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Lisa Wade
us +1 276 451 8760
it +39 347 095 9697

Born in the U.S., Lisa Wade is
an artist who has been living
and working in Italy for over 10
years. She received her BFA in
Studio Art at Wheaton College
and her MFA in Painting from
American University, during
which she studied between
Perugia, Rome and Washington
D.C. She has taught art practice
abroad for American University
and Gordon College as well
as SACI in Florence. Her work
functions as a form of social
deconstruction, investigating
themes such as national identity,
societal dependencies, the unit
of community and constructs of
the collective consciousness.
From 2005, Wade has shown
her paintings, installations, and
video in the U.S. and Europe,
including New York, Berlin,
Mexico City, Rome, London,
Sicily, Milan and Moscow.
She won the Celeste Prize
International in Installation/
Sculpture in 2010 and has
lead workshops with Officine
dell’Umbria, Trevi, Italy as well
as in the Campo Nomadi, Rome,
making two stop-action videos
with Rom children (see Dec
2012 Frieze, ArtReview). She
was the only foreigner invited to
represent Umbria in the Italian
Pavillion of the 54th Venice
She has been instrumental
in creating bridges across
nations, as artist-as-curator and
residency coordinator, whose
group exhibition, Sing Sweet
Songs of Conviction, travelled
to five nations from 2012 to
2013, integrating guest artists
and guest curators at each
location. Since arriving in Sicily
three years ago, she has created
links between Berlin (Schau
Fenster), Mexico City (Casa

Maauad), and Boston (Mass.
College of Art and Design) in
the form of residencies and
exhibitions with Farm Cultural
Park and BOCS, as well as
unifying nine major independent
art spaces throughout Sicily in
one city-wide pop-up exhibition
called MOLECOLE with the art
magazine, Balloon in June 2014
in Favara. 
She is currently shooting,
seeking locations and funding
for an ongoing video installation
project, Shelter, which began
during her residency with
BOCS in Sicily. She continues
to collaborate with art centers
and private individuals for this
project, gathering footage thus
far from NYC, Sicily, the U.S.
and Mexico. In 2015, together
with Gabriele Abbruzzese, she
founded the artist’s group,
Concrete. She is currently based
in Sicily.

Lisa Wade

SELECTED WORKS 2007 — 2015


from p. 4 - 7

acrylic on linen, jute-stretched wood frames
200 x 110 cm (L), 150 x 180 cm (R), 180 cm depth
BOCS Cosenza





Where mine ends and yours begins

from p. 8 - 11

colored wool and acrylic on fabric, wood slat supports
260 x 300 cm
Fondazione Brodbeck, Catania





Wrestling the angel

from p. 12 - 15

acrylic on fabric, plastic bags, climbing cord
275 x 180 x 20 cm
White Spider/Karen Huber, Mexico City





Inverted shelter

painted sandbags, metal support, gypsum board,
bricks,mortar and wood, 315 x 270 x 40 cm
Label 201, Rome (awarded Celeste Prize 2010 in Installation with this piece)



Making light of something
that is not in the least bit funny

gouache on paper, 70 x 100 cm
Schau Fenster, Berlin





G8, United Kingdom

acrylic and thread on fabric, foam, aluminum rod suspension
150 x 105 cm
pp. 20 - 21
acrylic and thread on fabric, foam, aluminum rod suspension
5 x 4 m installation (150 x 105 cm each)
54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavillion, Umbria, Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto

G8, Germany

acrylic and thread on paper sewn onto fabric backing, aluminum rod suspension
70 x 100 cm. (1 in a series of 8 per G8 nation)
Grimmuseum, Berlin




acrylic on fabric, wood stretcher frame 125 x 85 cm



America/Afghanistan I
(Nationbuilding series)
paint and tar on fabric, wood, strecher frame
125 x 85 cm
Empire, Galleria Z2O Rome



(Nationbuilding series)
Tar and paint on fabric, wood stretcher frame
125 x 85 cm
Empire, Galleria Z20, Rome



An Allegory for the twenty-first century
condition: self-isolation and digital
displacement whitin the physical world.
The Shelter video installation creates the
paradox of stereo-spatially trespassing while
enclosed within four walls: a description
of world-wide connectivity where man is
consumed by technology which he has created,
disoriented in his own community.
Everywhere becomes anywhere; inclusivity
begets isolation.
An ongoing, three channel video installation
project. Variable dimensions (three flat screens
in a dark, domestic-sized room), variable time
(from 10.00 minutes +) Footage shot thus far in
NYC, Sicily, the U.S. and Mexico
First presented during BOCS Origini residency
in Canicatti, Sicily
Curated by Donatella Giordano





sample individual stills ( each one of three channels)


NYC — Virginia — Mexico City — Sicily


Lisa Wade
us +1 276 451 8760
it +39 347 095 9697

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