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The Spellbound Formula eBook.pdf

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Chapter 1.
Irresistibility 101
Irresistibility 101 lays groundwork for having a brilliant life,
magical relationships and, of course, being authentically irresistible.
The purpose of this chapter is to open your mind to new possibilities
and greater personal awareness.
Awareness is the key that allows you to stop automatically doing
things that drive men away and naturally begin doing things that will
allow you to have satisfying relationships. Master this stuff and you’ll
notice that men, women, children, small animals, large animals, dust
bunnies and anything not glued down will find it virtually impossible
to resist you.
Your Irresistibility Lies In The Present Moment
Take a deep breath and let your shoulders melt down. Relax
your jaw and ease into the moment. Allow yourself simply to be here.
Forget about your to-do lists. Let go of wandering thoughts of what
you might have for dinner or regrets about what you didn’t get done
today at work.
Your ability to be completely irresistible and Make Every Man
Want You lies in the present moment. When you are fully present
(meaning your full attention is in “the now”), you access the infinite
source of beauty and aliveness inherent in every living creature on the
planet. You become one with the cosmic intelligence and timeless
magnificence of all that is.
On a physiological level, being present means that you stop
going on mental vacations and actively engage your mind, body and
soul in whatever you are doing in this moment. You let go of thoughts
about the past and worries about the future and bring your full
attention to whatever, or whomever, is in front of you right now. In
the context of reading this book, being present means giving your full,
undivided attention to “hearing” the words on the page as you read