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The Spellbound Formula eBook.pdf

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Refrain from the temptation to compare this to other self-help
books you’ve read, or wonder whether or not this will work for you.
All that mental chatter pulls you out of the moment and away from
your irresistibility. Listening to that conversation you have with
yourself is what has gotten you lost and confused in the first place.
Here’s a nugget of wisdom that can transform your life in an instant.
You have a mind, but you are not your mind. You are also not the
conversation you have with yourself in your mind. You may be saying
“What conversation? What is she talking about?” THAT ONE.
Of course you may be saying, “Well then, who AM I?”
Who you are is a glorious being behind your mind. You are the
awareness, the observer, the listener. You are the wise, elegant,
generous and loving consciousness that knows exactly what I’m
talking about right now.
Know this: your irresistibility is greatest when you are present,
and free from your mental chatter. That’s because the fullness and
glory of your being is showing through. Your being is your highest self
and grandest expression of who you are. It is timeless and beautiful,
full of love, compassion, forgiveness and sensuality. It needs nothing
and seeks no approval. It is who you really are beneath all of the
worry, concern, and fear.
Your mind, on the other hand, is a past/future fear-based
machine that is primarily concerned with survival. It’s always
comparing, analyzing, scheming and talking to you about what you
need to do in order to become better, prettier, more successful or
more attractive. The mind is usually not supportive of your
irresistibility. It likes to talk about your mistakes and how bad,
unattractive, fat, stupid, old or unworthy you are. (By the way — none
of those things your mind talks to you about are actually true, but