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Brochure Abitazioni preromane eng .pdf

Nome del file originale: Brochure Abitazioni preromane-eng.pdf
Autore: Francesca

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Archeologia del
Lazio e

English version

Texts by Giovanna Alvino - Francesca Lezzi
Graphics by Francesca Lezzi
Translation by Francesca Santini

Archaeology in
Rieti: Palazzo
The pre-Roman dwellings

Via Pompeo Magno 2 - 0192 Roma

The Superintendence aims to protect the archaeological heritage,
and it deals with the study, the
cataloguing and the archaeological heritage enhancement of a region that includes part of the province of Rome, the provinces of
Rieti, Frosinone, Latina and Viterbo.

Soprintendenza Archeologia del Lazio e dell’Etruria Meridionale

del Lazio e

Special thanks for the active collaboration to

Relevant data:

The hut structures of the early 8th century B.C.

Key Informations

The remains of two stratified huts were discovered,
the oldest dates from the early 8th century. B.C.
and the most recent one dated to the late eighth
century. B.C.

The plant of both structures is incomplete due to
the presence of the latest masonries.

The oldest hut has a base of stones as foundation
on which the walls of clay were built that remained
for three overlapping rows of stones.

The latest hut has a small perimetral base frame
made up of stones, were bearing wooden poles of
the walls. Moreover. the floor of this house was
also uncovered.

In these two structures many potherds, both relating to the household pottery, as pots, bowls and
cups for eating and drinking, and to the everyday
items as stoves, loom weights by weavers and weaving spools, were recovered.

For the first time it was possible to state with any
certainity that on the high ground of Rieti there was
a human stable settlement from a period preceding
the Roman town of Reate.

The hut settlement, presumably between the late 8th
and early 7th century. B.C., was gradually replaced
by a pattern settlement unfortunately today not well
defined. This new arrangement of the area, not detected during the excavations so far nowhere and by
monumental ascertained evidence. The proof of the
materials, both relating to Orientalizing period and
to the 6th century. B.C., seems to underline the character of continuity of this settlement on the site of
Roman Rieti, of which up until now the existence
would only be imagined.

For further informations
G. Alvino, F. Lezzi “Rieti nella storia: gli scavi di Palazzo Aluffi
in Lazio e Sabina 10, Atti del Convegno (Roma 4-6 giugno
2013), Roma 2013, pp. 35-42

During the consolidation and redevelopment works involving seismic upgrading, undertaken by the province of Rieti, of the Police Station in Rieti, and formerly Palazzo Aluffi, the remains of a stratified huts settlement, dating to the
Iron Age, were found.
To date, these structures are the oldest discoveries made on
the high ground of Rieti in a layered dug up according to
modern archaeological research methodologies and documented in accordance with the standards ordinarily adopted
within this framework. They refer to the oldest phases of
occupation of Rieti currently known.

Contact us
Dott.ssa Sandra Gatti - SALEM

Below the Roman foundations structures, the remains of
huts and more than 3,000 fragments of pottery manifactures, dating back to the 8th century B.C., have been found.

Dott.ssa Francesca Lezzi - archeologo

A weaving spool

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Archeologia Urbana a Rieti: palazzo Aluffi

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