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Eine Freundin Zu Der Freundin Zu Machen.pdf

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Turns out that as many women buy literotica books every year as there are
men who subscribe to adult websites.
* Hundreds of millions *
It's the #1 product category on Amazon's ebook story.
Just about EVERY woman who CAN get their hands on it does. When I
learned this, I knew that it must hold a key to female psychology that I'd
never understood before.
So what did I learn from literotica?
Well, there's basically an "obsession story" that is in every book. Every
time a woman falls in love with a man, it basically follows the same story
And this patten was in EVERY BOOK.
I did some research into evolutionary biology and learned that women are
basically "programmed" to fall for this story. It fulfills biological needs that
go much deeper than her "social" programming.
That's why these books are so popular... they tap directly into a woman's
primitive "reptile brain" and deliver big doses of the good stuff that makes
her brain go "mmmmm".
In fact, when women say they want money, looks and abs... well, frankly,
they're lying to themselves.
And to you.
Don't blame them. Those are the things that society tells them are
attractive. Society wants to sell you gym memberships, Rolex watches, and
But as someone who had all of those things... and still couldn't land a great
girl... trust me - those things don't actually fulfill a woman's deepest needs.
To learn more about what I discovered, how this "obsession story" really
works, and just how deep the rabbit hole goes, download & watch
everything here… |