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Brochure Archeologia Urbana eng .pdf

Nome del file originale: Brochure Archeologia Urbana-eng.pdf
Autore: Francesca

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del Lazio e

English version

Texts by Giovanna Alvino-Francesca Lezzi
Graphics by Francesca Lezzi
Translation by Francesca Santini

Archaeology in
Rieti: Palazzo
Urban Archaeology Survey

Via Pompeo Magno 2 - 0192 Roma

The Superintendence aims to protect the archaeological heritage,
and it deals with the study, the
cataloguing and the archaeological heritage enhancement of a region that includes part of the province of Rome, the provinces of
Rieti, Frosinone, Latina and Viterbo.

Soprintendenza Archeologia del Lazio e dell’Etruria Meridionale

del Lazio e

Special thanks for the active collaboration to

The floor mosaics of the Roman domus

There are many evidences of the delicate transitional
stage between the Roman period and the early Middle
Ages. Indeed, Rieti around the end of the 6h century.
A.D., with the Lombard settlement and the inclusion in
the Duchy of Spoleto, was one of the most advanced
centers of the southern border.

Around the end of the 13th century A.D. the monumental
urban landscape was progressively defining with the
construction of the present building, perhaps already a

The building, constructed in the block in front of the
Cathedral, remained unchanged in the volumetric space
despite many renovations and restorations over time.

Key Informations
During the renovation and improvement, including seismic
upgrading, of the former Police Station, undertaken by the
Province of Rieti, many building structures related to different historical periods were found. An synergistic effort and
an active co-operation between the Province and the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Lazio allowed
to restore and to enhancing the buried remains of the oldest
The excavations, undertaken from November 2011 in the
monumental complex and headed by the Superintendence
for Archaeological Heritage of Lazio, represent the first site
of urban archeology in Rieti, where all the phases of life of
this town area have been investigated and interpreted. The
excavation site has documented how the life lasted from the
8th century B.C. through the Roman and medieval periods
until the present day without interruption.

In Roman times, when Rieti was a rich townof the ager
romanus and was called Reate, in the Palace Aluffi a
large private residence, a domus, was erected. There are
many walls in opera reticolata which still retain the plaster traces. Several elaborately decorated floor mosaics
were recorded and there are also many unearthed portions of mosaics.

The building, formerly the property of the Count of
Aluffi in 1700, in 1908 became a possession of the Province of Perugia.

The powerful earthquake that hit Rieti in 1898, caused
structural damage and caused very serious structural
damages and shattered part of this building, which later
will be rebuilt.

Since 1916, currently historical headquarters of
the Police Station, many changes were also introduced in the basement floors.

The future of the past of Rieti
The urban archeology makes not use of the archaeological data only to understand the town history but
it also seeks to provide guidelines and directions for
the research. The purposes are to building a proper
and updated knowledge base for the definition of the
archeological topography of the town, as far as possible to preserve the buried heritage and to restore it
to the people enhancing it. Indeed. it would seem
appropriate, at such a difficult time both for the public administrations and for the inhabitants, to let
people discover and rediscover the monuments remains of its own town.

For further informations
G. Alvino, F. Lezzi, “Reate/Rieti. Archeologia urbana” in Lazio
e Sabina 9, Atti del Convegno (Roma 27-29 marzo 2012), Roma
2013, 145-150
G. Alvino, F. Lezzi, “Rieti nella storia: gli scavi di Palazzo Aluffi” in Lazio e Sabina 10, Atti del Convegno (Roma 4-6 giugno
2013) , pp. 35-42

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The stages of development:

Dott.ssa Sandra Gatti - SALEM

The oldest traces of uncovered dwellings date back to the
early 8th century. B.C. Below the Roman structures the remains of the Iron Age houses and more than 3000 potsherds
have been found.

Dott.ssa Francesca Lezzi - archaeologist
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Archeologia Urbana a Rieti: palazzo Aluffi
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