valve is located under the unit-mounted fuel tank of the
engine or under the fuel tank on all LR units.
3. Adjust the carburetor choke as necessary for temperature
conditions. Cold starting requires a full choke. L/P and N/G
fueled engines do not require a choke. There is no choke on
all diesel powered generator sets.
4. The engine may be equipped with a rope recoil starter or
electric starter.
Start the engine by referring to the
paragraph in the engine manual for the applicable starter.


Fill the oil sump with lubricating oil with 15W30 multigrade for warm
weather and 5W30 for cold weather. Oil capacity for the LR50/60EL
models with the 15LD400 engine is 1.26 quarts and for the LR130EL
with the 25LD425 engine is 1.9 quarts (without filter). Check the
dipstick each time fuel is added to maintain the proper levels of
lubricating oil. IMPORTANT Do not overfill with oil or damage will
occur to the engine.
Maintain the oil level within the
minimum/maximum lines of the dipstick. Engines overfilled MUST be
drained until the oil level is at the above noted levels.


All contractor diesel welder/generators and three phase and some
medium duty units are equipped with either low oil volume or low oil
pressure shut down systems. Insufficient oil volume or pressure will
cause the engine to stop. See engine manual for complete details.

The models LR50EL and LR60EL are electric start models with
auxiliary recoil starters. If a battery is not available, the red or black
lever near the fuel pump MUST be in the up position to start and to
stop the engine turn the red or black lever to the down position.
Without a battery, the key start/stop switch will NOT stop the engine
and you MUST use the red or black lever. When using the electric
start switch to start and stop the engine and a 12 volt battery is
installed, the red or black lever MUST be in the down position at all




Controlled break in with the proper grade of lubricating oil helps to
ensure satisfactory service from the generator set. During the first 2-3
hours of operation, do not apply heavy electrical loads to the
generator. Oil should be changed after the first 3 hours of operation.
The oil changes should then be scheduled at the recommended times
shown in the engine manual. Two cylinder air cooled diesel powered
units MUST be run with at least 25% load at all times or damage to the
engine may occur. Oil should be drained when the engine is still
slightly warm.

Air pockets in the fuel line will cause difficulty in engine starting and
normal operation when fueling the unit for the first time or the unit is
run out of fuel. It is strongly recommended to manually pump the
pump lever 20 plus times before starting to release the air pockets.
Models LR50EL and LR60EL have clear fuel filters and air pockets can
be visually observed. Even one air bubble will cause erratic engine
operation. ALL air pockets must be pumped out to operate properly.
The model LR130EL has a solid metal fuel filter and air pockets cannot
be observed in this model. Always avoid running a diesel out of fuel or
near the bottom of the fuel tank as air pockets may be induced causing
erratic operation of the engine. Once all diesels have been initially
started and the engine runs smoothly, there is no need to bleed out air
pockets in future starting of the unit.

For units operating on liquid propane L/P or natural gas N/G, see
addendum instruction sheets for proper installation and operation.

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