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Eine Freundin Zu Der Freundin Zu Machen.pdf

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Here’s How You Make Her “Fall” For
You (It’s The Opposite Of What Most
Guys Are Doing)
The dating scene is crazy. I've learned a lot from six years of dating some
of the most beautiful girls from all walks of life, ethnicity & age, from which
it gave me an entirely unique & fresh perception about them.
Click here to watch it…
Many of the women I've dated have had guys offer them the world. Private
flights to caribbean islands... hot tub parties at the Trump Tower... and I
just can't compete on that level.
So I figured out how to attract a woman on a much deeper level - an
evolutionary level. And now whenever I see one of these jokers try to bribe
a girl into going out with him, all I think is "what a chump."
See, if you want a girlfriend - especially a hot, desirable girl who all the
guys are chasing - you can't play by the same rules that every other guy is
playing by.
You've got to activate a part of her desire that gets her obsessed with you.
So I developed a step-by-step system for doing just that... from the moment
I meet her, all the way until she's my girlfriend.
In just a second, I'm going to tell you exactly how to end the first date.
This is usually an awkward moment for a lot of guys.
Do you hug her? Kiss her on the lips? Try to get her back to your place?
Well, MOST guys either get nervous and fumble this... or go straight for the
kiss on the lips.
And this is IMPORTANT: she's expecting you to do either of those things.
But remember - if you want to get her obsessing over you, you've got to be
different. You've got to make her wonder about you. |