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Features that really matter

Conventional controls. Many guns have
separate knobs that adjust the fluid volume
and the air volume, which in turn control the
width of the spray pattern. This traditional
system, as seen on the Earlex SprayPort, is



W242MA.indd 52


Innovative and easy. The gun from the Apollo
835 Turbospray has a dedicated ring near the
front that makes it easy to adjust the width of
the spray pattern.

Difficult. The spray pattern on the Campbell
Hausfeld guns is adjusted by changing the fluid
and airflow knobs in tandem with the air cap.
The system made it tough to get a nice pattern.

lacquer and black solvent-based lacquer
onto white cardboard. The dark finish allowed me to clearly see the shape of each
gun’s spray pattern, as well as how fine a
mist each gun was able to create. Waterbased lacquer is much safer and more
widely used these days, but it’s more difficult to split up into a very fine mist, so it
was a challenging test for the sprayers.
The Fuji Spray Mini-Mite 3, Apollo ECO-3,
3M, Lex-Aire, Earlex SprayStation HV 5500,
Earlex SprayPort HV 6003, and Apollo 835
systems all did well in this round of tests.

be a very big deal. There are many good
designs among the sprayers tested, so you
won’t have to compromise on this feature.
We tested the gun handles for both small
and large hands, and then averaged the
scores, but the scores were pretty consistent between the two. The top scorers on
comfort were the two Apollo guns, the Fuji
Spray Mini-Mite 3, and the 3M.

Comfort is critical
When you’re holding onto something for
an hour or more at a time, comfort can


Spray adjustments should be simple
To test the adjustability of each sprayer, I
focused on ease of adjustment, intuitive
design that doesn’t leave you guessing at
which knob to turn, smooth action, and
convenient placement of the knobs that
doesn’t interfere with other gun features.

Photos: Ben Blackmar

7/7/14 11:31 AM