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Mark Scott, How To Read A Man eBook .pdf

Nome del file originale: Mark Scott, How To Read A Man eBook.pdf
Titolo: How To Read A Man™ PDF, eBook by Mark Scott « ✔Truth & Facts ✔Real Results ✔Real Experiences ✔FAQ ~ ✘Reviews ✘Opinions ✘Scams

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1 – All Rights Reserved

This book is written for informational purposes only. The author has
made every effort to make sure the information is complete and
accurate. All attempts have been made to verify information at the
time of this publication and the authors do not assume any
responsibility for errors, omissions, or other interpretations of the
subject matter. The publisher and author shall have neither liability
nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or
damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this


Table Of Contents
Section 1
Why Men Don’t Express
Themselves More Clearly_________________13
Section 2
Men Don’t Have a Clue_________________21
Section 3
How Men Operate ___________________30
Section 4
What Respect Means to a Man______________35
Section 5
Are You His Mate or His Mother?_____________48
Section 6
Understanding The Male


Section 7
How to Make Him Open Up and
Talk About His Problems_________________73
Section 8
Why does conflict happen
and how to tackle it? __________________87
Section 9
What to Do When He
Withdraws from You __________________106
Section 10
Things About Men You Always Wanted
to Know But Never Understood _____________120
Final Words _____________________148


When it comes to men, do you feel like you’ve often been waiting
for your ship to come in, and then find out he was traveling by train
all along? Well, you’re not alone.
It’s long been commonly thought that just when a man thinks he
knows a woman, all he knows is he doesn’t know anything. You
constantly hear guys talking about how women are impossible to
figure out. Likewise, you often hear women group all guys together
because of the actions of a few.
If you’re reading this book, chances are that you either feel like you
may have made a mistake getting into your current relationship or
marriage, or you’re simply trying to get some insight into the male
mind. I hope it’s the latter.
Any relationship you undertake should be taken seriously.
Furthermore, it should be taken seriously by both of you! In many
relationships, women feel like they do all the “work” or that they’re
the only ones who care whether or not the two of you are able to
work through problems that may arise. I’m here to tell you that this
too is not always the case. Although sadly, this is the case the
majority of the time.
I’m here to help you to decipher the male mind, and to give you
some insight into the various types of men and how they think.
Contrary to popular belief, not “all men are alike.” Just like women,
they vary widely. Some just prove it better than others.
If you’re reading this book, then I already know a few things about
you. Does any of this sound familiar?

► You’re afraid that you’re on the cusp of losing him to some
younger, better-looking bimbo.

► You feel as if you have a ton to offer him, but that he doesn’t
take you seriously or he sees productive communication as
unneeded drama.
► You’re everything a guy describes when he says or writes what
he’s looking for in a woman, but you are worried that since you’ve
gained a few extra pounds or some other perceived “flaw,” he’ll run
for the hills at any moment.
► All you want to do is be happy with your man and die happily
ever after, but you fear that you’re the only one that feels that way.
► You cannot, for the life of you, figure out what the hell is wrong
with him…or yourself!
Well, as I said, you’re not alone. Furthermore, men go through the
same thing. I’m not saying this to make you feel better. It’s painfully
true. Ever heard the adage, “Nice guys finish last”? It didn’t come
about from thin air. It’s based on extremely common behavior.
What most of the men in the world don’t realize is that women go
through it too! Not only that, but most women won’t admit it either
(at least not out loud.)

This Program is NOT About Changing Your Man
If you are hoping that you will be able to magically change your
man overnight, you are only daydreaming. Fact: People don't
change when we want them to change. If they're going to change,
it’s because they want to change for their own needs, wants or
desire to get out of a certain pattern in life.
This program will teach you how to change yourself in a way where
it benefits both you and your man.

Soon, you’ll realize that changing yourself isn’t actually outright
change, but growth. A relationship takes two, and when you’re
committed to someone, each of you must conform and compromise
a bit. Successful relationships are about adapting to each other.
You’ll notice a marked improvement in your relationship
In order for things to improve, you have to realize that there are
things that you’ve always assumed or thought you knew, but were
just flat wrong. You will have to do things that seem to go in the
face of the person you’ve always been. You have to be open to new
ideas and concepts.
You have to go into it with an open mind; a mind that accepts
change and diversity; a mind that seeks opportunity to evolve and
realize its potential. Succumbing to change isn’t a weakness; it’s a
strength. It’s a strength that proves you’re in it for the long haul
and you truly care about your mate. He, in turn, should have the
same devotion to the goal.
You must first acknowledge that you can’t and won’t change your
man. Sure, he may evolve and grow alongside of you at the same
time, but one thing that has always driven men mad? The fact that
women get to know us, develop feelings for us, date us, and
become committed to us, only to spend the rest of their days trying
to change us!
You can’t make a man do certain things, nor can you make him
follow certain habits. All you can do is communicate your views,
wishes and desires, and hope for the best. You also can’t control the
thoughts that go through his pretty little head, regardless of how
hard you try. Like I said, you can make requests of him, but you
can’t expect him to automatically go along with those requests with
little to no changes.
It’s extremely important that you realize that if you fail to
understand what I’ve said, and will say, you run a very real risk of

falling into the category of a manipulator. And that’s most certainly
not what you will learn in this program.[J1]

What You Will Learn With This Program
You’ll learn smart, productive ways of handling various situations
with men. You’ll learn ways that will almost always get you the
result you seek. In other words, this program will reveal ways that
will inspire your man to put his best self forward around you. They
will make him want to be the man that you desire.
After going through this program and applying it, you will discover
what truly goes on in the often-misunderstood and confusing mind
of a man. You’ll find that most of his peculiar ways have good
reasons behind them. You’ll realize where you’ve mistakenly
assumed something far less meaningful within your man, and you’ll
appreciate and understand his depth to a much higher degree than
you ever thought possible. You’ll know what makes him tick.
A Subtle Warning: There are exceptions to every rule. There are
men out there who are simply genuine jerks who want to make
your life hell. There are guys out there who will be forever trapped
in their childish or stubborn ways, refusing to change. If you’re
currently stuck in a dead-end relationship with such a guy, then get
out of it now. He doesn’t deserve your devotion and hard work if he
won’t react and reply in kind. At the very least, by the time you’ve
finished reading this program, you’ll have a much better idea which
type your guy is.

Why Do I Have to Learn About Him? Why Can’t He Learn
About Me?
Men attempt to learn about you, but this doesn’t mean that you
shouldn’t try to learn about him as well. Women as a whole tend to
be more emotional and thoughtful. This often drives you insane

from over-thinking things and getting nowhere, correct? That’s
where this program comes in and saves the day. You will finally
know what he’s thinking, and more importantly, why he’s thinking it.
You will likely come to know him better than he knows himself.
Figuring your guy out will no longer be work or “drama,” but
interesting and insightful. You’ll find yourself becoming fascinated at
just what makes him tick.
You essentially have two choices:
1. Be forever confused and befuddled about men, becoming
irritated every time you witness one of his “Why does he
behave like that?!?” moments,
2. Stock your arsenal with the tools and equipment to learn
and understand him, and then start using them to your
Just try and imagine a life where you understand him so well that
you actually come out ahead. You’ll be so familiar with what’s going
on in his mind that you’ll always know how to approach him,
regardless of the reason for doing so. You’ll be able to be more
confident heading into those moments and have a better idea of
how they’ll end than ever before.
You’ll see how you have the power and the advantage over your
man. You will be astounded at the levels to which he will then start
to want to please you and keep you happy and drama-free. It will
actually give you an upper hand in the relationship.
Trust me, I know what it’s like to have frustration along with
complete and utter ignorance about how a mate thinks. It becomes
a burden that is too much to bear, and this can severely

overshadow your enjoyment with him. Not knowing how your guy
thinks leads to painful feelings. This is why I’m doing this. You
deserve to be happy and content.

What Happens When You Don’t Understand Your Man?
What happens when you simply don’t get him? Your frustration
turns to resentment. This resentment starts to contaminate the air
between the two of you, which will eventually drive him away. The
very man you’re trying to figure out and become closer to will run
for the hills when it seems you’ve turned into a crazy woman over
the slightest hiccups and bumps along the path of your journey
together. It turns your warm and happy intentions into something
that’s more comparable to contempt. It sours you.
Answer me this: How many times have you tried to pour your heart
out to your man, only to have him almost immediately get defensive
and act as if you’ve accused him of something? He then accuses
you of over-thinking, over-analyzing and/or living in the past, right?
He basically tells you to build a bridge and get over it, and then
less-than-respectfully suggests you get a grip? You don’t have to
answer. I already know the answer is a resounding “Yes!”
That resentment I spoke previously is the result of having “built that
bridge” long ago and crossing it countless times, only to realize that
every time you got across, you’ve never left! You’re trapped in an
endless loop caused by your buildup of negative feelings. The
longer you go without understanding, the more tiring the mere
thought of crossing that bridge becomes. You start to develop a
“why bother?” attitude whether you realize it or not.
You’ve officially developed a state of mind called Negative Emotion
Overload. No, it’s not a personified version of a computer virus. It’s
when your buildup of anger, frustration and pain in dealing with
your man starts to override any and all pleasant thoughts about

Think of your brain and emotions as a computer’s hard drive. As you
surf the World Wide Web that is your “happy place” and come up
with more and more with pages and pages of irrelevant results,
your hard drive begins to fill up. Eventually, the pleasant thoughts
are overidden with disdain and heartache, and your positive outlook
becomes replaced with negative emotions and thoughts. Like a hard
drive, recovering that replaced “happy data” can be done, but it
takes work. You’ve taken the first step.
Once this occurs, you lash out for what seems to be no reason. You
become the one who has the problem. Alternatively, you may put
up an emotional road block, no longer letting him in. You may find
yourself becoming mentally unbalanced. You become extremely
emotionally distant. And you lose him in the process.

Why Did This Happen?
There’s a very common misconception that the way one shows and
proves their love for another is the way that everyone should show
and prove it. In other words, they expect that the way they
themselves, show love is the “normal” way. This is where everyone
misses one of the main points: Men and women are different! This
makes neither right nor wrong – just different.
Just as you may regard the way your guy shows his love for you as
lacking or odd, he may well think the same thing of your way. You
simply have to embrace the fact that you’re two different people
that react and behave differently. It’s what the two of you choose to
do with those differences that matters.
If you hope to make your relationship work, you need to
acknowledge and accept these differences for what they are.
I’m sure you’ve noticed the fact that anytime you’re in a relationship
after a few months or years, the magic or newness wears off. No
longer is he as patient, loving or understanding as he once was. You
may not realize it, but you usually aren’t either, at least not like in

the beginning of your relationship.
Why is this? It’s simple, really: You become familiar with each other.
While we all wish that this new, breathtaking feeling could last a
lifetime, men and women both begin to expect certain behavior
from the one another. When they don’t get what they expect, they
begin to see it as an annoyance, even if just a small one. We expect
someone to act in the the way that we deem normal.
In a relationship’s beginnings, we’re all “guilty” of being
exceptionally polite, patient and more easygoing than usual. We do
this as a way to get to know each other and accept their differences
and quirks. Over time, we give more focus to these differences and
quirks, and some of us seize on them. Others accept them for who
they are and build from it. It is those that do the latter that succeed
more often.


Section: 1
Why Men Don’t Express Themselves More Clearly

Since the beginning of organized cultures many, many moons ago,
men were leaders, organizers, providers, warriors, hunters and
fathers. From the start, men have had a certain level of
expectations waged at them. Because of these expectations, any
perceived weakness in a man could be detrimental. This basically
sealed away the average man’s emotions.
When you try to get to those emotions, most men instinctively keep
their “weaker” emotions tucked away behind their proverbial shields
and swords. Sure, blaming this on our ancestors may seem like a
cop-out, but it makes it no less true.
For many generations, men were raised with different standards.
Some were raised to show more mental strength and emotional
stability, while others were raised with the lion’s share of the focus
on being a provider. And others were raised to never trust a woman
or anyone else for that matter. Each man has had his own set of
rules and expectations taught to him through generations of men.
Think of it this way, for example: Let’s say there was a tale of an
almighty conqueror of armies of men. His legacy was shared for
eons and included brave deeds such as leading 200 men into battles
against 20,000. His reputation for facing adversity head-on and with
his head held high regardless of his chances of success is what
made him the man that all sought to become.


Now, imagine that secret writings surfaced that shed light on the
fact that this mighty and brave warrior absolutely and unwaveringly
feared spiders. Imagine documented stories that proved that he
would often fall into a quivering mass of tears and shrieks at the
mere site of one. Would that tarnish his image? You bet it would.
Well, men will take some emotions (such as sadness, fear, etc) and
see them as weaknesses, treating every last one of them as
possible threats to his honor and legacy. Some would rather risk
being seen as an uncaring and unfeeling brute than a sensitive,
thoughtful, less “manly” man.
Besides upbringing, society is often to blame as well. An emotional
man is seen as less stable and less dependable. He’s seen as
someone who may crack under pressure and severely lack as a
provider or protector.
Take it from a man: Men hurt. Men can crumble inside and face the
greatest adversities with fear and dread, but if he dares to show it
on the outside, he risks his reputation and his standing in the
community or society as a whole. Rather than risk this, many men
simply try to block things out and shut their emotions down.
Back to upbringing for a moment: What happens when a little girl
cries? Hearts break and people rush to their aid, scooping them up
to cuddle and reassure them. What happens when a little boy cries?
More often than you realize, they’re told to grow up, man up, or
walk it off.
From a very early age, our emotions are stifled. Can you see how
this may create some adverse and relationship-affecting traits?
We’re taught time and time again to be emotional, but to most
certainly not show it too often. Rather than try and blur the line
between normal and “too often,” many men will simply err on the
side of caution and not show any emotions at all.


Now, imagine you and your guy just had a particularly heated
argument. You both said things in the heat of the moment that you
didn’t mean, and the argument finally reach a moment where he
just walks off. What usually happens once the anger subsides?
I’ll answer that for you: The guy usually tries to act as if nothing
much has happened and goes on to work or about his business or
pleasure. It’s either that or he stays angry longer. Now, what do
women generally do? Women usually want to pull their hair out,
have a damn good cry, and possibly even contact close friends or
family for a support system.
Conflict generally weighs more on women and sticks with them
longer. Does this make them weak? Hell no! Not one iota. But try to
imagine a man doing that.
“Bob? Michelle and I just had a big fight, man. Can I come over and
cry on your couch?”
What was your first reaction reading that? You likely rolled your
eyes. You most likely thought, “Oh, geez. Get a grip, dude!” Right?
Well, welcome to the everyday life of a man.
While the above scenario is purposefully blown out of proportion,
you can see my point. If the roles were the same after a heated
discussion, you’d probably see him as a wuss. Women claim that
they want a man who isn’t afraid to show emotion, but many often
shudder when they see them.
The key is a delicate balance of emotional strength and real,
human, honest-to-goodness release. But, when? Where? How? How
much? Herein lies the problem men face every single day.
This is why many men don’t just relax and share every facet of
themselves. When they do, they risk overdoing it and being seen as


Contrary to Popular Belief – Men Do Have Emotions
Many believe men are emotionless, unfeeling beings. This simply
isn’t the case. Men can feel and experience just as much fear and
uneasiness as any woman. They can feel heart-wrenching loneliness
just as often. The difference is that we aren’t raised to show it as
openly. Doing so sends us back to the days of our childhood and
running to a parent to doctor us.
Furthermore, more often than not we’re geared to be the ones
doing the comforting, not the ones needing to be comforted.
Generations of men have been raised and wired this way. We simply
can’t help it.
There are absolutely exceptions, but the problem lies in trying to be
one of the exceptions without being judged or seen as less of a
man. It feels like a can’t-win situation, regardless of which we
choose. Do we become the man you deserve and long for or do we
do what’s expected of us by the majority? The answer isn’t as cutand-dry as you think. It sounds as if this makes you “just another
pretty face in the crowd,” but I can assure you that this isn’t the
For the most part, women tend to be far more in tune with the
emotions of those around them. You can usually tell when someone
is hurting, angry or otherwise not themselves. Most men, on the
other hand, are likely notice it, and tune it out rather than face it.
What usually happens when there’s a problem? At the very least,
you take some time to gather your thoughts and create some
semblance of coherent thought. You then usually want to sit down
as adults and discuss everything in a calm and collected manner.
What does he usually say? “Not now, honey,” and gives some
excuse as to why he can’t.
Men generally feel that if they avoid dealing with or discussing a
problem, it will just die down or go away with time. In other words,

they feel the exact opposite way that women do! Being a man
myself, it can drive me just insane to see such behavior, but I, like
you, have to realize that I’m in the minority. It also doesn’t help
ease the frustration one bit. But stick with me here.

Open Women vs. Internalized Men
Whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, if a woman is feeling an
emotion, she’s more likely to show it than a man.
Let me give you another example.
Let’s say a woman worked hard for a company and thought that, at
long last, she was going to be recognized for it and rewarded with a
promotion to the new executive slot that just opened up. The pay is
twice her current salary and she feels that she darn well earned it.
She towers over and above the qualifications that the position
requires, and her results far exceed those of her coworkers.
Now, imagine that woman not only didn’t get that promotion, but
was she laid off too. The job was given to someone from the
outside, and the years she devoted to the company seem to have
meant nothing. What do you think her reaction and behavior would
be? Half devastated and half livid, most likely.
Now, imagine a man in the same situation. What would his reaction
and behavior be? Probably exactly the same as the woman. The
man and woman would likely take it the same way, except one for
one difference: the way in which each of them moved on from
The first thing they’d each do is drive the seemingly never-ending
trip home. Their minds would be numb and racing with thoughts of
panic at the same time. When they get home, however, the
difference would then become clearer.


The woman would normally get home and immediately tell her
mate, or call a dear friend or relative to seek emotional support.
She’d vent her anger and release her sorrow onto the willing
shoulder of someone who cared.
On the other hand, a man is more likely to get home, grab a drink
and act as if everything is normal. He’s more likely to try and
actually hide the fact from his wife, girlfriend or roommates. He
won’t seek out that moral support, and he will try to deal with it in
his own little way in his own time.
In his eyes, however inaccurate it may be, he, feels like he failed as
a man, and furthermore, a human being for not only losing the
promotion, but his job To seek the same emotional support from
those caring individuals around him would be openly admitting to
himself and the world that he is – gasp – human! Most men would
rather die (figuratively, of course) than admit this.
On the same token, as with the child scenarios earlier, most people
are far more comfortable with trying to console and nurture a
woman, while many feel too awkward and helpless when trying to
lift the spirits of a man. Should they hug him? Should they simply
stay quiet and let him get it out? Most don’t know, and sadly, the
men themselves don’t normally know either.

Men Don’t Want to Appear Vulnerable Or Weak
Men just downright wait until they don’t have any choice but to
seek support or help before they will look for it. By this time, it’s
usually a lot more difficult to help him. He’s gone so far downhill in
his emotional tailspin that he doesn’t have a clue where to start.
Furthermore, while he’s in this state, what may have worked to help
him in the early stages of his dilemma may not be as effective now,
if at all.
Men just do not want to appear weak, so they shut down almost
completely a lot of the time.

How Men Express Their Emotions
If you have a pulse, you know that we humans have four basic
emotions: joy, anger, despair and fear. What separates the sexes is
how these emotions are shown.
For the average man, it’s only socially acceptable for him to show
two of the emotions: joy and anger. Despair is seen as a weakness,
and fear isn’t even in his vocabulary, at least not outwardly. Almost
anything outside of happiness and anger are considered less
masculine or even feminine traits.
While they are extremely common for all of us to feel, sadness and
fear are deemed acceptable behavior by women, but when a man
shows signs of these two emotions, he’s seen as weaker than his
more stable male counterparts.
Because of this, most men will decide consciously or subconsciously
to show their emotions in a nonverbal way. A frightened or worried
man will likely get extremely quiet. He’s most likely trying to calm
himself or rationalize what’s going on. He’s trying to come to grips
with the situation and find a way to resolve it.
On the other hand, when it comes to sadness, the male role in
society is usually that of the protector and comforter. For example,
at a funeral it is usually the man who is consoling the mourning
relatives and friends.
The men the pallbearers and funeral directors. They are the ones
trying to take control of the situation and keeping emotions in check
for both themselves and others.
So if your man suddenly gets very quiet or changes between harsh
and mellow emotions, he’s sending you a message. He’s just doing
it in a nonverbal way.

Right about now, your likely asking, “Well, then how the heck do I
know what he’s feeling if he won’t talk about it or express it more
Well, to that, all I can say is keep reading!

Points to Remember:
► Since the beginning of time, men have been bred to “man up”
and take charge.
► Most men would rather be seen as uncaring and thoughtless
than weak and vulnerable.
► Men will more often err on the side of not showing any emotion,
rather than risk showing them too often.
► When dealing with a problem in a relationship, most men will
normally shut down or act as if nothing is wrong. They think time
will fix the problem.
► Women are more apt to outwardly show their emotions, while
men will usually internalize them.

► When a man does ask for help, it’s likely that he has needed it
long before now, but didn’t want to admit it. He simply didn’t want
to appear weak.
► Men are less likely to use words to show their emotions. Rather,
they tend to use nonverbal means.


Section: 2
Men Don’t Have a Clue

How many times have you felt a certain way or wanted to reach a
certain goal, only to realize your guy doesn’t have an inkling of an
idea about what you’re trying to say, imply, or accomplish when you
attempt to talk with him about it?
Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between sheer stupidity, utter
lack of caring, and just the fact that he’s a guy. Some would argue
that it’s a mixture of all three. But that would be making a blanket
statement about all men which is precisely what we’re trying to
change here.
What may be extremely important to you may be less than trivial to
him, and vice versa. How many times have you heard the words
“I’m not a mind-reader! You have to tell me!”
Sadly, this makes us seem like the thickest, most out of touch
beings on the planet, but it’s simply because we think differently.
Again, there are many types of men, and some notice and care
more than others. But if you had the kind that understood
everything, you probably wouldn’t be reading this, would you?
True, there are men out there who simply don’t care and are only
out for themselves, but the majority of guys really do care,. They
just aren’t real adept at showing it.
Guys do things all of the time that they don’t even realize they’re
doing. Many times they can’t see how their words hurt, and it

seems as though they aren’t acknowledging your feelings.
The issue here isn’t always the man, though. What is obvious to
one person isn’t necessarily going to be to another person. The
issue can be either how it’s being conveyed or how the other is
responding to it, or not responding to it.
There may be times where he sees you as just as clueless as you
think he is. That’s the difference between men and women rearing
its ugly head. Men and women tend to convey feelings and
thoughts in different ways, and one always thinks the other’s way is
For example, men tend to explain every detail as if you’re clueless
about everything. On the other hand, women, tend to give men the
benefit of the doubt and simply imply some things, assuming he
knows the rest. She won’t outright say everything, just some things.
Can you see how this might puzzle a guy?
Just because something is obvious to you, doesn’t mean it will be
clear to him. You also may be expecting him to understand
something that men as a whole may not be as familiar with. It
doesn’t make him stupid or uncaring, just uninformed.
Let’s try another scenario here. Let’s say that you had a particularly
bad day at work. You come home and really want to talk about it
with him. All you want him to do is listen and pay attention. The
problem is that he won’t take you seriously, and won’t turn the TV
off or get off of the computer. And all this only makes you feel more
frustrated neglected.
Relationships become more tense the less we are to able make our
significant others understand our plights. It’s a human trait to want
others to understand each and every detail of a tough situation.
If your man seems to not care enough to give you his undivided
attention, the tension rises even more. If he is paying attention but

isn’t comprehending or feeling the way you want the situation to
make him feel, more tension builds. Your first reaction is likely to rip
him a new one or simply judge him or his actions internally.
Here’s the thing, though: You can make him not only listen but
understand as well. A common mistake women make is to
immediately assume the worst case scenario with him/ They don’t
give him the benefit of that doubt. This happens many times a day
in many relationships.

Assuming the Worst
Let me use another example:
Let’s say you asked him to pick something up for you while he was
out shopping. He agrees, but then comes home without it. Almost
immediately, you’ll probably assume he’s selfish or just didn’t care
enough. The fact is, his mind was likely elsewhere, either when he
agreed to grab it for you or once he got there. Maybe he’s having
an issue at work. Maybe he’s worried about something in his life.
Maybe he’s just plain forgetful. You do more harm than good by
always assuming the worst or that he’s careless.
Never, ever make automatic negative assumptions about your guy.
More times than not, you’ll assume incorrectly. You’ll likely read far
more into it than is reality.
While he’ll be wondering why you’ve made such a big deal out of it,
you’ll be wondering why he thinks it’s nothing whatsoever. See how
different the two sexes are? It’s rarely the case that he simply
doesn’t care. It’s almost always something else on his mind. It
doesn’t make your situation any less important; it’s just that his
issues are at the forefront at the moment.
If you jump to this negative conclusion, he’ll sense that negativity,
and he’ll deem all of your attempts at making him understand you

to be a waste of time. Once you reach that point, he’ll be less likely
to even want to understand your situation.
Men think like men. There are some things a man simply will not
understand simply because of the fact that he is a man. Again, this
doesn’t mean he’s stupid, just uninformed.
When I say men can be clueless, I’m not exaggerating. But he may
not necessarily be the problem here.

Unrealistic Expectations
A trait among many women is compounding the issue between the
sexes. Women often have unrealistic expectations of their man.
Women will meet a man, begin to like him, start dating him, fall in
love with him, perhaps even marry him, and then attempt to
change that very same man into another man altogether.
Women rarely realize they’re doing it. It’s unrealistic to get to this
point with a man and then expect him to change into someone else,
especially since he has been this way from the start. So often,
women try to begin molding their man into someone he simply isn’t.
This is not only unrealistic, but it’s unfair to the man.
Women have the vision of their leading man dancing around in their
pretty little heads from an early age. Obviously, this image changes
over time and with different life experiences, but all women have an
image of the “perfect man.”
You create this dream guy through your past dealings with men: the
good times as well as painful times with men, and the men you
were raised around. Furthermore, the guy you long for contains all
of the things past men have lacked, and none of the things the men
in your life have driven you insane with. He is the perfect man in
your eyes. Oh, and one more thing: He doesn’t exist!


No man, or human for that matter, is perfect. You’re setting your
man up for failure by giving him standards to live up to that can’t be
reasonably achieved, at least not by one person. Not only does this
put a ton of pressure on the guy, but it furthers your
disappointment and frustration when he falls short of the dream
Another example: You recently got out of a relationship with a guy.
That relationship was filled with amazing times, but also painful
times. The main problem was that you never felt truly loved or
appreciated by him. As a result, you then expect your current guy to
make up for what the last guy lacked. You want him to be full of
outpouring love nearly 24/7. This just isn’t realistic or fair. Not only
that, but when there are men out there who seem to fawn over
women, they’re seen as lacking confidence or that they’re “trying
too hard.”
While you don’t necessarily consciously expect these things in your
guy, your subconscious shoots these expectations to the forefront,
frustrating both of you in the process.
Because of this, the frustration heightens within you as you witness
the relationship withstand normal, everyday hiccups that everyone
goes through. Your mind blows them out of proportion at times and
makes things worse than they actually are. Relationships never,
ever go 100% smoothly. Not even the most successful relationship
made up of two relationship gurus is going to go smoothly for
eternity. But, it can go smoother than average.
It’s vitally important to realize that no two people have the same
moods at the same time, which can cause some friction in a
relationship. If you’re feeling particularly intimate and he’s not, or
he wakes up feeling frisky and intimacy is the furthest thing from
your mind at the moment. There’s another possible source for
friction. If there are days where he looks at you like you hung the
moon with a wanting look in his eye, and then other days where it
seems he barely acknowledges your presence, this will cause


There can and will be times when you’re not both feeling
affectionate. It’s important to realize this. It doesn’t make you
unattractive or unappealing. It just means the mood isn’t there at
the moment. It’s as simple as that.
And then you have specific needs in the relationship that you want
him to fulfill that he doesn’t. You feel like he should attempt to fulfill
these needs at all times with little or no words from you. He should
just know. Answer the door. It’s disappointment.
A man cannot and will not ever read your mind. He can and will
acclimate to your ways of thinking and slowly learn your desires,
but he will never reach a point where he, beyond all doubts, knows
just what and when to do or say the perfect thing. Not gonna
happen! Trust me. Men wish they could read your minds. It would
take a heck of a lot of pressure and fears of rejection away if we
A majority of the pain and struggling through the ups and downs of
a relationship are because of these unrealistic expectations. It’s vital
to recognize and acknowledge this in the beginning.

An Important Lesson
Don’t let those high expectations cause you to jump to those
conclusions that will sour the relationship. They will indeed sour it
because you have a negative perception of the your man and the
relationship as a whole. In this state of mind, you will see things as
much worse than they actually are and you will make bad decisions.
Not only that, but you will likely have rushed into making these bad
decisions as well.
Believe it or not, having these unrealistic expectations is a form of
abuse. What you’re expecting from him without having divulged to
him what the heck it is, is asking someone to bend to your will
without question. That is seen as controlling, which is a form of
emotional abuse. He will feel like he has no voice or any say at all in

the relationship.
Never assume. You have to communicate. Not only do you have to
talk about everything, but you then need to ensure that he
understood everything afterward. No, I don’t mean a pop quiz. I
mean be sure that you’ve said all that you wanted to say, and then
ask if he has any concerns, thoughts or questions.
It’s also vital that you don’t act as if it was a test either. If you went
from topic to topic with little downtime in between, you may have
overwhelmed him. He may have been trying to comprehend what
you just said or preparing questions when you moved on to the
next topic.
Remember, this is a discussion, not a list of do’s and don’ts.
Discussions require two people. Allow him to take in all that you’ve
said and to come up with possible areas that he needs you to
elaborate on. Be sure that he realizes that his questions show
interest, and won’t be seen as not having paid attention. Let him
know they’re welcomed with open arms.
Use empathy at all times during this delicate learning process. The
first step was finding a good time to communicate with him, and
then doing it. Continuously put yourself in his shoes, and adjust
your approach and methods accordingly.
You also can’t expect your man to be your solution. All you can do is
convey your thoughts, wants and hopes. You want to absolutely
avoid making them sound like must-haves or an ultimatum. Giving
that impression will do little more than set him up for failure and
you for disappointment.
Stay calm throughout the conversation, and be sure to allow him to
“interrupt” with requests for clarification or to throw an opinion in.
It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or isn’t listening. It’s quite the
contrary, actually. It means he is listening and wants to make sure
he understands you. See him as making progress, not as a slowminded, thick-skulled guy trying to take over the conversation.

Now, it’s also extremely important that you understand that no
matter how hard you or he tries, he can’t and won’t fulfill every last
one of those desires. Expecting that is like expecting to win the
lottery without buying a ticket. It’s a no-win situation where he is
destined for failure. What matters is the degree he in which he tries
to fulfill them.
Through every bit of the frustration and tension between the two of
you, just remember that you love each other. Remember what made
you fall for him in the first place and don’t let go of that!

He Usually Says What He Means
This next bit of advice will be easier said than done: Don’t overanalyze what a man says. When a man says something to you, 9
times out of 10, he’s saying exactly what he means. Men use less
analogies and symbolism when they’re trying to convey their
thoughts. Do yourself a favor and don’t assume he means
something far deeper when he says something. While men are
capable of deep thought, they don’t normally go that route when
trying to explain something.
When you try to figure out what he’s trying to say, even though he’s
already saying it clear as day, you put unneeded stress on yourself
as well as him. If you think he’s hiding something and trying to beat
around the bush about it, you’re doing him a disservice and
showing a lack of trust. Often, he’ll be “in trouble” with you based
on mere suspicion, when in reality he hasn’t done anything wrong.
The tone of his voice, the look on his face, what he’s doing with his
hands—Ignore all of it! Simply listen to what he’s saying. Doing
anything different is essentially ignoring him and making things
much more difficult than they need to be.
This is one situation where the path of least resistance is actually
the best choice. Fighting for what you want isn’t always the best

way of going about getting it.

Points to Remember:
► Men can’t read minds. Say what you mean in a clear manner.
Imply nothing.
► Never assume what your man’s words or actions mean. Ask him
► Be realistic in your expectations of him. Give him time to act on
them after he knows them.
► Don’t expect him to be able to fulfill every hope and expectation
you have.


Section: 3
How Men Operate

Okay, so now we’ve established that men don’t actively try to get on
your nerves or make your life a tangled web of chaos, confusion,
and frustration. It’s all because of their basic make-up. They’re
wired differently, and no matter how frustrating this fact is, it
remains true. The same comes back on women, so don’t think I
don’t understand your plight too.
The bottom line is they aren’t usually aware that they’re driving you
up a wall. No man takes pride in creating pain and frustration, at
least not the ones worth your time.
All of this is why understanding him and moving forward is so
critically important.
As I said earlier, guys are taught from an early age to “stay tough”
and turn the other cheek in the face of adversity.
Guys are typically portrayed in society and the media as the one
that brings home the bacon, puts food on the table, makes sure the
bills are paid, as well as a whole host of other “manly
responsibilities.” Not only is this somewhat intimidating and
daunting for a guy, it’s also a somewhat dated way of thinking. For
instance, there are very, very few households where only the man
works nowadays. It’s simply not usually an option anymore.
More and more women are earning a lion’s share of the money as
well. Not only does the “old way” of thinking fail to give you ladies
enough credit, it becomes additional weight on the man’s shoulders.
Even if he knows that the household can’t get by on his paycheck

alone, it doesn’t make him feel any better. Yes, he’s putting the
pressure on himself, but that is how he’s bred. It’s been
programmed into him since his inception.
Let’s say a woman makes more money than the man in a family,
and you get yet another societal norm thrown in his face. He’s
automatically seen as less of a man in the majority of society’s eyes.
This weighs on him. Even if he says it doesn’t, it really does. And
even if it doesn’t bother you one iota, it still bothers him. It’s not a
competition or “women aren’t worthy of equal pay” thing. It’s simply
pride, plain and simple.
Now, I don’t mean to imply that it bothers him that you make more
money than him. It bothers him that he will automatically be judged
as a result of it. This is another outside factor that can affect a man
and by proxy, the relationship and levels of tension therein.
Another factor affecting how men behave is the way in which a man
witnessed his parents communication and how they dealt with
things when he was growing up. As a man, he subconsciously pays
more attention to the ways of his father when gauging how men
behave toward and communicate with women.
Let’s say his father was extremely quiet and reserved around his
mother. He seemed to do nothing but go to work, come home, sit
and watch television, and then go to bed. Hardly a word was ever
said between them.
Now, imagine his dad often berating his mother and asking where
she put something of his as he got ready for work. Imagine that he
came down for breakfast every morning and complained about what
was on his plate and how poorly it was prepared. Then he’d come
home from a bad day of work and take it out on his mother for the
rest of the night. He’d then shut down and go off grumbling and
muttering to himself as he went off to bed.
How do you think this would affect your guy and his growing,
learning mind at the time? He’d start life out with a skewed image

of how couples correspond and communicate. When someone
learns something from a very young age, this is their idea of normal
until they witness something different, even if that idea of normal is
extremely abnormal to the rest of us.
It can understandably make your task of understanding him quite
daunting, but at the same time, it can exponentially explain a lot of
his ways. This will give you much relief. You’ll finally at least know
why he says and does some of the things he does.
The way in which his father dealt with conflict influenced your man,
Flying off the handle at the slightest thing may well have been
cemented that into him. A father who rarely talked would gear your
man for a life of keeping things inside instead of expressing them.
Having a father who never cried, never said “I love you,” or
otherwise expressed affection will have a direct effect on how your
man expresses his emotions.
The words “I love you” will often seem like enough to this man.
Alternatively, actions that show his love instead of words may be his
“normal.” He may walk off to be by himself far more often than
most men you’re used to.
Fathers like the ones described above tend to use what’s called
tough love in raising their little men. They teach them to “suck it
up” and move on, never let a woman see you cry, never let
someone disrespect you, etc. All of this would become part of his
very being and be quite difficult to change. But it’s not impossible.
You just have to see your guy as worth it.

This is why men in society have these habits:
► They never show weakness, even when they’re hurting.
► They must always be in control.
► They must dominate or lead.

► They must remain self-sufficient and independent.
► They must be strong and be brave.
► They must be the provider and protector of loved ones.
Of course you’re going to be confused by your guy’s actions, inactions, behavior and words. You long for him to open up and feel
comfortable expressing his emotions and feelings to you. But
because he is a man, he sees these as signs of weakness. More
often than not, he’s oblivious to these views. They’re just engrained
into him. This is why he seems to get defensive when you ask him
to “let you in” and open himself up further.
Let’s say something’s bothering him. Logic and experience tells us
that opening up and talking about it helps alleviate the hurt. Yet he
remains quiet and seemingly cold as ice to the thought. However
beneficial opening up and communicating about the problem will be
in solving the problem, the sad fact remains that it will likely make
him feel too vulnerable and weak. So here we are, back at the
conundrum: The man locking things inside while you try to help
with zero assistance from him.
The result will usually include thoughts akin to, “ Well, if he doesn’t
want help, he can’t be helped.” He does want help, though. That’s
just it. He just has no idea how to go about getting it. He normally
wouldn’t be caught dead asking for it.
See the problem here? No wonder men and women have such
difficulty trying to figure each other out!
Men want women to just accept them as they are and deal with it,
while women want men to be the polar opposite of the way he’s
wired to be.
What’s the big deal, right? Why can’t he just stop worrying about
what society thinks, open up and be productive! Society isn’t sitting
there trying to help him – you are! Well, that’s where his engrained
upbringing and wiring complicates things yet again. Whether the

outside world sees, hears or otherwise witnesses his “weakness” or
not, it will be his perception of himself that stops the progress cold.
As I said, men do want to open up and become closer to you. They
do want to connect with you emotionally and strengthen their
relationship with you. It’s just not that easy for us. What seems like
a simple case of “just doing it” to you, is a major internal struggle
for us. It almost always comes back to how men were raised and
the culture we live in. We’re damned if we do and damned if we
Keep reading and you’ll learn how to tear down these confounded
walls and get him to effectively communicate and garner the results
you’re dying to achieve.

Points to Remember:
► Men don’t actively try to get on your nerves.
► Men normally watch and mirror their father’s behavior from an
early age.
► Men are taught to lead, protect and provide from a very early
► Men want to open up and communicate, but fear their self-worth
will suffer.


Section: 4
What Respect Means to a Man

To a man, respect is more desirable than love. Respect is what a
man will hold onto the longest in his life and be the least willing to
let go.
The absolute fastest way to have a man turn cold as ice toward you
or avoid interaction with you at all is to disrespect him.
The main thing to remember here is that if you want him to treat
you like royalty, then you’ll have to give him that same treatment.
Most people’s mantra is “treat others as you want them to treat
you” with varying degrees of compromise. But with a man, this is
not a gray area at all.
The fact is, if you’re ever going to get love and affection from your
man, you’re going to have to respect him at all times. Alternatively,
the less respect you give him, the less he’ll give to you. Love,
communication, affection, willingness to work through conflict—
these will be pipe dreams from that time forward.
Women will open up their hearts more to a man that loves and
appreciates her. A man that takes the time to notice the little things
and goes above and beyond to show his affection for her, to
communicate with her, cuddle with her, and make her feel like a
beautiful woman—he will satisfy her to the hilt.
The way to satisfy a man to no end is to give him the utmost
respect. A man constantly gauges his standing in society and in
relationships, whether he realizes it or not. In his relationship, which

is the last personal frontier, this is especially true. If a man doesn’t
feel respected in his relationship with you, he won’t be there long.
Even if he is, he won’t be truly happy.
A perfect example of a vicious cycle is this: A woman who feels no
love from her man feels disrespected and meaningless. On the
other hand , a man who feels that his woman doesn’t respect him
will feel unloved. See how that works?
The majority of the time, women put love first, while men put
respect first.A man needs that respect to feel desired. To him, that’s
a sign that you love him.
Here’s the thing about respect, though. Women believe that respect
has to be earned rather than having a clean slate from the start.
Men tend to be the opposite. They begin a relationship with a full
arsenal of trust and respect that she can only take way from or
keep at the full mark.
This is likely due to the fact that women tend to hold onto contempt
for past lovers and carry those past lovers’ faults as expectations for
almost every man after him.
This is why you hear terms like “typical guy” so often. Women tend
to group all men together when one or more has hurt or betrayed
her in the past. If one or more guys has done something in the past
and a new guy starts even showing hints of the same behavior(s),
her mind subconsciously jumps right to the conclusion that this
current guy is headed down the same road.
The most common method of a man’s operation is that believing
that the past woman who hurt, betrayed or disrespected him was a
woman with issues. Even when there is a specific negative pattern
in the behaviors of women in your man’s past life, he still tries to
see each new woman as a step up from the last.
This isn’t to say that he won’t become defensive in some instances,

or that he won’t blow some other situation out of proportion due to
his dealings in the past. But the frequency tends to be far less, and
he becomes defensive far less consciously.
Here’s the sad reality: Even if the reason you’re disrespecting your
man is justified, you’re still damaging the relationship’s future
exponentially by taking the disrespectful route.
You’re probably thinking, “But there’s times when I just can’t be
respectful when I need to express _________!” (Fill in the blank) If
this is the case, welcome to the hypocritical side of the tracks.
What do I mean? Well, it all goes back to treating others as you
want to be treated. Don’t gauge whether or not a man deserves
respect; just give it to him. This is how you would want him to treat
you. Don’t think for a minute that I regard this is an easy task. I
know darn well there are times where you want to just slap him to
sleep, but you have to resist the urge and take the high road! Ever
heard the adage, “kill ‘em with kindness”? Well, replace kindness
with respect and you’ve got the message I’m trying to convey here.
Why is this important? Because relationships that turn into
determining a winner in each and every argument or heated
discussion, is not a relationship at all. It’s a competition.
Zero good will come out of conflict if all the two of you are doing is
seeing who can give the harshest emotional blow to the other. It
solves nothing and does little more than make you feel superior for
a few moments. In reality, however, you took the low road, and you
have absolutely nothing whatsoever to be proud of. Obviously the
same thing goes if he chose that route.

Showing That Respect
Here’s something you probably never thought of, but rather than

show respect for your guy’s behaviors or actions, try more to show
respect to the man himself. Try to see what characteristics about
your guy lead him to do what you’re praising him for rather than
what it is he actually did.
What do I mean? Let’s use another example. Let’s say he helped
you cook a huge meal, serve it, clear off the table afterwards and
do the dishes down to the last spoon. The two of you worked sideby-side the entire time. Your first instinct is to thank him immensely
for doing all the he did and praising him for all the actions he took
to help you.
You might say something like, “Thank you so much for helping me
make this huge meal for our guests, and for helping clean up
afterward.” That is praising his actions. It’s also how most people
would go about thanking someone. The difference in the approach
comes when you praise what it is about him as a person that you’re
thankful for instead.
In other words, you’d change what you said to something more
along the lines of, “You don’t know how much I appreciate how
much you take into consideration the workload I sometimes have
when we’re entertaining guests. You were extremely selfless and
chose to help me rather than try and get in on the guy talk. I love
that about you. You genuinely care and I consider you a blessing in
my life.” See the difference? You praised him as a man rather than
as a helper.
The bottom line is, make him see how you appreciate him as your
man, not just any man.
Is it coddling a delicate ego? Perhaps. Does it help in a relationship
to do this kind of thing? Absolutely. As long as you aren’t doing it in
a condescending way, it will make him proud to have been the man
you desired. Above all, he will begin to seek out ways to make you
feel this way again! BINGO!
So, what should you do when you know that your man is absolutely

and unequivocally wrong? I can tell you what not to do: Don’t tell
him how wrong he is and that he needs to get a clue. Instead, you
should respect and acknowledge his behavior, and then calmly give
your opinion.
Acknowledging his view is not the same as agreeing with him.
You’re also not suggesting that he’s right and you’re wrong. Two
people can disagree without making one of the parties seem like an
idiot. All it simply means is that you understand and respect that
he’s had different personal experiences.
Instead of making him earn your respect, be respectful. Then watch
as he becomes the man you dream of.

So How Do I Show Him This Respect?
Here’s a list of ways to make him feel respected:
1- Show Faith and Give Him The Gift Of Trust.
Showing a man that you truly believe in his judgment, decisions and
abilities as a man is like turbo-charging his inner self. Nothing
makes a man feel more like a man than being with a woman who
trusts his abilities and places faith in him. Because men are
primarily bred to lead, be strong, and provide and protect, when
you trust his judgment it shows that you are completely willing to
let him have that desired role in the relationship. This takes a ton of
pressure off of a guy. You’re helping fuel a need in a man’s life that
he can’t always find.
Now, it would be insane to expect you to always agree with his
decisions, but there are times and places for discussing those you
disagree with. I know some things a guy comes up with may seem
crazy, but for now, focus on listening and letting him share it. The
more you allow him to share, the more willing he will be to continue
sharing openly throughout the relationship, which is something

many women want in a man.
When the time does feel right to discuss the fact that you possibly
feel he needs to rethink something, the key is to do it in a gentle
way. There’s not much worse than making him feel like an idiot for a
decision or decisions he made. The best way to gauge this is by
putting yourself in his shoes. How would you want him to put things
if he wanted to convey them to you?
Many don’t think of this before diving right in and giving their
opinion. Contrary to popular belief, words can be hurtful, even to a
guy. Not only that, but telling him in a less-than-sensitive way that
he made a stupid judgment call is hardly going to benefit either of
you. It will likely create more emotional distance and cause him to
start questioning whether or not he should even bother opening his
mouth or make anymore decisions.
You should never take it lightly when a man needs you to trust his
decisions. Often, when a woman starts thinking she can do a better
job with her own decision-making abilities, she tends to tune out or
disrespect her boyfriend's or husband’s decisions, and she ends up
all but ignoring them. This can have somewhat adverse affects on
his male psyche and ego.
Yes I admit, women usually are better at making logical and
multifaceted decisions in a relationship and they are often right, but
this doesn’t mean that you should challenge his decisions or
discount them and force your own onto him. A woman’s mind has
subtle differences that make her better at multitasking, for instance.
You have to let him learn for himself and make his own mistakes.
Try and respect his decisions and let them ride if no severe
consequences will come about as a result. It’s important to never
say "See, I told you." Even if you choose to let his decision blow up
in his face, don’t use non-verbal cues to give any indication that you
expected the failing results.
Also, it’s better to have a man who made less-than-perfect decisions
than a guy who never even bothers trying to make them at all.

Respect his decisions enough to avoid bringing up how wrong he
was about something in the past each time a similar decision has to
be made. Treat his decisions with proper consideration, or at least
show a good level of respect, especially when they turn out to be
wrong and you really want to let him know how wrong he is again.
I know it’s confusing to make a man feel looked up to and treat him
as a protector and provider, only to turn right around and often be
worried about his seemingly fragile ego too. But you have to
remember: Men are human too. They do make mistakes.
2- Respect His Reputation.
Don’t go around bad-mouthing him when he’s not around. You
never know who will hear you and you may not be thinking
completely through about whom you’re saying it to.
Women often talk smack about their men or men in general, even in
jest. It seems to come as natural as breathing to some women.
Male-bashing is extremely common, and sadly, socially acceptable.
That doesn’t make it right, however.
Another habit some women have is jumping in and correcting her
man when he is telling a story. Maybe your guy has a habit of
exaggerating things a bit. Just let him. Never, ever berate a guy,
especially in front of friends, family or colleagues.
Or, let’s say the two of you are out with another couple or two and
he accidentally spills a drink. Resist the urge to call him out and
treat him like a fumbling idiot for it. He’s going to be embarrassed
enough as it is, and you can rest assured his male friends will give
him enough grief about it without you piling it on. Be where he goes
to get away from such treatment, even if just in his subconscious
Disrespect is the single fastest way to make a man feel unloved

overall. Not to mention the fact that many men's shortest trigger for
their tempers is tied directly to disrespect directed towards him. Do
it in front of others and the results are even more negatively
compounded for the both of you.
If you have any desire whatsoever to take good care of your
husband or boyfriend and you want to make him feel loved and
respected, do not ridicule him. Do not correct him. Do not overrule
him, and never dismiss him in front of someone else. It’s bad
enough when you do it in private, but throw in an audience and
you’re going to have a heck of a hard time coming back from it.
You should never use degrading and cruel means to convey your
thoughts and opinions. Find another way. Doing the opposite,
especially in public, and you might as well slap him right across the
face. The feeling will be the same to him. Remember: Treat him as
you’d like him to treat you, even in jest.
3- Ask For His Help.
Men are naturally attracted to solving problems. Many women
complain that they simply want to vent to their man and tell their
problems, while the guy is too busy interrupting with possible
solutions. Women want guys to be willing to simply listen, but a
man is deeply programmed to try and find a way to fix those
problems. Remember this and you’ll better deal with it when he
Ask for his advice on how to fix something, how to solve a
problemor how to deal with an emotional issue you’re having.
Asking him for help shows him that you value his opinion and
respect his fresh perspective.
If your knowledge meets or exceeds his on any particular subject,
ask him anyway. Often a fresh set of ears and eyes, not to mention
an outside perspective, can indeed help.


If you’re too confident in your own experience and knowledge to
take seriously the advice he may offer, he’ll sense it and take it as
disrespect and belittling. He’ll wonder why you even bothered
asking him in the first place. Oftentimes, he’ll assume that you did it
just to have something to berate him for.
As a result, he dreads the act of talking with the woman in his life,
and slowly but surely shares less and less. You’ll notice over time
that the more and more that you interrupt him after asking for his
help, or the more you belittle the possible solutions he offered or
quickly cut him off while he’s trying to help too often, he’ll stop the
conversation altogether and start the shutdown process. This is
extremely bad for a relationship.
Remember, men are naturally inclined to try and solve problems.
Asking him for his help appeals to his masculine side and his
intelligence. But know that there are right and wrong ways of going
about asking.
Here’s something else you’ve likely given little thought to: Ask a
man to do something rather than insisting he do it.
Let’s say you want the trash taken out. Instead of saying, “Honey,
come grab this while I finish up supper,” say something more like,
“Honey, would you mind helping me with this trash while I finish up
supper?” Note the difference. It’s very subtle but surprisingly
Men are more eager to help and more eager to please when they’re
given the choice to do so or not. Don’t order him to do anything.
You’re equals, remember?
At other times, you’ll actually witness a possibly dumb decision
being conceived in real time in his pretty little head.
Suppose he begins talking about wanting to take up an expensive
hobby which won't add any value to his life, and you know it's going

to be a poor decision if he went ahead with it. Instead of outright
trying to stop him from doing it choose to gently remind him about
possible negative consequences or a need that you currently have
that he may not be considering when deciding whether or not to go
for it.
Men are logical, and they understand things better when a good
amount of logic is applied. It’s possible to present him with logical,
clear evidence of why it's going to be a poor decision. Rather than
going postal on him, gently remind him of the possible family time
he might miss out on and show him where and why you believe it
won't be a good decision if he went ahead with it.
Let him see what he may have to do without if he chooses to go for
it. Show him how tight it will make things. Doing all of this in this
manner will make him come around to reality when the facts speak
for themselves.
4- Give Him His Space.
There are many men and women alike who feel that if they’re not
near their partner, they’re either lacking a connection or feeling like
their partner’s going to feel that way. This isn’t usually the case.
Like you, men often need down time and alone time. It’s a sort of
reset for his mind and body. It allows him a sort of “freedom”
without being single or living alone.
The goal here is to let him acclimate to you being in his life more
and more without his subconscious rushing to the conclusion that
you’re dominating it. You’ll find that you’ll often need this “you” time
as well, so take the time to make “away” time both for him and
from him.
For example, take the way in which the two of you unwind from a
long, hard day at work. More often than not, women want to come
home, relax a bit and tell their significant other about their day. On

the other hand, men generally just want to come home, relax, and
let it soak in, or make it go completely away and just hit pause on
Even if he doesn’t necessarily want to be alone during his
downtime, this is the time he wants to devote to unwinding. If he
comes home, grabs a beer and plops down on the couch to watch
TV, then that’s the way he chose. It’s not likely that he’ll outright
seek to be away from you. He just may not want to discuss his day
as much as you may yours. It’s just his way of unwinding, and it
shouldn’t be seen as anything more serious. I promise you that if
and when he wants to talk, he’ll talk to you.
Some women are under the impression that in order to be close as
a couple in a relationship, the two of them should do everything
together as a couple.
This simply isn’t the case. To put it into perspective, if you have
children, everyone knows you love and adore them, but there will
be times when you are watching the clock,waiting for their bedtimes
or that sleepover this weekend.
It doesn’t mean you love them any less. It just means you need
down time. Your relationship is no different except for the fact that
the feeling will be mutual most of the time. He’ll need a break just
as much as you will.
To further drive this point home, let’s say ol’ Bob and his live-in
girlfriend Linda both get home from work. Linda has a habit of
rushing to Bob’s side, which is normal and expected, but after the
traditional hug, kiss and “How was your day?” hypothetical
question, she proceeds to ask him every little detail about it.
“What all did you have to get done today?” “Did you get it all
done?” “Was your boss pleased?” “How’s David’s wife doing?” “Was
lunch okay? I tried a new recipe.”
In Linda’s eyes, knowing everything about his day is kind of sweet
and romantic. It helps her know how his everyday matches up with
hers. She means well, but it makes Bob want to tear his own hair

out and eat it.
It’s considered suffocating, especially when done all at once very
soon after getting in the door. He won’t and doesn’t love her any
less. He just wants to take it slow and unwind from his day.
Being in a relationship means you share your lives, but it doesn’t
necessarily mean that you share every facet therein.
Allow him that space for a while. He’ll give you the same respect
and will open up and share it all in due time.
Doing any differently puts pressure on him and he’ll enjoy his time
with you less and less as time goes on. He won’t always make it
clear that this is the case, but it happens to both men and women.
How healthy will a relationship be if you start to notice he finds
anything and everything else to do rather than spend time with

Points to Remember:
► Respect is generally more important to a man than love.
► Don’t try to gauge when he deserves respect. Give him the
respect you want him to give you, automatically.
► Show faith in his judgment and decisions. It makes him feel more
loved and respected.
► It’s not necessary to always agree with him. It’s how you
disagree with him that matters most. Do so with respect rather than
► Respect his reputation. Don’t badmouth him, even in jest. It will

distance the two of you over time.
► Ask for his help, even if you don’t outright need it. It’s the valuing
his opinion or perception that does the trick.
► Give him his space. He’ll give you the same respect. It doesn’t
mean he loves you any less; just that he needs to unwind and not
feel suffocated.


Section: 5
Are You His Mate or His Mother?

I’m going to start this section a little bit differently. I’m going to
show you one of the most common scenarios women face in
relationships. At first glance, it’s going to be difficult to “choose a
side,” but it’s important to realize the other point of view here.
I recently received an email from someone I’ll call Michelle. Michelle
has reached a point in her relationship where it’s both painful and
frustrating. Sadly, however, her situation is an extremely widespread
Here’s the email she sent to me:
My husband can be amazing but only sometimes! We’re up on our 7th
wedding anniversary, and I can’t help thinking of all the changes.
It’s gotten to the point that I do all the things he should be doing. The fact is
that I am sick and tired of doing everything all the time! I didn’t want a

husband who sits around expecting me to do everything he is supposed to do.
On top of that, he doesn’t ever stick around. He is always looking for a

reason to be by himself and doing his own thing. It’s like he wants to be
married but wants to live like a single guy.


He isn’t even interested in spending any time with me. And if I beg him to, it
ends up in an ugly argument. I’ve tried really hard to make him see what I am
going through but does he even care? No. All he wants to do is watch TV. It’s
like I am there physically but completely invisible to him.
I try to talk to him about it, he just zones out. It’s like he’s not even listening.
He says he’ll spend more time with me, but it hasn’t happened yet! It’s driving
me nuts!

I told him I can’t stand being alone all the time. I told him I can’t cope with it.
Does he care? What should I do? How do I get him see the point I am trying
to make? I’m sick and tired of waiting for him to change.

As painful as that is for you to read, especially if you’re in the same
situation, it makes it clear right away that Michelle likely committed
a cardinal relationship sin: She went from the role of a mate to the
role of a mother without even realizing it.
Now, as anyone can plainly see and understand, she isn’t
comfortable with where their relationship is headed. The problem is
that when you do things his mother probably did for him while he
was growing up, you push him away without even realizing it. Most
women mistake doing these things for their man as showing more
love or just simply doing the “right thing.” They think their man
loves to be taken care of, so because of this, they are only doing
what makes him feel good. What’s the harm in that, right? Lots!
It almost always starts with small things and then grows into
something gargantuan. Even though you have a well-intentioned
desire to show affection, mothering him is something that can
slowly and dangerously develop and become second nature to you
over time. It’s much like a lit cigarette being tossed into droughtstricken woodlands; it will catch something on fire, it will spread

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