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Hard To Get, The Timeless Art of Conquering His Heart eBook.pdf

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Lucinda: “Whatever you work for has more value than
what you get for free”
Hi Mimi,
I suppose the whole thing boils down to a very old principle: whatever you work
for has more value (in your mind) than what you get for free.
If you have to court a woman for three months, when you finally sleep with her, it
means much more to you than if you slept with her the first night (independently
of the objective “quality” of the sex). Something difficult is more meaningful than
something easy.
Applied to romance, when the high-maintenance woman makes the man jump
through hoops, he’s associating her with something valuable, because he has to
work so hard for her. Whereas as the non-demanding, “together,” lowmaintenance woman: well, yeah, she’s attractive, but... so what? Why bother?
Hope I’m not overstating my case. ;-)

Hard to Get is Controversial
Some women say, “With a really great man, I shouldn’t need to play games.”
We say, “Great men love a challenge. When they’re married to you, they’ll
cherish you all the more because you were hard to get.”
Some women say, “I don’t have the energy to act like that.”
We say, “Most worthwhile things take energy and effort. The results are worth
Some MEN say, “I don’t want a woman who plays games.”