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Nome del file originale: Kelly Felix & Mike Long, Bring The Fresh.pdf
Titolo: Bring The Fresh™ PDF, eBook by Mike Long & Kelly Felix « ✔Truth & Facts ✔Real Results ✔Real Experiences ✔FAQ ~ ✘Reviews ✘Opinions ✘Scams

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Fast start guide.
Hello and congratulations!
Kelly and I would like to welcome you to your Bring the Fresh Fast Start Guide for Bring
the Fresh!
This document is updated very regularly, even more so than our videos, so if you're ever
unsure of what to do, ALWAYS refer back to your Fast Start Guide as a reference.
Here's the rundown:
This guide is here to help organize all of the resources Bring the Fresh has to offer you,
because we want you to get the most out of our training. We think you've made an
awesome choice because Bring the Fresh includes a raw look over our shoulders as we
walk you through how we've helped build tens of millions dollars worth of businesses,
beginning with signing up for our first hosting account, all the way until we built our
biggest businesses, including the Rich Jerk and loads of other businesses.
Bring the Fresh offers you video training, our exclusive members forum, and this
frequently updated guide to help walk you through everything, because we want to give
you an unfair advantage in bringing your business to life briskly and sustainably.
If you haven’t already upgraded to Bring the Fresh Full Disclosure, with Kelly’s killer
SEO strategies that got him 177,589 targeted visitors to a brand new site in 30-days, and
my video strategy that has helped me build an 83,412 person list plus another 60,301
person subscriber list in another market, all with 3.4 million views on YouTube then you
can upgrade here.

Kelly and I are convinced that you are going to have tremendous success applying the
lessons we're sharing with you because it's worked for us and for so many others. We
encourage you to use the BTF forum to share your success with other members, because
celebrating each other's successes, and learning from each other, will help us ALL share
the wealth.
Please Take Note! Our BTF forum is an EXTRAORDINARY value and Kelly, me and
thousands of others take part in it regularly. This private no-holds-barred forum is a huge
success shortcut!
By the way, the BEST way to get started with BTF is by taking ACTION. And what
better way to do that, than having our time tested strategies done for you so you can get
started getting top rankings quickly.
The team that builds our own websites is now available to our loyal customers of BTF click here to find out more.
It's all happening,
Mike Long
P.S. We think of Bring the Fresh as a city on a hill. A proud tall city where friends come
together in providence. We created Bring the Fresh to help both beginners, intermediates
and advanced money-getters take the next step. (And the next and the next!...)
So even if you're quite an experienced hand with making money online, please allow me
to recommend that you read this manual with fresh eyes, because Kelly and I really make
a LOT of money and we want to help you make more money too...And we really want
things to be FUN for you doing it!
Something that we're very focused on is creating an amazing forum community. Again
it's such a great place for beginners, intermediates and advanced folks. If you are
advanced you may find yourself relieved to finally have a place where you can both help
others take their next steps, and be appreciated for that...while sharing the company of a
number of other folks making five and even six figures per month!
And remember, you can do what we're teaching you from anywhere in the world where
you can get online! We have top customers from America, the UK, New Zealand,
Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, Costa Rica, Japan, and all over the world!
And if you're looking for an added edge, and maybe a little bit of hand holding, then
Kelly and I have convinced our most wildly successful BTF-er, Greg Morrison, who
makes $6-figures per month to do what we call BTF/OMG “No Holds Barred” coaching.
Click through here to find out more!

Table of Contents:
 Just Do This - Search Engine Optimization (Page 4): jump right in an create
your first top 10 website in less than an hour.
 Article SEO on a Budget (Page 34): Making money using Google on a budget.
 It's All Happening (page 39): Real life Bring the Fresh success stories!
 Meta strategies (page 49): the fundamentals of success.
 Organization (page 50): and copywriting.
 “Sex” and the Story (Page 54): we need to provide value in our business by
giving BOTH the core value that folks are looking for AND a compelling
 Events (Page 58): The unfair advantage when it comes to conversion and traffic.
Ok, let’s get started Bringing the FRESH!

Just do this.
(Search Engine Optimization)
SEO begins with proper keyword selection – which means you will build a website or
webpage, or simply an article ALL revolving around a keyword or phrase (or related
group of keywords) that has commercial value (people looking to spend money), low
competition, a high number of searches, and hopefully one that will stand the test of time
- although you can also make a pretty penny on fads and products that will only be
around for a limited time. But generally, longevity is a good thing. I'll touch on this later.
There are dozens of tools & services out there for keyword research.
I use 3 tools for keyword research. When I'm crunched for time, I use the Google
Keyword Tool.
Here's how I use it:

First things first, I always select exact match:
Here I typically look for a keyword with at least 1,000 exact match searches per month.
And I mean local, not global. You can click on on “local monthly searches” to sort
properly by highest number of searches.

The only issue with doing this, is that Google is somewhat limited on the number of
results it will show, or the keywords it will “reveal” that you may not have thought of.
For example, lets say I use it to look up the keyword “legos”. I will either get a lot of
general keywords, or those that contain the word “legos”. But MANY will be left out, so
we need to think more vertically or horizontally.
By vertically, I mean we need to think of additional words typically associated with legos
that didn't show up in the findings. For example, in my use of the Google Keyword Tool
for “legos”, nothing came up about video games. Yet I know there are a lot of video
games with lego characters. So I need to change my original (seed) keyword from
“legos” to “lego video games”, and boom: 2900 exact match results, and a bunch of other
suggestions not offered on the previous search.
By horizontally, I mean something similar to legos, but perhaps not using the term
“legos”. Like a knock off toy, such as “mega blocks” - which I found by simply doing a
search for “toys like legos” on Google. Now I have another new seed keyword for a
different product.
When I want to dig a little deeper, I use Market Samurai:
Basically Market Samurai gathers a lot of data from Google and shows it all to you in one
place. Instead of doing all of the manual stuff above with the Google Keyword Tool, it
helps automate the process a bit.
Here is a walkthrough of how I use Market Samurai:

After you’ve downloaded it and opened it, you are asked to pick a keyword as the basis
for your niche. You can use the keyword you found above, from using the Google
Keyword Tool. Or you can start over and pick a general keyword related to a Clickbank
product, or an Amazon product. Check the fast start videos for how to choose
Let's say I used the keyword from above, “mega blocks”.
Market Samurai will create a project for called "mega blocks".
On the next page, click on the keyword research tab.
On the next page, you should put a checkmark next to “Google Keyword Tool” and add
your google login info. If you don't enter this info, you will get less results. You can
signup for a free account at
I typically change the “phrase length” option to a minimum of 2. That is because I don't
want to try to compete for a one word keyword.

After the above, click “generate keywords”. A captcha will popup to fill out.
Next click “analyze keywords” at the bottom right of the page.
Note which boxes I have checked below, and which I ignore, and that I have it set to

The only variables I really care about in Market Samurai are:
1) Total Searches – I personally set the minimum to 1000. This is the number of
times the keyword/phrase is searched for monthly.
2) AWCPC – This is the average amount of money that advertisers are paying on
Google for each person that clicks on their ad specifically for the related keyword.
The higher, the better. I like to see 30 cents or more here. If its more like $1.00,
thats a very good sign that this keyword has a lot of commercial value.
3) SEOTC – I would set this to 30,000 if you are just starting out. This is the number
of competing websites that have the keyword in the title of their website, which is
a good indication that they are really trying to rank for it. If you find a keyword
with under 30,000 I can almost guarantee you will get the # 1 spot, especially if
you use the backlink techniques described below.
IMPORTANT – Even though there may be very little competition, it is
worthwhile to check the “SEO Competition” module in Market Samurai to make
sure that the top 10 isn't currently stocked with 10 sites that could be

insurmountable – for example, if every site in the top 10 is 6 years old, has
20,000+ backlinks, is a PR6, and has all of their meta tags done correctly, (the 4
Y's are highlighted), you may have a tough time surpassing them. In that case,
perhaps you should move on.

1. Here is an example above of BTF methods in action. Mike's website is the # 1
ranked site for the keyword “mystery method”. As you can see, it got the 4 Y's
right, as well as all of the stuff you'll learn a bit later. So its beating sites it
shouldn't necessarily be beating, because we worked SMARTER.
(the above picture is from the SEO module of Market Samurai which allows you to check
the competition – this is one of the best parts of the software)
The 4 Y's: (you'll learn more about these later)
Title: Is the keyword in the title of the page?

URL: Is the keyword in the URL?
Desc: Is the keyword in the meta description?
Head: Is the keyword used in heading tags on the page?
Most site owners do not do all 4 Y's, so there is opportunity there for you to beat them.
4) AWC: This represents the amount of advertisers as compared to all other
keywords. I simply use this to identify if there is a low number of advertisers and
a high AWCPC, because that would indicate it could be a nice market to jump into
in general.
5) SEOV – I would set the minimum to anywhere from $500 to $1,000 – this is a
calculation of the maximum number of visitors you would receive if you were #
1, multiplied by the highest CPC (cost per click) an advertiser is currently paying
on Google. So theoretically, if you were number 1, and you had adsense on your
site, you could potentially earn this much every month. You can vary the amount
depending on how much you are looking to earn per site.
The higher this is, the better. It means that there are advertisers bidding on this
keyword, which means it is likely commercially viable. In other words, the people
searching for this phrase spend money or are worth money.
There are exceptions to the rule however. For example, I have a keyword that
gets 49,000 exact match searches, and the SEOV is only $34. But I'm still
going after this keyword because the search volume is so high.
6) Match Type – I set this to “exact”. This shows you the real picture of how many
people are typing in the exact keyword phrase.
Make sure you set the search period to “monthly” instead of daily, so you
don't get confused. Also, once you have your favorite presets, you can save
them so that every time you add a keyword in the future, you'll already have
all of your preferences setup. Just click the little save button next to where it
says “golden rules”.
Also, use common sense. If you find a phrase that is reported to get tons of
searches, but makes absolutely no sense, there is a chance that Market Samurai is
getting inaccurate data from the Google keyword tool.
*Tip* - No matter what, not ALL of your keywords/sites will be winners!
Don't get ONE-itus and continue plugging away on a site or keyword that just
isn't working. Sometimes, you need to cut your losses and move on!

OK, so now that you understand the functions, let's review the remaining keywords. Look
for the one with the most searches, combined with the least competition, combined with
the highest SEOV.
You can click on the “searches” column to sort highest to lowest, and you can also do the
same with SEOV and SEOTC.
Say you’ve decided to target the keyphrase “mystery method”. At the time of this writing
it has 9,900 exact match searches per month, 6,260 title competition (SEOTC) and a
$1,704.85 SEOV. The SEOV is very high, which means there are a lot of advertisers
bidding on the keyphrase – that's a good sign that there's money to be made here!
Next you'd go over to and see if the domain name
or .net or .org are available. Any of the 3 are great choices.
If none of those 3 are available, you have a few choices. You can forget this keyword and
choose another. Or you can add a word like “info” or “review”, or something similar.
In this example, my partner at BTF, Mike Long, chose the domain – so you can see he simply added “The” to the keyword.
It’s very important for (easy) SEO purposes to have the keyword/keyphrase in your
domain name, and it should only be .com, .net. or .org. I’ve tested other extensions, and
none have worked as well for me. If the desired domains are not available, simply add an
additional word, or pick a different keyword from Market Samurai that looks good, and
keep doing so until you find one that has a suitable domain available. Don’t bother with
hyphens either.
NOTE: Sometimes it can be difficult to find an available domain for a good keyword. If
you find yourself frustrated, you can try another VERY powerful keyword tool that I
absolutely LOVE...
We use SEcockpit for advanced keyword research. Check out fast forward video 2 to see
it in action- it immediately tells you if an exact match domain is available.
Here's a screenshot of what it looks like:

You'll notice that it not only does keyword research, it also lets you know immediately if
an exact match domain is available. This saves huge time versus going to godaddy and
checking each keyword manually!
So you have to decide which is the better solution for you... keep looking for an easy to
rank, exact matching domain, or put in the legwork to get a domain ranked with an extra
word. For example, if you are determined to go after the keyword “blue widgets”, and, .net, or .org are not available, you can try for, .net or .org, or something like that. Just be prepared to work a
little harder to get it ranked.
You can also develop an “authority” site that doesn't have the keyword in the domain at
all. However, you should only consider doing so if you are prepared to put a LOT of time,
effort and focus into this site. For authority sites, you will need MANY strong backlinks,
especially if you are going for tough keywords. What you would do in this case is create
a site such as “” (any name) with pages such as, and so on.
I only recommend authority sites for people who have already gotten several easier sites
ranked, and have a very good grasp on how SEO works.
Now back to the easy way to do things...
Once you've selected a good keyword and domain, you can register is at
Next, you will need to get a hosting plan at Host Gator for $7.95/month.

This account will allow you to host “unlimited” sites. It will be the only hosting account
you really need, unless you plan on getting 50+ domains. At that point you may consider
additional hosting.
Once you’ve purchased your hosting plan, you will be given an email with login info to
your “cpanel”. It will be like this:
This is where you control the hosting for your domains.
Now login it and go down to the bottom left and it will show you the “nameservers” for
your account. Usually something like NS1.DNSACE.COM and NS2.DNSACE.COM.
Write these down. You can also find these in the welcome email from Host Gator.
Now go back to godaddy and login. Go to “my account”, and select “my domains” and
click on the domain you just bought. Now click on the link in the toolbar above it called
“name servers”. This is where you will change the nameservers to those you copied from
your Host Gator account, and save the changes.
In about 20 minutes your domain will be linked to your hosting account. Now you don’t
have to deal with godaddy anymore for this domain.

IMPORTANT: If at any time the following instructions seem complicated to you,
especially if you've never setup a website or blog before, I highly recommend you let my
website team create your website for you, completely set up exactly outlined above. Click
here for more details.

OK, back to manually setting up your blog yourself:
Once you've waited at least 20 minutes, login to the hosting cpanel (,
and there will be a section called “Software/Services”.
Click on “Fantastico Delux”
Now on the next page on the left click “Wordpress”.
Next choose “new installation”.
Now choose your domain to install to in the drop down menu. (Note: For any future sites,
in order for them to appear in this drop down menu, you will first need to go to the cpanel
“home” screen and go down to the domains section and click “add-domain”. Then you
can add the domain to your cpanel.)

Leave the directory field blank.
Choose your username and password, email address, etc.
Then click “install wordpress”.
You now can go to your site and you will see that you have a basic wordpress blog
installed on your site.
Now go to or for example
Log in using the username and password you selected a minute ago.
Now you are in your site’s wordpress admin area.
Scroll down and on the bottom left under the “settings” tab, click general.
Edit your general settings to something like:
Title: Mystery Method (your main keyword) Secrets
Tagline: What You Need to Know to Get the Girl
Compelling text is optimal here. Notice how my tagline entices Google searchers to click
on my listing instead of others because it is more interesting/different. Do not simply
have a title that says: “Welcome to My Site”. That is boring, it doesn't use your keyword,
and no one will click on it.
Save the changes.
Now under the “settings” tab again on the bottom left, click on permalinks.
Go to “custom structure” and enter the following:
This makes your future blog posts appear as:
Instead of the default which is
Save changes.

Next go to the “pages” tab on the left side of your wordpress admin.
Here you can edit the “About” page and delete it.
Next, go to the “settings” tab in your wordpress admin and click “privacy”. Make sure
there is a checkmark next to “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including
search engines (like Google, Sphere, Technorati) and archivers”. (I’ve forgotten this one a
few times, and if you forget it, you’re screwed)
Next go to the “appearance” tab on the left side of the wordpress admin. Click “add new
Now you can search for any kind of theme you want, for a much better looking blog.
Once you find one that looks good to you, click download/install. Search for "Cool
Green" or "Comment Central" – these are a couple examples of themes I use frequently.
I can't stress enough how important is is for your site to look “clean”. People do not like
messy sites, or those with a lot of links and banners.
----------------My current favorite theme is the “All in One Theme”. Mike and I created this theme for
our own use, and we've recently made it available to the public. We made it with affiliate
marketing and SEO in mind. There are so many benefits to using it, that it would take too
long to list them all here. Instead, feel free to check out the All in One homepage to see it
in action!
----------------If you would rather use a simple, free Wordpress theme, follow these instructions instead:
Once you've chosen a theme, go back to the “appearance” tab and click “themes”. You
will now see your current theme, and below it will say “available themes”. This is where
the one you just picked will be located. Under it, click activate.
Now go to your site ( and you will see it has the new theme
installed and viewable to the public.
Now click the back button to go back to your wordpress admin.
Go the the left menu and click on “Links”. Select Edit.
Now place a check mark next to every one of the links listed here (except one) and click
the drop down menu to select delete.

With the one link you didn't delete, hover over it and select edit.
Here you will change the name of the link to your keyword (mystery method). And you
will change the location of the URL to your affiliate link (selected later). For now, just
make the URL your own homepage –
Save/update changes.
Next we're going to add a “plug-in” to your site. Its called the “Platinum SEO Plugin”.
To get it, click on “Plugins” on your left navigation menu. Then click “Add new”.
Now in the Search bar it says “Search for plugins by keyword, author, or tag.”
Type in “Platinum SEO” and click “search plugins”. On the next page you will see it, and
a link on the right that says “install”. Click it. On the next page click “Install Now”.
Now back in your wordpress admin go to the left menu again and click “plugins”.
You will see Platinum SEO listed. Beneath it, click “Activate”. (note that as of this
writing I'm using version 1.37)
Now on the left menu bar go all the way to the bottom and click the down arrow next to
“settings”. You will see Platinum SEO listed there at the bottom. Click it.
On the next page...
For “Home Title”, enter your main keyword. Here I entered “Mystery Method”.
For “Home Description”, enter a short description that describes your sitelike “How to
Get the Girl”.
For “Home Keywords”, skip and leave it blank.
Next make sure there is a checkmark next to “Canonical URLs” and “Rewrite Titles”
For the 10 fields that follow, I make sure to remove “| %blog_title%”
So for example, take a look here:

Now there are several checkbox options that follow.
Here is how I set them up:

The last 5 sections can be left blank like this:

Now click “update options”.
Your site is now nearly optimized.
------------------------------------------Now back in Wordpress, go to the left navigation menu and click on “posts”. Hover your
mouse over the “hello world” post and select edit.
Now we are going to change a few things:
Delete “Hello World” and enter the text “Welcome to Mystery Method dot net” (your
keyword and the dot com, net, or org spelled out)
Now click edit next to the “permalink” below it and change it from “hello-world” to your
Next for the post itself, you will need to put something like:

“Mystery Method insider information coming soon!”
Now on the right, where it says tags, add a few tags of SYNONYMS of your keyword
(not exactly your keyword). You can use or your own knowledge of the
subject – for example I could use something like “How to Meet Girls” or “Pickup Lines”.
Both of those are related to “Mystery Method”, and we want to use related keywords
because we DO NOT want our site to be OVER-optimized for our main keyword or we
risk a penalty from Google.
A little below tags you will see a section called categories. Uncheck “uncategorized”, and
below that click “add new category”.
Again, we want to create a general category related to our keyword, but NOT exactly our
keyword. For example, I would select something like “Best Pickup Lines” or something
like that.
What we put is not super important right now because we will likely be deleting this
entire post in a few weeks. For now we're just trying to get Google to take notice of your
site and index it, until we have quality content/articles to add to our site.
Now click “add”. Then on the top right of the page, click update.
You now have your first post – its like bread crumbs for Google.
Next go to the left menu and click “comments”. You will see a default comment there.
Hover over it and click edit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If at any time the following instructions seem complicated to
you, especially if you've never setup a website or blog before, I highly recommend you
let my website team create your website for you, completely set up exactly outlined
We create 40-50 new sites for ourselves and our clients every month and have hundreds
of them ranked on page one. Some folks are earning anywhere from hundreds of dollars a
month to tens of thousands every month with our “Done For You Websites”.

Okay, back to manually doing it yourself...
Now you should add 2 new posts to your blog over the next 2 weeks.
You can either write the articles/posts yourself or pay someone to do it at Articlez, which
has good writers for $6-$8 per article.

What I like to do for the first 2 articles/posts is write general info related to the keyword,
about 400-800 words or so. For example if your keyword is “brother typewriters”, I
would probably write one post about the history of brother typewriters, and then a second
post with interesting facts or tips about brother typewriters. Maybe even a “top 10 list”.
I also like to add pictures and video to my first 2 posts. For example, I might add a
picture of a girl and Mystery, and also a video from youtube. (Google owns Youtube, so
obviously it makes sense to use a Youtube video right?)
Next, I create PAGES instead of posts.
So my homepage will have 2 posts on it, and I will create an additional 6-8 pages on my
site. The pages will again be articles with pictures and video.
And here's the important thing...
The pages need to link to each other.
So for example, on my homepage posts I'll want to link to one of my inner pages from
within my post. Take a look at another example site of mine for a reference:
You'll notice I have 2 posts on the homepage, and you'll see my PAGES on the right side.
And you'll notice in my second post on the homepage, I link to one of my inner pages.
And on those inner pages I find ways to link to the other pages from within the articles...
in a NATURAL way that makes sense, without doing anything spammy.
Another important factor is to link out to authority sites... this tells Google you have a site
that is HELPFUL to your readers. For example, in my first post on I have links to That is the official
Chexsystems website, which is helpful to my visitors.
For a GREAT example of what Google likes, check out any page on – do
you see how each subject is covered well, and also links to other wikipedia pages from
within the content? Wikipedia is a great authority site to link to if you don't know another
authority site to link to. The goal is not to get all of your visitors to leave your site
though! We do want Google to find the link though :)

TIP: Did you know that a good way to get backlinks to your site quickly is by writing a
“top 10” list? For example, you could write a post about the “Top 10 things you never
knew about brother typewriters”. Then refer people to it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. If it's
interesting, people will naturally pass it around to each other, or retweet it.
-------------------So what do you write for content on your inner pages?
I like to write a review of a product that is related to my website.
So if I had a site about cameras, I would review different camera models.
And instead of reviewing or pre-selling a camera I’ve never used, what I like to do is
write a “review of reviews”.
What I mean is, I’ll look at 5 other good reviews about the product somewhere else
(Amazon, Google, etc), and simply sum them up into my own words, along the lines of
something like:
“4 out of 5 customers stated that they absolutely loved this TV, but 2 of them were not so
thrilled about the remote because it eats up batteries like crazy, blah blah blah”.
Then expand on exactly what the customers said.
I like to create reviews of reviews that include pros and cons, with cons that aren’t really
that bad. Something that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, but makes the reader feel like
you aren’t trying to “sell” them, and you are being honest in your review. People are
smarter now when they read product reviews, so treat them as such, and respect them. I
can’t stress enough how important this is.
If you don’t want to write the review yourself, simply copy and paste the above
paragraph to your writer at Articlez, and have them do it. They take instructions well.
Once you have your articles, go to the posts section of your blog, and click on new.
Add them as new posts, with your affiliate link at the end, making sure you put a check
mark next to the new category you created earlier, and then click “publish”.
-------------------TIP: Give people EXACTLY what they are looking for IMMEDIATELY when they
arrive at your page. Keep this in mind when you write your articles/posts. You only have
about 5-10 seconds to capture their attention before they leave your page, uninterested.

Put yourself in their shoes. If you were them, and you found your page, what would YOU
want to see? What would you want to read?
-------------------You want your visitors to know immediately that they have found the solution they have
been looking for. Don't be a used car salesman and over-sell them either. Give them
interesting information right away, gain a bit of trust, show them why you are an
authority on the subject (perhaps you have insider info?) and then ease them into the
product you want them to buy.
Your job is to be a matchmaker. You need to connect the person with the product they
need. A great example from our friend Travis Sago is this:
If you had a friend who was single, and you knew someone who would be a pretty good
match for them, you wouldn't run up to them and say “Oh my gosh, go buy a wedding
ring right now! Have I found the person for you!”
Instead, you would ease them into it, and describe all of the reasons why you think they
might be a good match, such as things they have in common, wants, needs, desires, etc.
And you would suggest they go out on a date.
Similarly, you can do the same with people visiting your website. You can describe the
reasons why you think they would like blue widgets, and simply ask them to go see for
themselves, and perhaps give it a try. After all what's the worst that could happen? If they
aren't thrilled, they simply get a refund and move on...
----------------------OK, so here are some extra tips regarding your affiliate links – which you will need to put
into your posts/pages in order to make money.
The way you can enter an affiliate link into your post is by getting it from Amazon or
Clickbank or whatever affiliate network you joined, like we spoke about earlier.
In your post you can type something like “Mystery Method Secrets here”. Then highlight
that text with your mouse. Then you would click on the icon above the post section that
looks like a chain link. A window will pop up and you can enter your affiliate link where
it says url, then click insert.
Your affiliate link is now somewhat cleverly disguised in your post. But here's the thing.
When someone hovers over that link with their mouse, at the bottom left of the screen,
the browser is going to show your ugly affiliate link. People don't like clicking on weird
looking links. So let's fix that.

Ever see people use redirects within their site? It may seem complicated if you've never
done this before, but it's actually VERY easy. An example of a redirect is this:
Instead of teaching you a bunch of coding mumbo jumbo, we recommend a simple plugin
that will do it all for you. It's called “Pretty Links”.
You just enter a few bits of information like this:

Whats cool about “pretty links”, is you can not only create a link with a nice name that
doesn't look like an affiliate link, but you can also add up to 5 different affiliate links, and
the plugin will rotate them, so you can easily see which affiliate offer is converting the
best for you!
Here's a screenshot of one of my own pretty links being rotated:

In your posts it is advantageous to use the proper “html tags”. What this means is, when
you are in wordpress, switch to html view.
Now if the title of your post is “My review of Blue widgets”, and blue widgets is the
main keyword you are targeting, it would be advantageous to put the following “tags”
around your title, like this:
<H1>My Review of Blue Widgets</H1>
H1 tells Google that this is your main title and contains the word MOST relevant to your
Later in your post, you can also use h2 and h3 tags for subtitles or subsections of your
article. For example, if you wanted to tell people how you use blue widgets, in the middle
of the article you could put:
<H2>I Use Blue Widgets For Many Reasons:</H2>
And then you would list the reasons.
Don't keyword spam! Google does not like it when you use your keyword too many
times, or use lots of H1's and H2's with your keyword. Your keyword should only
represent 1-4% of the total text of your article.

If you are not an Amazon affiliate, go to to sign up
(when applying just give them the url of your best looking site as your primary domain –
and don't apply until your site is set up and has a few posts on it). Amazon is great for
selling physical items such as electronics, clothing, furniture, etc.
Once you're approved, you can log into your Amazon account and get links to any
product you want to promote. Log in and click on the tab at the top that says “links &
Now on the left, select “product links”.
As an example let's say we are promoting the DVD “Toy Story 2”.
On the next page, in the search bar we would type “toy story 2 dvd” and click “go”.
You will now see the DVD with a button to the right that says “get link”. Click it.
On the next page, in section 1 select “text only”. Ignore section 2.
In section 3, you will see a piece of code like this:
<a href="">Toy
Story 2: Special Edition - DVD</a><img src="
t=hdtvreco-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0030IIYYS" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt=""
style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
Click the button that says “highlight HTML”. Now right click on the highlighted text and
select “copy”. Now you would go back into your wordpress admin, and edit the posts you
added previously, and you would paste this code where you want the link to appear. Now
you have an affiliate link on your site. If anyone clicks it and buys the DVD, you will get
a commission.

If you are not a Clickbank affiiliate, to sign up go to: – Clickbank is great for selling digital
products, such as ebooks or memberships.
Once you've signed up as an affiliate, you can go to and browse their catalogue of products. Once
you find one you'd like to promote, you will click the link next to it that says “promote”.

On the next page, enter your account nickname (that you signed up with) and click
Clickbank will then display your affiliate link, which you can add to your site just like the
instructions above for Amazon.

If you're not a Google Adsense Affiliate, go to (again, the same
rules apply as above). Adsense lets you have ads on your site that you get paid for if
anyone clicks on them. They give you a paragraph of code that you can copy and paste in
between paragraphs of your blog posts – at least thats what I do.

Now its time to get a few backlinks back to your site. Backlinks are any link from any
website that links back to yours.
It is optimal to have the text of the link contain your main keyword or a version of it
about 30% of the time. For example, if my site was about blue widgets, I would prefer
about 30% of the sites linking back to me to use the phrase “blue widgets” in the link.
Why only 30% of them? We if you had ALL of your backlinks saying “blue widgets”, it
would look spammy to Google and get you a penalty. Think about it from Google's point
of view... a “natural” site would have backlinks that said many different things, such as
your main keyword, as well as some that said “click here”, or simply the name of your
site like “” or “this site”, etc.
The backlinking process below has worked for authority sites of mine, as well as simple
6-8 page wordpress sites.
I use and recommend the following tools for backlinks (some cost money):
1) Unique Article Wizard - This is the service Mike and I use, and we love it for
getting rapid and sustainable top rankings and loads of extra visitors even in the
most competitive markets without buying links. This is how it works - You can
either start with your own prewritten article or create a new one with the software.
Then the software spins it. Then UAW's quality control team will review the spun
articles, make sure they look good, make edits/suggestions where necessary, then
submit the spun articles to hundreds of article directories in your niche. - What
makes this service so different is that by having deals in place with the article

directory websites, whereby UAW agrees to only submit articles they have
personally hand reviewed, they have direct API access into the directories for
automatic, quick inclusion.
2) Submit Your Article – a bit of a “secret” resource used by many SEO gurus. Its a
great way to get your articles syndicated for massive high quality backlinks.
3) BTF Backlinks Instead of doing backlinks yourself, why not let our team of link builders do it for
you. We have 3 different packages ranging from 300 – 900 links.
We manually write unique articles (the number of articles vary with each
package) and spin them using the Best Spinner until the article is 70-80% unique.
The articles are drip fed over a period of time so they don't appear all at once.
Here's what we offer:
1) Silver link package:
Each article submission can have up to two links. One in your article and the other
in your resource box. So even though you're getting 300 article submissions,
technically you're getting 600 links. Pretty sweet deal!
2) Gold link package:
This is the same as the silver package, but instead of 300 article submissions,
you're getting 600. (That's 1200 links!)
3) Platinum link package:
This is the same as the Gold package, but instead of 600 article submissions,
you're getting 900 (1800 total links for one crazy low price).
We also have a super secret link building package. This is our “secret sauce” for
kicking our rankings into overdrive. While we aren't going to say exactly what it
is just yet, you'll be getting a blast of links from 4 different sources. The actual
link numbers vary, but it's anywhere from 800-1200 links. We're saying 800 just
to be on the safe side :) Again all links will be uploaded into Linklicious for
maximum link juice.
More information on all of our link packages can be found here:

Press Releases
Consider using services such Press Release Monkey to create a press release for your
website. It can simply be a few paragraphs, or as fancy as you want with video,
slideshows, images, etc.
A “press release” may sound like something you would only do for a “news-worthy”
website, but that's subjective. Your site may be newsworthy to niche bloggers who
distribute content in your industry. And press release services have the potential of getting
you thousands of backlinks, because press releases get syndicated to thousands of
websites. Check out the services mentioned above to see which plans they have that
coincide with your needs.
Inside our member forum (in the full disclosure section), I have added several other ways
to get backlinks as well. Be sure to check there often, as I'm always adding new resources
that I'm testing.

Buying Links Directly from Websites
If you want to rank a site for a keyword that has a LOT of competition (like 100,000 or
more), buying links is a must. Here's how to do it. Go to: Open Site Explorer
Here, you can enter in the url of a site that already ranks highly for the keyword you are
targeting, and it will report back to you EXACTLY where that site is getting links from,
AND which links are benefitting that site the most. They will be displayed in order of
“strength”, or “page authority”.
You will only get access to the data from the top 5 links. To get the rest of the data, and a
lot of other AWESOME SEO tools, I HIGHLY recommend you become a member of
Now, you can visit each of those pages, and locate the link back to your competitior, and
see if it is a paid link. Paid links are pretty obvious, as they will just appear on the left or
right column, or at the bottom of the page as a simple text link, for no rhyme or reason.
Sometimes they are listed as “partners” or “sponsors”.
If you want to get a link from the same site, simply contact the website owner, typically
through the “contact” link at the bottom of their page, and ask them how much it costs to
put a “dofollow” text link on their homepage. They will know exactly what you mean,

and will give you a price. You can always negotiate, especially if you are willing to
prepay quarterly or semi annually.
Be sure to check the Google PR of the site, in addition to reviewing the authority reported
by Open Site Explorer (Google PR is a rank from 1 to 10 that you can find out about any
website by downloading the Google toolbar from – it is Google's
rough gauge on the importance of the page. I use this in conjunction with Open Site
Explorer's data.)
My requirements for paid links are typically:

Google PR of 3 or higher.
Less than 25 other paid links on the page
Page authority of 40 or higher (according to Open Site Explorer)
Page theme is relevant to my niche

I will pay anywhere from $5/mo to $100/mo for a good link.
PR4's can go for $10-$20/mo with a page authority of around 40.
PR7's can go for up to $100/mo with a page authority of 70+.
The price can fluctuate according to PR and authority, but be careful because some
people want too much money, like $50/mo for a PR4 with an authority of 40.
Just shop around. A handful of these links can put you into the top 10 in very little time,
and the amount required to do so just depends on how much competition there is for your
I highly recommend being careful with link-buying. If a site is simply selling you a link
next to a bunch of other paid links, its only a matter of time before Google identifies the
paid link and nukes it.

Blogger Reviews:
What I personally do is negotiate directly with sites or bloggers to have them put an
entire article about my site on a page or post that is dedicated to me. And of course the
article links to my site. I frequently use to find bloggers to link to

Product Launches:
Looking to capitalize on the hottest product launches? What if I told you there was a way
to find out what they are weeks and sometimes months before they happen...

There's a few sites that will give you updates on these upcoming launches and you can
take the exact blueprint I've just shared with you and make some quick cash if you do it
If you set up your blogs the right way, target the right keywords and get the right
backlinks, hijacking traffic from product launches can net you some nice paydays pretty
Type in “affiliate dot com bonus” in Google. You'll see an example of a product launch
we've capitalized on in the 1st position.
Are you starting to see how powerful it can be if you're on top of the search engines for a
(Hint: Notice the set-up of our site ( ) is exactly the same
as in this blueprint, and the valuable bonuses we offer. Bonuses are a “secret ingredient”
on why you can make quick cash with this formula.)
Here's how to find these upcoming products:
Our friend, and fellow BTF'er Rick Rivera, has an awesome course dedicated to this
process. He goes step-by-step on how to make some big money AND build a massive list
off these launches. It's HIGHLY recommended.
*** We got you a special discount link that you can get by going here: Launch Jacking
special discount ***

Others launch jacking resources:
JV Notify Pro- (
Launchboards – (
Make sure you sign up to these sites to receive notifications on the best ones. When
browsing these sites all you have to do is click on a launch that interests you, go to the
affiliate page and sign up to receive notifications on the launch.
That way you'll be “in the loop” on the product owners launch and sometimes you'll also
be notified about underground launches as well.

Other types of backlinks:
Link trades:
You can write quality content for a niche and offer it to a blog owner in exchange for
being able to get credit for the article, and get a link back to your site. Lots of sites need
good quality content and will gibe you a link in exchange if you approach them. This
works very well after the Google Penguin update.
Go to Open Site Explorer and look up the backlink profile for Mark Ling's site for a great example of a site getting backlinks from guest blogging.
Video aggregators:
You can create a simple video with your computers camera, about whatever your niche is,
and submit it to various Video directories using software like Traffic Geyser. This will
give you plenty of links back to your site from video directories, as well as getting views
to your video, and potentially people visiting your site after watching it.

Using most or all of the above methods will give Google a nice serving of many different
kinds of backlinks to your site, making it look much more organic and realistic.
Once you've gotten your desired backlinks, enter their URL's in at
You should start seeing your site rank within 7 days or so. It may appear and disappear
several times during the first few weeks. Don't worry. This is normal. After a few weeks
your ranking should solidify.
If a site ever starts to slip in the rankings after you are in the top 10, or they don’t quite
make the top 10, but get close, just get a few more backlinks and write an additional post
and do all of that pinging stuff again.
Anytime you want to add a new site, make sure you go into godaddy and change its
nameservers to your Host Gator nameservers. Then log into your host gator cpanel and
under “domains” click “add-on domain”. Then just type in the domain and pick a
password. Then go to fantastico and install wordpress on it and repeat the whole process

For tracking how many visitors your site gets, and where they come from, I recommend
setting up an Analytics account at
Setting up an account is pretty self explanatory. The part that gets a little tricky is when
they give you a piece of code you need to add to your website.
The code will look like this:
<script type="text/javascript">
var _gaq = _gaq || [];
_gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-17445060-1']);
(function() {
var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;
ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '';
var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga,
All you need to do is highlight the code using your mouse, then right click and select
Next you will need to login to your website's Wordpress admin like before at
Once inside, look on the left menu for “appearance” and select “editor”.
On the next page, look on the right hand side and click on the link that says “Header”.
Now in the box full of code in the middle of the next page, scroll down a little until you
find a section that says “</head>”.
Once you find it, on the line above it you can right click and select paste.
Now your analytics tracking code is properly installed on your site. Scroll down and
select “update file”.
You can now log into your Google Analytics account anytime you want to see how much
traffic you're getting and where it's coming from.

----------------This whole SEO process isn’t perfect or even potentially the best way to do things, but
it’s easy, and I’ve tested it, and it’s what I give my friends who ask about making money
online and have no experience.
If you are thinking you need to use more tools, methodologies, tips, tricks, fancy
shmancy algorithms, etc. – STOP.
The best tip I can give you is to IGNORE 99% of what you are reading about regarding
SEO. Stop wasting your time and simply do the above. I’ve tested it dozens and dozens
of times and IT WORKS. You don’t need to look for a “magic pill” or “secret”.
The secret is… there is no secret.
My partner Mike Long worked closely with Stompernet, and many other SEO “gurus”.
And I can tell you that in the first week I worked with him on Bring the Fresh, and
showed him this guide, he had over 10 new sites on page 1 or 2 of Google. And that is
more than he was ever able to do with the advice her got over at Stompernet and from
other SEO gurus.
All that matters to get ranked highly is unique content, the right keyword density, the
proper html tags, and high quality backlinks with the right anchor text. That’s really it.
And if you don’t want to deal with creating your own site, simply post your articles on or or Or just create a video review of
product, and put it on Youtube (with your affiliate link in the description).
Then you can use the same backlink methods mentioned here, and get backlinks directly
to your articles or videos, and they can get ranked highly in google themselves.
Just do SOMETHING EVERY DAY. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not hard. Many of
the most successful businesses and people in the world have figured out how to do
something very simple that makes them money. And they do it over and over and over
again. It doesn’t need to be groundbreaking or hard. It just needs to work. And this does.
Additionally, you can manually search for high quality .edu and .gov backlinks without
relying on any software or purchased links.
Just go to Google and type in things like: inurl:wp-login.php +blog inurl:wp-login.php +blog inurl:wp-login.php +blog inurl:”wp-admin” +login “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in”
-”comments are closed” “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in”
-”comments are closed” +blog +create +user +blog +create +profile
inurl:edu|gov “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in”
-”comments are closed”
Manipulate the above techniques in various ways.
Once you find a blog you want a link on, create a profile and/or just leave a comment,
with your username being your main keyword, and having it linked directly to your
Enjoy! :)
Be sure to let me know how you're doing or if you have any questions by joining our
forum at
Kelly Felix
IMPORTANT NOTE: If at any time the following instructions seem complicated to
you, especially if you've never setup a website or blog before, I highly recommend you
let my website team create your website for you, completely set up exactly outlined
We create 40-50 new sites for ourselves and our clients every month and have hundreds
of them ranked on page one. Some folks are earning anywhere from hundreds of dollars a
month to tens of thousands every month with our “Done For You Websites”.

Article Based SEO On A budget.
A lot of folks ask us how they can stretch the money they spend on Search Engine
optimization to the maximum extent.
This can be because they are cash strapped...or it can be because they are frugal...or it can
be because they have a passion for getting in the trenches and getting every unfair
advantage in Google rankings that they can get.
The purpose of this section is to share tips that can be used to humiliate even the biggest
businesses for rankings on Google on a budget.
There's only one paid tool that I recommend you pick up for this process, and it will only
cost you $7 to try, and another $47 if you keep it.
It's Best Spinner and it will allow you to take articles that you write and get several, or
even dozens, or hundreds or even thousands of unique high value articles out of each of
...Articles that will have Google drooling all over your sites.
There are a special set of videos that I've created for you in your members area that will
help guide you through exactly how I write articles, called my 1-Article-To-Rule-ThemAll Bonus.
Some quick ideas from that series include writing with CLARITY and PASSION.
Clarity happens through organization and editing.
Passion happens by having fun when we're working!
In the third video in that series I show you EXACTLY how I spin articles.
Now there are two aspects to ranking on Google. On page and off page optimization.
Quick tips include always putting your targeted keyword phase in your title and your first
paragraph and your resource box, and in your link text for your link.
There are two kinds of article marketing that I'm going to talk about in this section.
1) There's single page article marketing where you go to a site that has a lot of prestige
with Google and post an article on that site, trusting on that sites prestige to get your
article ranked.

In that article you include a link with your affiliate ID to a product offer and you're off to
the races.
The advantage here is that you don't even need a website to get started!
Here's a list of sites that are good to do this on in order of which I recommend you use
1 Article Base:
2 Squidoo:
3 Ezine Articles:
4 Hub Pages:
5 US Free Ads:
6 Buzzle:
2) There's 2-step article marketing where we're placing articles on directories to link back
to our sites to give us high value backlinks.
Those backlinks carry value in 2 different ways.
One way they carry value is by adding link juice to your site, upping Google's estimation
of your site or blog's value.
The other way is by bringing visitors directly from those directories, or from Google
results, back to your site or Blog.
If you're planning on using this technique then I recommend you use these services in this
1 (Take Note: If your first 10 article
submissions meet or exceed editorial guidelines, your account will be upgraded to
PLATINUM level of membership -- that allows unlimited article submissions and priority
approval speed)
3 Hub Pages:
I could write more to add what some marketers would call “thud factor” to this section,
but I'd rather you just took the extra time to get to work! Watch the 1-Article-To-RuleThem-All videos and then get going dominating Google free!

One of the things that we set out to do when Kelly and I started Bring the Fresh, almost
three years ago, was to help act as a catalyst to the success of many of our members.
At the same time we also hoped that our members could and would inspire one another,
helping act as spring boards to one another's success. This is one of the ways that Bring
the Fresh is such a powerful resource for beginners, intermediates AND advanced folks
joining us from all over the world!
The success in both of these ideas has been beyond our wildest dreams. Kelly and I like
to say that we do things 50% for profit and 50% to enjoy public testimonials from our
successful members.
Now we want to give you the chance to meet just a few of the most successful and
generous members of our Bring the Fresh community. I say successful because these are
people making tens of thousands of dollars per month...and in some cases even six
figures PER MONTH! (That's $100,000 or more month in and month out!)
May I take a moment to introduce you to some of our most successful BTFers?
First please allow me introduce a guy who I've started calling the One Man Gang.
Just two years ago, Greg Morrison was having to wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning,
every morning, to go to a crummy day-job at a cassino.
He was living in gang territory, and to make matters a little more complicated, Greg
found out that he was about to become a father.
It churned Greg's stomach to think that his son might grow up next to drug houses in one
of the most dangerous cities in America.
Greg knew that needed to change the gravy recipe and he needed to do it fast.
With less than a thousand dollars left in his bank account, Greg invested in Bring the
Fresh and Bring the Fresh Full Disclosure.
Greg started taking on clients, acting like a small scale online ad agency to get their sites
ranked on the pages of Google. He developed his own secret recipe for success based on
the Bring the Fresh starting point...
Here's what happened next:

Yes! Over the next year Greg would pocket over a MILLION dollars, all powered by free
traffic from the search engines. And now he's up to right around two million!
Greg painstakingly documented his extraordinary journey in success on our Bring the
Fresh forum. Today Greg's “melovemoney” account on the Bring the Fresh forum has
over 1000 posts!
In those 1000 posts, one of the hidden gems of the Bring The Fresh community, Greg
instructed, inspired, and above all connected with BTFers across the world.

Click through here to enjoy Greg's melovemoney posts on the Bring the Fresh forum.
Those posts are one of the hidden treasures of Bring the Fresh and reveal Greg's rags to
riches journey.
Now Kelly and I have always wanted to do coaching and realized that it wasn't really
possible given the structure of our lives and our businesses. But with Greg we saw the
opportunity to entice another 6-figure per month earner to do just that, coach our Bring
the Fresh members who were interested in really pushing for 6 and even 7-figure success,
and certainly at least quitting their dayjob for living life on their own terms.
We wanted to help create both financial and emotional incentive for Greg to spill the
beans on his deepest most powerful secrets that he had evolved from our BTF model.
And that's what we did. After months of convincing we managed to twist Greg's arm into
blowing the lid off of what we call his One Man Gang Machines (OMG Machines – like
self funding ATM Machines.)
So Greg and I went underground for four months to create what we call our Bring the
Fresh/One Man Gang “No Holds Barred” coaching program.
Click through here to find out more about BTF/OMG No Holds Barred Coaching where
the idea is Search Engine DOMINATION and SUPREMACY. You see Greg has over
10,000 keywords where he's on page one of Google, and over 1000 keywords where
Greg's not just #1, but he's at least 5 out of the top 10 listings! It's amazing!
With OMG NHB you get instant access to Greg's extraordinary vault of video secrets,
plus lifetime access to Greg's OMG NHB Facebook Group AND 80-office hours with
Greg over Skype spread out over the 3-month coaching course!
Launch Jacking
Next I'm going to introduce you to a number of BTF-ers who have had success doing
something that we call Launch Jacking.
Launch Jacking takes advantageous of one of the “soft spots” when it comes to making
money online. You see normally with ranking sites #1 on Google, you're stuck in a
situation where you're either shooting for a very competitive keyword like “Car
Insurance” where the big boys like Geico, State Farm, Progressive and Esurance are
spending millions per year to appear on page 1 in either the sponsored listings, in the free
listings or both.
So the good news there is that there's a lot of money to be made if you can rank for “Car

insurance” but the bad news is that its cut throat and difficult. I'm not saying that you
couldn't do it. But if you're just getting started it's a tall order!
Then there are millions more keywords that aren't nearly as competitive. Take “Duct Tape
Art”. Pretty easy to rank for. The downside? There's not a huge amount of money in
“Duct Tape Art.”
But Launch Jacking exploits a loophole where what you're doing is ranking for a brand
new keyword for a product that is just now being launched. For example the new Apple
iPhone, or a new online marketing product like Bring the Fresh 2013, or an eagerly
anticipated new video game like a World of Warcraft update.
These keywords are much easier to rank for AND you enjoy a special advantage. Most
people who are getting started out don't have a reputation that they can point to. Or at
least not nearly the reputation they will have once they really get going. That's where
Launch Jacking comes in – because with Launch Jacking you're getting to tap into the
credibility of the maker of the new product AND you get to become an instant expert.
Why? Because it's a new product, there ARE no established experts on the subject of the
latest iPhone or the newest online marketing product, or the upcoming World of Warcraft
update! So you can position yourself to have instant credibility with folks who are now
enticed and excited by this new product offer. Oh yah and the traffic can be insane on
these relatively easy to rank for keywords. So it's a real win-win-win situation!
The primary way you make money is by acting as an affiliate for the product that you're
launch jacking for. Where do you find products? You can search Google for things like
“Apple releases”. In the online marketing world you can go to to see a
list of upcoming launches. For things like video games forums and magazines will carry
the buzz on releases.
(As you go through your Power Finish Module in your Bring the Fresh membership area
you'll be treated to a number of additional training videos all about Launch Jacking.)
Now one of the most exciting things about Launch Jacking isn't just the quick and easy
money. What's especially exciting is using Launch Jacking as a springboard to take your
money-getting to the next level.
It turns out that once you start making money online it gets easier and easier and easier.
In many cases you're able to “copy and paste” a lot of your previous work into your next
project. Plus you gain credibility of your own and a reputation with customers and
potential joint venture partners. Again it's a win win win situation!

For example this Summer I did some Launch Jacking on an online marketing product. I
made a page rank #1 for that launch and made some sales...and the next thing I knew the
guy who was running the launch noticed that I was #1 when you searched for his new
He was so impressed that he decided to offer to promote one of my products. The result?
Over $50,000 in profits for him and me to split! Yes! It can be just that easy!
Now I'm going to introduce you to several BTF-ers who have done exactly what I was
just talking about...both profiting from their Launch Jacking and using the skills,
confidence and reputation they gained as a springboard to take their money-getting to the
next level!
Rob Jones
When Rob Jones joined Bring the Fresh he had been out of work for almost two years.
He was weeks away from eviction. And it wasn't like he was getting tossed out of a plush
apartment. Rob's apartment complex was ringed in barbed wire and was the scene of
frequent gun violence and even a murder right on his back doorstep.
Rob was desperate to make a difference in his life. And he did! Needed money fast so he
took his queues from Bring the Fresh and decided to try his hand at Launch Jacking.
He liked the idea of Launch Jacking because it helped get around the traditional "catch22" when it comes to making money. Everyone knows the story of somebody who's gone
to get a job and the person hiring says "You're a great match for the job, but you don't
have enough experience…"
How can you get experience if nobody will give you a chance! Grrr!
Anyways, that's what appealed to Rob about Launch Jacking. He was able to ride the
energy and momentum and above all CREDIBILITY of the person launching their new
Rob made his first few hundreds dollars, and he got excited. There was jus something for
him emotionally about punching in a few keystrokes, clicking his mouse a few times and
then getting paid money! Anyways Rob dove in with both feet and started building BTF
He built a site for woodworking. He built another site for self hypnosis. Each amounted
to a small time success. Enough to keep the landlord from throwing him out on the
streets, with enough left over to feed himself and pay his electric bill.
Then things started getting exciting:

Yes! Rob truly went from rags to riches. He was able to use Launch Jacking not just to
pay the bills but as a springboard to bigger and better things. Rob has also been an
extremely active member of the Bring the Fresh forum, providing ideas and guidance to
up and coming BTFers. Click through here to look at Rob's 600+ forum posts!
Click through here to enjoy a fantastic private webinar that I conducted with Rob all
about Launch Jacking in 2013!
Jon Penberthy
Jon Penberthy got his start on the internet trying to sell bike parts on eBay. It was slow
going to say the least!
Job opportunities where Jon is from in the UK are far from plentiful, and anything beat
having no source of income so Jon kept at it.
Then he came across Bring the Fresh. The idea of Launch Jacking really appealed to Jon
and so he got stuck into it.
Here was what Jon was able to do in just his first six months:

Jon has continued to grow and grow his income from there. In fact now he's considered
one of the most dangerous up-and-coming affiliates in the entire online marketing world.
Jon has quite a gift for video marketing especially, and it's something that he used to get
better and better at Launch Jacking.

You can follow up with Jon on his webisite, I highly recommend
that you sign up for his mailing list because he's passionate, entertaining and insightful!
Rick Rivera:
Rick was an unemployed student from Costa Rica. Barley 21 his job prospects coming
out of school did NOT look good.
Plus Rick wanted to be able to travel the world and he was passionate about the idea of
making money online. Bring the Fresh was the first product he bought.
Rick got started Launch Jacking right away. The result?

Yes! Rick was able to make well into six figures his very first year doing Launch Jacking.
Now Rick is able to command massive fees working with corporate clients even though
he never did finish up his college degree.
Remember how I've mentioned a number of times about the culture of Bring the Fresh,
where it's a real people helping people, people inspiring people kind of situation.
Well Rick Rivera's success was especially inspiring for the next two BTF-ers I'm going to
introduce you to: Chris Cronje and Adam Black...
Chris Cronje

After years of putting in long hours at his day job in South Africa, Chris Cronje though
that he had finally hit the money code and was on his way out.
He had started making money with Google Adwords on golf sites and in some investment
sites. He quit his day job and looked forward to a bright future...
…And then one day, all of the sudden, the bottom dropped out. His Google Adwords
advertising account was summarily canceled and his income dried up over night.
To make matters more complicated, Chris found out that he had a son on the way. Things
weren't looking great.
Then Chris joined Bring the Fresh and heard about Rick Rivera's success with Launch
Jacking. Well anything was better than going back to his old boss with his tail between
his legs to beg for his old job back.
So Chris gave Launch Jacking a try. Here's what happened next:

Yes! Chris racked up tens of thousands in pure profit in a very short period of time in the
trading and investment market. And then he did it again, making tens of thousands more!
Finally with some breathing room, and with a renewed confidence in himself, Chris
headed into 2012 with a real fire in his belly.

One of his biggest highlights in the last year was selling a site that he put together for
$80,000! Once again Launch Jacking was the springboard. Great job Chris!
Adam Black:
Adam is one of the most successful Launch Jackers in all of BTF. Once he caught wind
of the success that Rick, and Rob and Chris were having he rolled up his sleeves and dug
How did Adam do?:

And Adam has continued to pour it on again and again.
For example a little over a year back Adam actually made the leader board of one of the
bigger launches of the year in the real estate information niche for infomercial guru Dean
Graziosi's launch:

Now launch jacking and taking on clients are just two of the ways that Bring the Freshers have made lots of money.
Mike Swanson:
Mike Swanson is a history buff from the back woods of Virginia. He used our free traffic
Google ranking methods to build a huge list of people interested in stock trading advice.
Here's just some of Mike's results:

And Mike just had another big launch for another $150,000 worth of pay checks a few
weeks back.
Great job Mike!
Kris Maineri
Kris Maineri is a high school drop out just getting started. He didn't know what to do and
he didn't know where to turn. He used in information contained inside of Bring the Fresh
to put out his own product on cleaning and protecting PC computers. One of the smart
things that Kris did was really take advantage of YouTube. Here's how Kris did:

We're so proud of each of these Bring The Fresh-ers and their awesome success!
Each of them has taken the starting point that you have here, and used it to spread their
wings and take financial flight!
If you'd like a little bit of help with spreading your wings, or even a huge boost, please
keep Greg Morrison's BTF/OMG No Holds Barred coaching program at the forefront of
your mind because it's an awesome value!

Meta Strategies.
Kelly and I created an introduction video for Bring the Fresh. Here it is

(You will also find this video along with your other Bring the Fresh training videos.
Now above I note to focus in on the meta strategy lesson in the video.
In case you haven’t watched the video yet, here’s what I’m talking about when I say Meta
A meta strategy is the strategy that underlies other strategies. So for instance a swim
move is a very surface level football skill, even for a defensive end who might do swim
moves to evade nearly every play of every game.
But that defensive end’s skill with running and tackling are meta skills that underly his
ability to successfully use a swim move. So for instance I probably have a better swim

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