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unless you become aware that you are not your mind, you believe
them to be true.)
The real truth is that it doesn’t matter how many mistakes
you’ve made in the past or how many relationships have not worked
out. It also doesn’t matter how much you weigh, how old you are, or
what you do for a living. You can be absolutely irresistible starting
RIGHT NOW. The rest of this book will show you how.
Everything Is As It Should Be
There are no coincidences. What you have in your life you
attracted to yourself, consciously or unconsciously. Everything is
exactly as it should be. Every joy, challenge, opportunity and
circumstance — including the fact you are reading this book — is
exactly what you need to serve your own personal, irresistible
evolution. None of this is coincidence.
Many women struggle against what is happening in their lives,
as though it should be different. They don’t recognize that when one
struggles against the moment, one actually struggles against the
entire universe. This constant battle of resistance is deadly to our
irresistibility. Every bit of disappointment, anger, pain, upset and
disharmony we experience is a result of our resistance to, or
disagreement with, some current aspect of our life.
Conversely, when we stop resisting or disagreeing with how our
life is showing up, and truly surrender to the fact that everything is as
it should be, we get back in sync with the universe and have instant
access to greater personal power, clarity and authentic irresistibility.
It’s important to note that understanding ‘everything is as it
should be’ does not mean you roll over and play dead, stay in an
abusive or unloving relationship, or become complacent.
Acknowledging reality empowers you. It puts you in the driver’s seat
of your life and turns the ignition.
The practice of acknowledging reality is called making is-ness
your business. In other words, get more interested in reality, or what