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The 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie eBook .pdf

Nome del file originale: The 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie eBook.pdf
Titolo: The 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie™ PDF, eBook by The International Council For Truth In Medicine « ✔Truth & Facts ✔Real Results ✔Real Experiences ✔FAQ ~ ✘Reviews ✘Opinions ✘Scams
Autore: Max Sidorov, Dr. Sokovikova, Dr. Volk, Dr.Shust & Dr. Meto

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The 7 Steps to Health
and the Big Diabetes Lie

The International Council For Truth in Medicine
Max Sidorov, Dr.Sokovikova, Dr.Volk, Dr.Shust & Dr.Meto

Due to the laws and rules regarding health and wellness, the medical
establishment has made it very difficult for anyone to even mention the word
“cure” next to a disease or illness. Even though what you are about to read has
been studied for decades, proven and researched as fact by medical doctors,
scientists, researchers, dieticians, nutritionists, and may just as well “cure”
you and restore your full health, by law I am not allowed to do so or say so.
Thus, the law requires me to state the following:
This book is not in any way offered as prescription, diagnosis nor treatment
for any disease, illness, infirmity or physical condition. Any form of selftreatment or alternative health program necessarily must involve an
individual's acceptance of some risk, and no one should assume otherwise.
Persons needing medical care should obtain it from a physician. Consult your
doctor or health practitioner before making any health decision.
All material in this book is provided for your information only and may not be
construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be
taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, readers should
consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health
and well-being.
The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate,
based on the best judgment available to the authors; and readers who fail to
consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries.
No warranty or guarantee of a cure is expressed or implied with any
information in this book. In no event shall 7 Steps to Health, its employees or
associates be liable to any person or individual for any loss or damage
whatsoever which may arise from the use of the information in this book.

The Basics
People’s interest in nutrition will never cease to amaze me; everywhere you
look there is something about how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, even what
the movie stars eat. New "discoveries" of exotic fruits that heal this and cure
that. On the front page of almost every single health magazine is some "new"
nutrition advice, newspapers run articles and TV and radio programs
constantly discuss the proper diet and health.
With this massive barrage of information, you would think people would be
skinny and completely healthy, yet the opposite is true. Are you confident that
you know the truth regarding your health and wellness? Are vitamins good for
you and how much is good enough? Should you be drinking water or have
more fiber? Are carbohydrates the ones making you fat? Are environmental
effects the cause of cancer, or is it your predisposition to cancer? Are
unhealthy fats the cause of diabetes, cholesterol or heart disease?
Opinion and information on this subject is beyond ridiculous, everyone seems
to have some sort of method, some sort of diet, some weird set of things that
one must do. But in reality, very few people truly know what they should be
doing to be healthy, vibrant, and absolutely free of disease.
This isn’t because the science hasn’t been done; it has been, there is a vast
amount of information, studies, and links proving the relationship between
nutrition and health. The reason for this is because the real science, the
genuine information that is actually important has been buried beneath the
giant heap of irrelevant, useless, and harmful information; the junk science,
fad diets, and food industry propaganda. These days it is very difficult to find
information that is actually going to help you. And even if you try, it seems
like you need a PHD to even understand many of the scientific studies.
I want to change that. I want to give you a framework, an easy to understand
summary of the top scientific studies, a base for understanding nutrition and
health that will eliminate confusion, misunderstanding, and give you all the
necessary tools that you can use to lose weight, cure and prevent disease, and
live a healthy and more fulfilling life as a result.
What many doctors, dieticians, health practitioners and regular people
practicing mainstream medicine don't realize is how important proper
nutrition is to good health. In this book I will cover the many aspects of good
nutrition, and how it relates to perfect health. Countless scientific studies over

the years have shown that proper nutrition is many times more effective than
most drugs and pills at reversing, curing and eliminating disease.
I think you deserve to know the truth regarding our medical system, food and
drug system, and health policy. I think you deserve to know what is being
done and not being done to keep you sick and unhappy, and I want to shed
some light on what is actually important and what actually matters. And I
think you deserve to know that the most common notions you have been told
about the food you eat, and about health and disease are wrong:

Chemicals in the environment, as bad as they might be, as well as
your “predisposition” to cancer are not the main causes of this serious
The genes that you inherit from your parents are not the most
important factors that will determine whether you will suffer from
any illnesses or diseases.
Hoping that drug manufacturers or genetic research is eventually
going to discover the miracle pill to “cure” any disease is ignoring the
decades of scientific studies and research that already prove how
diseases can be cured with diet alone.
Controlling any one aspect of your diet, for example carbohydrates,
fats, protein, or any one nutrient is not going to lead to any strong
improvement in your health.
Drugs and surgery DO NOT cure the diseases that kill most people
Most likely you doctor does not know what you need to do to be the
healthiest that you can be.

The one major thing people these days tend to focus on is calories, and let me
give you some very helpful advice which you will understand more and more
as you read through the book. It’s not about the calories! Dieticians, doctors
and nutritionists place a great deal of importance on calories and the amount
of carbs/fats and protein in your diet, but in reality this is the least important
aspect of your weight loss or health!
It's not how much you eat, it’s WHAT
you eat. The single principle which
will bring you success on your path to
perfect health is the nutrition content
of your food, or Nutrient Density.
Let’s look at it this way: your body is a
very fine, intricate, complicated,

majestic mechanism where everything is connected to everything else. Your
body requires a fine balance of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients which
do everything your body does on a regular basis, millions of reactions and
functions occur every second for your body to simply stay alive and function.
These reactions require a lot more than just fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.
The health industry, just like any other industry, is just that; an industry.
And the sole purpose of any giant mainstream industry is to increase profits.
How does the health and diet industry make money? They need more and
more unhealthy and overweight people each year who will buy their products.
What would happen if people became slim, healthy, and happy? That’s right,
the whole industry would collapse overnight, and all their billion dollar profits
would disappear.
Now let's imagine that you were the owner of a giant company that drugs or
pills, and let's imagine you were not a nice and kind-hearted person, and you
did not actually care about anyone else but your billions of dollars. What
would you promote? 1. A product which successfully and naturally makes
people healthy and educates your customers on the real issues with their
health, and empowers them to make educated choices based on a scientific
understanding of how their body works and functions so they can continue
staying healthy and slim for their entire lives. Or: 2. Sell a product which
treats the persons symptoms, does not alleviate, cure or prevent the cause of
their illness or disease and requires the patient to keep buying your product
for their entire life
If you were a crook, which product would you sell? The answer is quite
obvious. Drugs and pills are not made to cure you. Their goal is to relieve your
symptoms to make you FEEL better and trick you into believing it worked.
They run an industry to increase their profits, they do not want you to become
healthy and slim, and their billions of dollars depend on you staying sick and
Imagine a family soundly sleeping in their home when all of a sudden in the
middle of the night the fire alarm starts ringing. The father jumps out of bed
and rushes down into the kitchen, past the burning stove right up to the fire
alarm... and simply turns it off. He returns to bed and informs his wife that
the problem is fixed, no more fire alarm. He did not fix the problem - the fire,
he merely "treated" the symptom by turning off the fire alarm.
This is exactly how drugs work. They do not address the cause of your problem
(the fire). They merely turn off the symptoms (the fire alarm) so you keep

turning off your fire alarm every time you take drugs while your body (house)
slowly burns to the ground with you in it.
I want to dispel all the mystery and confusion and bring you to the foundation
of your TRUE health and wellbeing.
Countless scientific studies (which I will get to later on) over the years have
proven that simple dietary and lifestyle changes work much better than
conventional methods involving drugs and surgery. When you take drugs, you
still LIVE with the disease you are treating. You still LIVE with the sideeffects from the disease while throwing away your money on pointless pills.
When you start eating right, when you eliminate the harmful oils, fats, and
foods, the illness or diseases goes into remission and overtime even disappears
- and with it disappear all the horrible side-effects. Without drugs, pills,
surgery or injections.
And trust me, you are going to be quite angry when you see for yourself what
the drugs and pills that you might be taking really do to you - and why you
never had to take them in the first place.

Processed Junk
Acids, anticaking agents, bulking agents, food coloring, emulsifiers,
thickeners, stabilizers, flavors, humectants, preservatives, sweeteners.
Science in the field of food and agriculture has become very advanced, we are
able to preserve things longer, cook things faster, and make things taste
better. All these things require a heavy route of processing transforming
otherwise healthy ingredients into Frankenstein like concoctions.
It is only the last few hundred years scientists began experimenting with
chemicals on food, and only in the past 50 years we have really amped up the
process with strong additives for preservation, color, or taste enhancement.
Before that, people used to eat things completely unprocessed, and in its
natural state. All the “Western” diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart
disease as well as obesity were almost non-existent. Nowadays, millions of
people die every year because of these illnesses.

Our bodies are meant to run on natural, unprocessed, whole, organic foods,
good quality proteins, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The
chemical soup that comprises most grocery store and fast foods that so many
people ingest every day wreaks absolute havoc on our immune, hormone,
nervous, vascular, and all other systems in our body creating chemical and
hormone imbalances, and just like a computer virus, messing around with our
body’s processing until everything begins to self destruct.

Forget the low carb, low fat or fat free (loaded with sugar and starch), sugarfree (chemical poison and fat storing fuel). Forget the fast foods and the
microwave foods (loaded with a mixture of chemicals and toxic ingredients
taking years off your life by stimulating inflammation,
immune/hormone/metabolism imbalances, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, just
to name a few). Let’s go back to REAL food and REAL water and allow our
bodies to clean up, detox, and loose the weight once and for all!

Where to look for food additives on a product
When buying groceries, these additives are listed (if it’s given by the law) on
the food product’s packaging under “INGREDIENTS:” or “CONTAINS:”
section, usually next to “Nutrition Information” but the code numbers or
names of these additives can be printed on in a small font.
In my opinion placement of the text can be somewhat hidden or even
misleading. Any dangerous additives added in the food, if the product contains
any, really should be listed visibly and labeled on the pack for instance as
“Nasty Additives“.
Food additives give flavor. For any foods, flavoring is added so that these
meals are pleasing to the palate when they come out of the microwave or the
Preservatives are added for shelf life. Cakes can look great and so may canned
and bagged foods when additives keep them fresh in their wrappings for
weeks on end.
Here is a new list with identifying code numbers of the nasty food
additives that we should avoid eating. Artificial food preservatives, food colors
and flavor enhancers, these are dangerous chemicals added to our food and are
known to be linked to Hyperactivity, Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD),
Asthma, Cancer and other medical conditions (these are just the ones tested
for specific disorders, who knows what scientists will find after more rigorous
All the food colorings in the list below can end up under the label “artificial” or
“natural” colors; there can be dozens of them at once or just a few, it’s like
playing the toxin lottery. If you see the words “artificial colors” or even
“natural colors,” it is better to avoid that product altogether. I have
highlighted the additives you are most likely to encounter.
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Chapter One
Refined Flour – Pasta, Cookies, Crackers, Bread etc.
In 1911, the bread which made up 40 percent of the diet of the impoverished
people of Britain was blamed for widespread poor health. Modern nutritional
science confirms the accuracy of this assessment.
Refined white flour contains almost no natural minerals and vitamins. In
particular, vitamin B deficiency from poor diet resulted in a range of illnesses
that the Victorians called 'wasting diseases'. And white flour at the time was
usually laced with alum, which made bad flour look whiter.
According to the Daily Mail:

"[In modern times], the Real Bread Campaign, a non-profit pressure group,
claims that bread has actually gotten worse since 1911 in terms of secret
adulterants -- enzymes that do not have to be declared on labels -- still being
smuggled into it. Today, despite the modern fashion for healthy eating,
'nutritionally empty' white bread accounts for more than 50 percent of what
we buy."
Today, there's a whole new breed of health-harming ingredients to contend
with in your typical store-bought bread, including:

Processed salt

High fructose corn

Trans fats
(hydrogenated oils)


Treatment agents
(oxidant chemicals)

Reducing agents



Enzymes (typically
from fungi or bacteria)

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Yeast (living bacteria)
currently used in breads
is not the same healthy
ferments or sourdough
used much earlier in our
history. The yeast
currently used is a
“science lab experiment
gone wrong” type of
product synthetically
created in a lab through
genetic modification.
This yeast does break apart during cooking, and does not digest at all with our
saliva or in our system, clogging our digestive tract, disturbing proper immune
system function, leading to asthma, cancer, allergies, constipation, poor
digestion, and provides food for fungus, candida, and other yeast infections in
our body.
These killer yeast bacteria destroy other sensitive and less protected cells of
our body by discharging a toxic substance which is made up of proteins which
increase the permeability (ability to penetrate) of cellular membranes (cell
walls) to viruses and pathogens. This killer bacteria divide exponentially at an
astounding rate infecting the cells of the digestive tract, then moving on to the
blood stream spreading pathogenic bacteria and allowing it to live and thrive
while destroying beneficial bacteria (beneficial bacteria under proper nutrition
and pH levels are able to produce B vitamins and even essential amino acids!).
This leads to illnesses of the digestive tract, and all digestive organs like the
stomach, gall bladder, pancreas, and liver.
The stomach is covered with a mucous membrane which provides protection
against stomach acid. A diet high in yeast, sugar, and acidifying foods (coffee,
sugar, white flour, alcohol, meat products, pasteurized milk products etc.)
progressively destroy the mucous lining leading to ulcers, indigestion, and acid
reflux. Such a diet also leads to formation of plaque deposits and stones in the
gall bladder, liver, pancreas, and constipation. The mucous lining in the
digestive tract also takes a giant hit by the pathogenic bacteria slowing down
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Sugar and Your Health
The "glycemic index" is a measure of how a given food affects blood-glucose
levels, with each food being assigned a numbered rating. The lower the rating,
the slower the absorption and digestion process, which provides a more
gradual, healthier infusion of sugars into the bloodstream. On the other hand,
a high rating means that blood-glucose levels are increased quickly, which
stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin to drop blood-sugar levels. These
rapid fluctuations of blood-sugar levels are not healthy because of the stress
they place on the body.
One of sugar's major drawbacks is that it raises the insulin level, which
inhibits the release of growth hormones, which in turn depresses the immune
system. This is not something you want to take place if you want to avoid
An influx of sugar into the bloodstream upsets the body's blood-sugar balance,
triggering the release of insulin, which the body uses to keep blood-sugar at a
constant and safe level. Insulin also promotes the storage of fat, so that when
you eat sweets high in sugar, you're making way for rapid weight gain and
elevated triglyceride levels, both of which have been linked to cardiovascular
disease. Complex carbohydrates tend to be absorbed more slowly, lessening
the impact on blood-sugar levels. The reason free sugar has such an effect is
because it is in its free form and not bound to anything which explains the
sudden rise in insulin after a sugary snack or drink. Fruits and vegetables do
have sugar, but it is bound to a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and
fibres which ensures a natural digestion and absorption process.
Our bodies were never meant to ingest sugar in its free form!

Sugar depresses the immune system.
It was only in the 1970's that researchers found out that vitamin C was
needed by white blood cells so that they could phagocytise (destroy) viruses
and bacteria. White blood cells require a 50 times higher concentration of
vitamin C inside the cell as outside so they have to accumulate vitamin C.
Glucose and vitamin C have similar chemical structures, so guess what
happens when the sugar levels go up? They compete with one another to get
absorbed into the cells of the body. And the thing that allows the entry of
glucose into the cells is the same thing that allows the entry of vitamin C into

the cells. If there is more glucose around, there is going to be less vitamin C
allowed into the cell. It doesn't take much: a blood sugar value of 120 reduces
the phagocytic index by 75%. So when you eat sugar, think of your immune
system slowing down to a crawl. Dr Cochrain revealed that just one teaspoon
of sugar will lower your immune resistance by 50% for up to 24 hours. (Coke
or any soda beverage has 8 tablespoons of sugar in one can).
Another problem with soft drinks is the tremendous amount of
PHOSPHORUS that's contained in them. Large amounts of phosphorous are
bad news for the body because they combine with other minerals (like
Calcium) and tie them up for eventual excretion. Calcium is a mineral that
your body needs in large amounts in your bloodstream for daily use. If your
soft drink is yanking the calcium out of your blood stream, where does the
body get the calcium it needs? It gets it from your teeth, bones, hair, and nails!
This is partly the reason for the tremendous increase in osteoporosis in our
"There are many research studies which allude to the fact that high
phosphorus and/or phosphoric acid (found in meat and soft drinks) pulls
calcium out of the bony structures (bones, teeth and nails) in the process of
digestion and assimilation. This has a disastrous effect on bone density,
leaving them porous and spongy. When calcium is pulled from the bones, it is
released through the kidneys, resulting in stone formation (kidney stones)
before it is excreted," The Greenleaves of Barley, Dr. Mary Ruth Swope, 1987

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Is Sugar More Addictive than Cocaine?
According to a new research study, refined

sugar is far more addictive

than cocaine -- one of the most addictive and harmful substances currently

An astonishing 94 percent of rats who were allowed to choose mutuallyexclusively between sugar water and cocaine, chose sugar. Even rats who were
addicted to cocaine quickly switched their preference to sugar, once it was
offered as a choice. The rats were also more willing to work for sugar than for
The researchers speculate that the sweet receptors (two protein receptors
located on the tongue), which evolved in ancestral times when the diet was
very low in sugar, have not adapted to modern times’ high-sugar consumption.
Therefore, the abnormally high stimulation of these receptors by our sugarrich diets generates excessive reward signals in the brain, which have the
potential to override normal self-control mechanisms, and thus lead to
Additionally, their research found that there’s also a cross-tolerance and a
cross-dependence between sugars and addictive drugs. As an example,
animals with a long history of sugar consumption actually became tolerant
(desensitized) to the analgesic effects of morphine.

Sugar and cancer
Of the over 4 million cancer patients being treated in the U.S. today, almost
none are offered any scientifically guided nutrition therapy other than being
told to "just eat good foods." Many cancer patients would have a major
improvement in their conditions if they controlled the supply of cancer's
preferred fuel: GLUCOSE. By slowing the cancer's growth, patients make it
possible for their immune systems to catch up to the disease. Controlling one's
blood-glucose levels through diet, exercise, supplements, and prescription
drugs - when necessary - can be one of the most crucial components to a cancer
treatment program. There is even a saying that "Sugar feeds cancer".
German Otto Warburg, Ph.D., the 1931 Nobel Prize winner for his work on
cancer, was the first to discover that cancer cells have a fundamentally
different energy metabolism compared to healthy cells.

of sugar for energy production.

The essence of his Nobel thesis
was this: malignant tumors
frequently exhibit an increase in
"anaerobic glycolysis" - a process
whereby glucose is used by cancer
cells as a fuel with lactic acid as
an anaerobic by-product compared to normal tissues.
Normals cells on the other hand
function through “aerobic
glycolysis” and use oxygen instead

The large amount of lactic acid produced by this fermentation of glucose from
the cancer cells is then transported to the liver. This conversion of glucose to
lactate creates a lower, more acidic PH in cancerous tissues as well as overall
physical fatigue from lactic acid build-up. Therefore, larger tumors tend to
exhibit a more acidic PH.
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Chapter 3
Aritificial Sweeteners – Splenda, NutraSweet,
Are artificial sweeteners the answer to sugar? Do they really help you lose
The belief that eating artificially sweetened foods and drinking artificially
sweetened beverages will help you to lose weight is a carefully orchestrated
deception. So if you are still opting for sugar-free choices for this reason, you
are being sorely misled.
For years now studies have shown that consuming artificial sweeteners breaks
the connection between a sweet sensation and a high-calorie food, thereby
changing your body’s ability to regulate intake naturally.
In one study by psychologists at Purdue University’s Ingestive Behavior
Research Center, rats that ate yogurt sweetened with an artificial sweetener
consumed more calories (and didn’t make up for it by cutting back later),
gained more weight, and put on more body fat than rats that ate yogurt
sweetened with sugar.
Other studies, too, have shown that eating artificial sweeteners might hinder
your body's ability to estimate calorie intake, thus boosting your inclination to
overindulge. Your body and your brain simply do not have the same biological
response to artificial sweeteners that they do to regular sugar, and this can
pose some serious problems.
The truth is artificial sweeteners are toxic substances which not only trick
your brain and make you gain weight, but have been linked to numerous
neurological disorders, swelling and redness of the skin, heart palpitations
and other very serious conditions.
In reality there is absolutely no evidence to show that zero calorie artificial
sweeteners actually help you lose weight, on the contrary, evidence shows they
may actually be stimulating your appetite and insulin response.
First of all, lab made artificial sweeteners trick your brain into thinking you
have just eaten a sugary, carbohydrate rich meal. What normally happens
when we eat sugars or complex carbohydrates like starches is they are broken

down into glucose which enters the blood stream (glucose is small chain
sugars, while carbohydrates and starches are long chain sugars). Our
pancreas then releases insulin which “unlocks” our cells and allows glucose to
be transported into the cell for energy and to normalize blood sugar levels.

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Chapter 4
Trans Fats, Vegetable Oils, Margarines etc.
Most of us believe, as told by the media, that fat is the biggest thing we should
be avoiding. It has the most calories per gram (fat has 9 calories per gram,
carbs/proteins has 4) so it should be the most fattening, right? Wrong. Eating
the right kind of fats will not only make you healthier but will actually make
you lose weight. Saturated fats and cholesterol are not unhealthy as we have
been led to believe, but the culprits are actually vegetable oils and
trans/hydrogenated fats.
Simply speaking, a fat is a combination of carbon molecules combined together
to form a chain. Various combinations of the carbon molecules make different
types of fats. There are saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats can
only have a straight structure, unsaturated fats on the other hand can be have
a bent shape (cis mono or polyunsaturated fats like omega 3, 6 ) or a straight
shape (trans unsaturated fat). The reason trans fats and saturated fats are
considered bad is because their molecular structure is straight, and can clump
together and clog arteries. Hydrogenated and trans fats are artificial fats that
have added hydrogen to make them straight in shape, increasing their melting
point, and thus making them much more stable for increased shelf life.
Naturally occurring fatty acids generally have the Cis configuration which
means the molecular structure of the fat is bent.
When the fat is Trans, then it is straight in shape.

Cis-9-octadecenoic acid
(Oleic acid)

Trans-9-octadecenoic acid
(Elaidic acid)

The walls of the cells in our bodies are made up of fats, mostly from the good
essential fats (essential fats are those that cannot be manufactured by the
body) like omega 3 (hemp, walnut, coconut, flaxseed), omega 6 (soybean oil,

corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil , peanut oil, cottonseed oil, rice bran oil)
which combine together to form the cellular membrane.
When the essential fatty acids are missing from the diet (essential fatty acids
are very volatile and are removed from our foods to get a longer shelf life),
cells have no choice but to substitute inappropriate fats (margarine,
shortenings, fried fats, animal fats) into their structure, resulting in type II
diabetes and perhaps cancer. This makes cells brittle and hard like an
eggshell instead of a healthy, soft, porous membrane.
These fats when used in the cell wall interfere with the absorption of nutrients
and damage the mitochondria (an organelle inside our cells that produces
energy needed for the cell to live), thereby interfering with production of ATP
(the energy source or “food” for our cells), then this can cause significant
damage to the cell because ATP is needed for important cellular processes
such as membrane transport, lipogenesis and protein synthesis. This causes
cells to become dysfunctional blocking proper metabolism, nutrient absorption,
oxygenation, and a poor ability to respond to glucose.
Despite these dangers, trans and hydrogenated fats are widely used in all
sorts of processed foods; cookies, crackers, pastries, cakes, chips, fast food,
margarine, popcorn, pretty much most of what is found on your grocery store
What about vegetable oils? Yes, they are better than trans fats but they also
have some very negative effects on the body. These oils like canola, soybean,
sunflower, safflower, and others contribute to major inflammation (the main
cause of disease and aging) due to the upset in the ratio of omega 3 and omega
6 fatty acids.
Before the age of food processing people had a good balance of fats, especially
omega 3 and 6, with a ratio of about 2:1 or 3:1 (2 parts omega 6, to 1 part
omega 3). The ratio now is about 20:1! This high imbalance leads to
inflammatory related diseases such as autoimmune, cardiovascular, and
oncologic. Consuming large amounts of vegetable oils wrecks havoc on the
natural balance damaging our whole body, leading to irritability, learning
disabilities, liver toxicity, decreased immune function, mental and physical
growth problems, increased acidity, and they have been linked to mental
disorders like Alzheimer’s, dementia as well as accelerated aging - all signs of
inflammation and acidity in the body. A 1994 study appearing in a leading
medical journal showed that almost three quarters of the fat clogged in
arteries was unsaturated. This means it was not the “artery clogging”
saturated fats, but vegetable oils!

On the same note, high heat applied to oils during frying turns them into
hydrocarbons that can cause cancer. Typical frying temperature is about 400
degrees F (200 c) and can reach up to 600-700 degrees F. When fats / oils are
heated to such temperatures the good healthy fats (CIS fatty acid) are
converted to the bad TRANS fats. The unsaturated good fats then begin to
behave like saturated bad fats. Trans fats also interfere with the body’s usage
of omega 3 fats.
When heated, they raise rather than lower serum cholesterol levels (about
50% of the cholesterol increasing effect of saturated fat) and can raise LDL
cholesterol by nearly as much as saturated fat. Besides the extra fat
consumed, this is another reason why fried foods contribute to hardening of
the arteries.
The inflammation and acidity caused by the vegetable oils damages blood
vessels and so the body starts manufacturing “cement” to repair the damaged
vessels. This cement is cholesterol which has been wrongly accused as the
culprit behind heart disease when it is actually omega 6 fats,
trans/hydrogenated oils, sugars, chemical additives and other inflammatory
and acidifying foods in our diet.
When oil is reheated to frying temperatures (as in deep fryers), the fat is more
likely to develop the cancer producing agents acrolein and benzopyrene. Very
hot temperatures also destroy vitamins and alter major proteins.
Temperatures up to 1000 degrees F especially when one re-uses cooking oil (as
in fast-food restaurants), breaks down the polyunsaturated molecule and free
radicals then form.

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Chapter 5
Commercial Pasteurized Dairy Products
Milk is touted everywhere as a health food, but not many people know the
difference between real raw milk products and commercial pasteurized milk
products. The issue here is pasteurization which if we are to be compelled to
drink pasteurized milk, we should at least understand what pasteurization
means. It set out to accomplish two things: Destruction of certain diseasecarrying germs and the prevention of souring milk. These results are obtained
by keeping the milk at a temperature of 145 degrees to 150 degrees F. (~64 c)
for half an hour, at least, and then reducing the temperature to not more than
55 degrees F.
The human race existed way before anyone even heard of Pasteur (the man
who invented pasteurization) and even as a child I drank raw milk from grass
fed cows without antibiotics, vaccines, hormones, or pus which is all what is
found in regular commercial milk, and millions of people across the world have
been consuming raw milk for thousands of years. In reality, raw milk from
free grass fed cows is one of the most beneficial foods on the planet. It is so
nutritious that you can survive solely on milk products even if there was
nothing else to eat.
The dairy industry is passing off pasteurized milk from sick cows fed
hormones and antibiotics as a wholesome and healthy drink - but this is far
from the truth. Countless studies have shown that commercial milk plays a
key role in many health problems including: diabetes, prostate cancers,
arthritis, atherosclerosis, anemia, MS, leukemia, ovarian cancer, excess
mucous, and many others.
There are dozens of reports and studies available that show the dangers of
commercial pasteurized milk which can cause intestinal colic, intestinal
irritation, intestinal bleeding, anemia, allergies, and sinus problems from
excess mucous. A big concern is the contamination of milk by pus, hormones,
chemicals, and pesticides which are all found in the milk on your grocery store
Fifty years ago a cow produced 2000 pounds of milk per year. Today a cow can
produce up to 50,000 pounds! They achieve this through a toxic mix of drugs,
antibiotics, growth hormones, force feeding, and specialized breeding. These
chemicals go through the cow’s system and end up in your milk.

Another issue is bovine growth hormone which stimulates milk production but
has been linked to cancer and tumor growth. Large corporations lobbied the
government so organic companies who don’t use bovine growth hormone
(BGH) CAN NOT even state this fact on the label, because if people actually
knew what was in their milk, no sane person would drink it.
BGH dramatically increased a cow’s milk
production, and with that, it also increases
mastitis (udder infection) of the dairy cow’s
udders by 50-70%. They then have to fill
the cow with huge amounts of antibiotics
and drugs for the various infections the
cows get while spending their entire lives in
a tiny cage being fed genetically modified
corn meal while their calves are being sent to slaughterhouses. That is not
healthy milk if you ask me, and I don’t want to be part of this chemical
Did you know that over FIFTY percent of all antibiotics produced in the
United States go directly to animal feed! Antibiotics which ideally should only
be used very rarely in case of serious infections are being used CONSTANTLY
because of poor, dirty, filthy conditions the cows live in. By drinking this milk
we are also drinking all these antibiotics. If you tested the milk you are
drinking you would find traces of up to 80 different antibiotics! Not only that
but you are also drinking pesticides and chemicals found in their feed, and
hormones used on the cows.
Commercial milking is a horrible ordeal. In order to keep a steady supply of
milk, the cows are repeatedly impregnated. Several times a day, dairy cows
are hooked by their udders to electronic milking machines that can cause the
cows to suffer electrical shocks, painful lesions, and mastitis. Some spend their
entire lives standing on concrete floors; others are crammed into massive mud
Cows have a natural lifespan of about 25 years and can produce milk for eight
or nine years, but the stress caused by factory farm conditions leads to
disease, lameness, and reproductive problems that render cows worthless to
the dairy industry by the time they are four or five years old, at which time
they are sent to the slaughterhouse.
Due to the constant infections and mastitis of commercials cows, white blood
cells (in other words; pus) make it into your milk. Due to this fact, the USDA
allows milk to contain from one to one and a half million white blood cells per

milliliter (0.03 oz) of milk. The milk you drink contains cow pus, sounds
delicious doesn’t it.
The 9 million cows in America, for the most part, are not healthy. Half the
herds in America have cows affected with bovine leukemia virus, half the
herds have cows infected with a disease called Crohn's disease, which is
caused by a bacterium called mycobacterium paratuberculosis, which has
infected 40 million Americans and caused irritable bowel syndrome. Every
person with Crohn's disease tests positive for mycobacterium
paratuberculosis. Every one! One hundred percent! And this was published in
1965 for the Proceedings for the National Academy of Science.

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Chapter 6
Genetically Modified Soy
A new health craze has taken over, who
hasn't heard of the marvels of soy? The
marketing bandwagon has touted soy
as the next perfect health food for
decades. In fact, its health benefits
have been aggressively pushed in
advertisements on national TV.
And from 1992 to 2006, soy food sales
increased from $300 million to nearly $4 billion! That just goes to show that
soy has fast become synonymous with healthy eating.
But could something that sounds so healthy be actually dangerous?
Nowadays you don’t have to stomach the “beany” flavored, drab soy products
of the past to gain these supposed benefits because today you can find
chocolate-flavored soymilk, soy burgers, soy ice cream, soy cheese, and just
about any other soy food you could imagine. But those aren’t the only sources
of soy. Soy is now in just about every processed food out there -- even those
that you’d think have nothing to do with soy, like condiments, yogurt, bread,
sausages, and pasta sauce -- often in the form of soybean oil or the emulsifying
agent soy lecithin (which is made from the sludge left over after crude soy oil
is processed).
In fact, you may be surprised to learn that soybeans provided a whopping 75
percent of the edible consumption of fats and oils in the United States in 2006.
Why such a massive increase in consumption? Well the media did a great job
advertising it as a “cure all health miracle.” This couldn’t be farther from the
Back in 1999, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a health claim
for soy, and suddenly -- after a heavy marketing campaign from the soy
industry -- an onslaught of “healthy” soy products bore the logo: “Diets low in
saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may
reduce the risk of heart disease.”

The resulting fanfare over the soybean has been every marketing director’s
dream: Eat soy, they say, and you can lose weight, protect your heart, lower
your cholesterol, have more energy, and reduce the symptoms of menopause,
among many other reported benefits.
Consider these facts from the Soyfoods Association of North America:
As of 2007, 85 percent of consumers perceive soy as healthy (up from 82
percent in 2006)
33 percent of Americans eat soy foods or beverages once a month or more
70 percent of consumers believe soybean oil is a healthy oil
Over half of consumers have tried soy foods or beverages in a restaurant
Over three in five consumers believe that eating soy-based foods can help to
reduce obesity, and 84 percent agree with (or would like more information
about) the FDA’s claim that consuming 25 grams of soy protein per day
reduces your risk of heart disease
Marketing has done a great job convincing the people that soy is a health food,
exception here is fermented soy which will be explained below).
Far from being the health cure-all it’s purported to be, “thousands of studies
link soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, immune-system breakdown,
thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders, and infertility -even cancer and heart disease,” says Dr. Kaayla Daniel, author of the book
The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food.
The following is a breakdown of unfermented soy’s major problems.

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Chapter 7
Energy and Protein Bars
Energy and protein bars are advertised as something healthy, and the trend
has caught on. They are sweet, filling, seem to be nutritious, and have plenty
of protein, but are they as healthy as they claim to be?
When cheap soy protein became available on the market, protein bar sales
exploded. Balance Bars, Zone Perfects Bars, and Atkins bars were first on the
scene to be taken over by dozens of different companies promoting their new
“meal replacement.” Most bars these days are made with soy protein, and as
the previous chapter discussed, soy protein is a potent mixture of phytic acid,
enzyme inhibitors, isoflavones, growth suppressors, and blood clotting factors.
Not to mention all the soy, if not organic, is genetically modified and highly
processed and heated, meaning the protein is degraded to a point that it
cannot be digested and used in our bodies becoming totally useless.
Soy protein? Bodybuilders beware: because many weight gainer powders, bars
and shakes contain this dangerous ingredient and it can cause troubling side
effects such as diminished libido and erectile dysfunction. It is important to
become a label and ingredient list reader. There are so many different names
for soy additives, you could be bringing home a genetically modified soy-based
product without even realizing it. Dr. Daniel offers a report, "Where the Soys
Are," on her Web site. It lists the many "aliases" that soy might be hiding
under in ingredient lists -- words like "boullion," "natural flavor" and "textured
plant protein."
Here are a few other names soy tends to hide under:
Soya, Soja or Yuba
TSF (textured soy flour) or TSP (textured soy protein)
TVP (textured vegetable protein)
MSG (monosodium glutamate)
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Farmed Vs. Wild Caught Fish
There are a few very important
differences between wild caught
fish and the fish found in your
supermarket and restaurants.
Farmed fish are held in small pens,
or cages, not being allowed the
freedom of movement or feeding on
their natural diet.
Farmed fish are much higher in fat
content since they are not spending
any time vigorously swimming
through ocean waters or leaping up rocky streams like their wild brothers.
Lazily swimming through crowded pens eating unnatural grain-based fish
meal makes them far less nutritious, and even toxic.
Farmed fish have much more inflammatory omega 6 content which creates a
heavy imbalance of omega 3 to omega 6 levels. Farmed fish have more than
double the omega 6 content than wild species. The healthy omega 3 levels are
also much smaller in farmed fish.
Farmed fish are also given high levels of antibiotics and pesticides to get rid of
infections and sea lice which run rampant in densely packed fish lots. In the
end you are the one eating all these toxins!
Studies have shown that farmed salmon accumulates far more cancer causing
PCBs and poisonous dioxins than wild salmon. Tests on grocery store farmed
salmon showed that they contain up to twice the fat and 16 times the PCB
levels as compared to wild salmon. These toxins are stored in the fat and end
up on your plate.
Farmed salmon are also given dyes in the food to make them pink in color;
otherwise they would be grey in color. These dyes contain toxic ingredients
that are not fit for human consumption.
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Health Concerns of Meat Products
There is no longer any doubt about the fact that eating meat is bad for your
The list of diseases which are more common among meat eaters looks like the
index of a medical textbook.
Anaemia, appendicitis, arthritis, breast cancer, cancer of the colon, cancer of
the prostate, constipation, diabetes, gall stones, gout, high blood pressure,
indigestion, obesity, piles, strokes and varicose veins are just some of the well
known disorders which are more likely to affect meat eaters than vegetarians.
The meat industry is a multi-billion dollar powerhouse that has its profits at
stake. It does everything in its power to make people believe that meat is
healthy, nutritious, and a good source of protein. These are all lies. Meat
products have been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, immune
disorders, high blood pressure and to so many other horrible diseases that it is
a shame people still don’t know about its dangers.
We have been falsely led to believe that people can’t survive without meat and
that it has something no other food product has. These are all unfounded lies
brought to you by huge corporations that ONLY HAVE PROFITS in their
mind. They don’t care about your health and they do everything possible that
you don’t get true information regarding their products.
Have you ever heard of “The China Study”? Not many people have, yet it is
only the largest most comprehensive study of human nutrition ever conducted.
The China Study was a HUGE study that went on for 30 years; it resulted in
over 8,000 statistically significant correlations between diet and disease. It
surveyed a vast range of diseases and diet and lifestyle factors in rural China,
and more recently, in Taiwan.
A monumental nationwide survey was conducted in China in the 1970s on
cancer death rates from twelve different types of cancer. More than 2,400
Chinese counties and 880 million citizens were involved. This resulted in a
color-coded atlas showing where certain types of cancer were high, and where
they were non-existent. This provided information on over four dozen different
kinds of disease, including cancers, heart diseases, and infectious diseases.

The China Study was a grand design; it gathered data on 367 variables, and
compared each variable to the others. They went into 65 counties across China
and administered blood tests and questionnaires to 6,500 adults. They took
urine samples, and directly measured everything families ate over a three day
period. And they analyzed food samples from markets across the country.
When they were done, they had an unmatched comprehensive study.
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The findings
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Poor nutrition switches on disease. The food you eat affects the way your cells
interact with carcinogens, making them more or less dangerous. “The results
of these, and many other studies, showed nutrition to be far more important in
controlling cancer promotion than the dose of the initiating carcinogen.” He
showed that nutrition was a far greater controlling factor in disease than the
actual carcinogen!
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Heart disease can be reversed through nutrition. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.,
M.D., a physician and researcher at the best cardiac center in the country, The
Cleveland Clinic, treated 18 patients with established coronary disease with a
whole foods, plant-based diet. Not only did the intervention stop the
progression of the disease, but 70 percent of the patients saw an opening of
their clogged arteries. Dr. Dean Ornish, a graduate of Harvard Medical
School, completed a similar study with consistent results.
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To this day, __________ eaters have a higher incidence of heart disease,
cancer, diabetes, and other problems."
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Coconut Oil – The Healthy Saturated Fat
You have probably heard for the last 60 years or so from health care officials
and media that saturated fats are bad for you and lead to a plethora of
negative health consequences like high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, and
Alzheimer’s disease.
At the same time during the last 60 years the American population has
witnessed the levels of heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, and
Alzheimer’s disease skyrocket compared to our ancestors and even primitive
societies that use saturated fats as their dietary staple.
Studies on the Pacific Island population who get around 30-60% of their total
caloric intake from fully saturated coconut oil have shown almost non-existent
rates of cardiovascular disease. Something does not add up here.
The fact is, not all saturated fats are created equal. The key word here being
“created” because some fats are naturally saturated and full of nutrients,
while other fats are artificially saturated and have a host of negative health
consequences, as already mentioned.
Hydrogenation adds a hydrogen atom to vegetable oils, manipulating them
through a heating process and producing a rancid, thickened oil who’s only
benefits is longer shelf life and increased profits for the greedy corporations.
The medical and scientific community are pretty much united in the opinion
that hydrogenated oils (called trans fats) fats should be avoided. And the
concerning thing here is that these same damaging oils were proclaimed to be
“healthy” and “heart friendly” for the past 60 years by giant multinational
corporations protecting their greedy profits.
The science behind these damaging saturated fats came out, which is a good
thing, but at the same time created a lot of confusion. If this artificial
saturated fat is a bad thing, then ALL saturated fats are bad! Right? This is
the confusion amongst the population. The GOOD saturated fats were thrown
in with the nasty, lab made, artificial saturated fats.
Just like butter, coconut oil is a miracle food, and those who live in traditional
tropic cultures will definitely agree on the health benefits of this oil which has
been used for thousands of years.
Dr. Weston Price traveled throughout the South Pacific islands in the 1930’s
and examined the local population examining their diets and the effects on
their dental and overall health. He found that coconut oil comprised a majority

of their overall calories, but they were slim, healthy, and had virtually no
heart disease. A similar study on two Polynesian atolls in 1981 revealed that
even though coconut oil accounted for the majority of their calories but they
had almost perfect vascular health.
There was absolutely no evidence to support the claim that natural saturated
fats had any negative effect on health whatsoever.
This is definitely not what you have been hearing all these years; these people
should be full of sickness, clogged arteries, obesity, and heart disesease.
Coconut oil has many positive benefits including:

Promoting your heart health
Promoting weight loss

Supporting your immune system health
Supporting a healthy metabolism

Providing you with an immediate energy source
Keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking

Supporting the proper functioning of your thyroid gland

How does this happen? Well, coconut oil has a “magic” ingredient that is not
found in other natural saturated fats
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Hemp Oil
Surely no member of the vegetable kingdom has ever been more
misunderstood than hemp. For thousands of years, humans have used parts of
the hemp plant for food, textiles, paper, fabric, and fuel oil. In recent years,
emotion, not reason, has guided our policy toward this crop. And nowhere
have emotions run hotter than in the debate over the distinction between
industrial hemp and marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are NOT the same
If you would like to know more about the differences between hemp and
marijuana you may read this article:

Hemp seed and oil has been called "Nature’s Perfect Food for Humanity" - a
wealth of health for everyone.
The oil can be used as part of a nutritional programme to maintain and
improve good health. With a pleasant nutty flavour, Hemp Seed Oil is ideal
for use in salad dressings, mayonnaise, dips etc. It is not suitable for frying as
this reduces its benefits.
Hemp has had a long-standing relationship with humanity; modern science
reveals that it contains all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids
necessary for human life, as well as a rare protein known as globule edestins
that is very similar to the globulin found in human blood plasma.
Hemp seeds contain the most balanced and richest natural single source of
essential oils for human consumption. The E.F.A.'s not only help to
restore wasting bodies, but also improve damaged immune systems, so it is
not so surprising that modern researchers have studied them in relationship
to the modern immune attacking AIDS virus. (Eidlman, M.D., Hamilton,
ED.D, Ph.D 1992).
Hemp oil is nature’s most balanced oil for human nutrition (3:1 LA to LNA
ratio) and is easily digestible; in fact this oil could provide all of our Essential
Fatty Acid (EFA) requirements for life, due to the balanced 80% EFA content
of the oil. Hemp oil is also 25% protein giving your body most of the amino
acids you need.
Research has shown that this nutritional oil was once a part of worldwide
dietary intake, as it was one of the first cultivated crops. All natural foods
contain some substances, which are essential to life. Oils for example, found in
nuts and seeds, contain significantly higher amounts of essential fatty acids
than other foods.
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Tomorrow's Medicine

"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food"
"We can say with reasonable certainty that only about six percent of the adult
population can qualify as 'clinically' healthy."
2500 years ago, Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine", said to his students,
"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food". Moses
Maimonides, the great 12th century physician, repeated the Hippocratic
statement when he said, "No illness which can be treated by diet should be
treated by any other means". In essence, Hippocrates and Maimonides were
insisting that their students practice nutrition therapy, healing the body not
by pills, drugs, or surgery, but by changing the things you eat. This type of
medical therapy is being used by doctors today, but only by a very small
If you went to your mechanic because there was a loud noise coming from the
car and instead of fixing the problem he gave you some ear plugs, would you
be satisfied? If a red warning light started blinking and all your mechanic
would do is remove the light, would you be happy? This is the same problem
with doctors. When you go to a doctor, many of them don't tell you how to cure
your disease or ailment but prescribe pills to fight the SIDE EFFECTS of this
High cholesterol? They tell you to take some cholesterol lowering drugs
without analyzing you body to find out WHY you have high cholesterol. High
cholesterol is a warning sign of something much worse; all they are doing is
turning off the flashing red light.
Have heart disease? Blocked arteries? They say you need heart bypass surgery
or blood thinning drugs. But many never teach you how to clear up your
arteries or reverse your heart disease.
Do you have diabetes? The doctor puts you on drugs, and makes you measure
your blood sugar daily. None of these things will ever cure diabetes, they are
just treatments.
Have you ever wondered why some people have diabetes, heart disease, high
cholesterol and other illnesses while others don't? It's all very simple - they eat

Let’s say you go to your doctor’s office for some health advice, and in the
waiting area you pick up a glossy magazine titled something like Health and
Wellness, and you open it up to find ads for McDonalds, Oreo cookies, and
Devil cakes. If you then pick up a children’s magazine, it is expected to find
pages riddled with ads for Jell-O, pudding cups, Doritos chips, sugary cereals,
This is what scientists and food activists at Yale University and across the
world call a toxic environment which we currently inhabit.
Doctors are not trained in nutrition, they are trained to prescribe drugs and
other medicines. They are not allowed by law to even mention natural ways to
cure illness or disease using anything other than prescription drugs.
Toximolecular medicine, used by the majority of doctors (especially in the past
50 years) is the administration of drugs at sub-lethal levels to cover up
diseases or ailments. Drugs, of course, are alien chemicals which serve to
cover-up the disease - to mask it, help relieve symptoms, but never to
eliminate the real cause. They offer symptomatic relief but often at the cost of
severe and dangerous side effects (if you read the side effect list on some of the
most popular drugs, they actually cause much more problems than they solve).
Drugs create dependence on the part of the patient and often complicate the
doctor's job by masking or alleviating the symptoms, which are valuable clues
as to the real source of the disease or illness.
Of course, drugs can save the life of an ill patient, as can surgery and the
other techniques at which doctors are very good at. But the paradigm is
changing. The common practice of using drugs or surgery to treat what is
caused by nutritional deficiencies is slowly on its way out the door. As a doctor
in Dublin recently said, "The evidence for nutritional therapy is becoming so
strong that if the doctors of today don't become nutritionists, the nutritionists
will become the doctors of tomorrow."

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Medical Mafia

"People think the FDA is protecting them. It isn't. What the FDA is doing and
what the public thinks it's doing are as different as night and day."

Former commissioner of the FDA, Dr Herbert Ley, in testimony before a US
Senate hearing. (This doesn't just apply to the United States; the multi-billion
dollar drug companies have their grasp on every country in the world)
A large part of this medical disaster that the United States currently
experiences is due to the way our medical community is organized. Basically it
is not organized to heal and to cure disease; the medical community,
particularly at its upper levels, is a commercial venture organized to make
money for its practitioners. The Cardiac surgeon, for example, does nothing
whatsoever to cure cardiac disease. Three to five percent of the heart surgery
patients die on the operating table. Cardiac surgery provides no better three
year survival rate than no treatment at all. A Harvard survival study of

200,000 patients revealed that the long term survival rate of patients
subjected to surgery was no better than the survival rate of those that had no
surgery. --- GANGSTERS IN MEDICINE By Thomas Smith

Dangers of Pharmaceutical Drugs

"They are running a monopoly and they will lie, cheat and steal to keep it that
--- Dr Eva Snead
Did You Know?
“Pfizer Pays $2.3 Billion to Settle Marketing Case - WASHINGTON — The
pharmaceutical giant Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 billion to settle civil and
criminal allegations that it had illegally marketed its painkiller Bextra, which
has been withdrawn. It was the largest health care fraud settlement and the
largest criminal fine of any kind, ever.” – New York Times, September 2, 2009
'The whole culture of Pfizer is driven by sales, and if you didn’t sell drugs
illegally, you were not seen as a team player,' said Mr. Kopchinski. Also, per
ABC News, 'At Pfizer, I was expected to increase profits at all costs, even
when sales meant endangering lives,' Kopchinski said, in a statement. 'I
couldn't do that.'
“Statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more deadly than terrorists”
A tragedy happened on September 11th which will be remembered for the time
to come. 2996 people lost their lives and thousands more injured as four
commercial airlines crashed that day. But what if six jumbo jets crashed every
single day for a year totaling 783,936 deaths every year in the United States?
Wouldn’t that be a cause for concern, some grounds on which to look over the
airline industry, a valid reason to inspect airplanes or maybe totally get rid of

Well, according to the groundbreaking 2003 medical report Death by
Medicine, by Drs. Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio
and Dorothy Smith, 783,936 people in the United States die every year from
conventional medicine mistakes. 106,000 of those are from properly prescribed
prescription drugs, according to Death by Medicine. That also is a conservative
number. Some experts estimate it should be more like 200,000 because of
unreported cases of adverse drug reactions. That’s three times deadlier than
automobile fatalities.
This makes prescription drug death the fourth leading killer after heart
disease, cancer and stroke. Look at these numbers more carefully, that’s about
300 deaths per day from regular prescription drugs, yet when an airplane
crashes it gets more media attention and governmental scrutiny than the 300
medication-related deaths which occurred not only on the same day as the
airline crash, but also every day before and after for decades.

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10 prescription drugs withdrawn from the market
since 1997
These drugs were taken off the market because of serious, often lethal side
Rezulin: Given fast-track approval by the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA), Rezulin was linked to 63 confirmed deaths and probably hundreds
more. "We have real trouble," a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
physician wrote in 1997, just a few months after Rezulin's approval. The drug
wasn't taken off the market until 2000.
Lotronex: Against concerns of one of its own officers, the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) approved Lotronex in February 2000. By the time it
was withdrawn 9 months later, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had
received reports of 93 hospitalizations, multiple emergency bowel surgeries,
and 5 deaths.
Propulsid: A top-selling drug for many years, this drug was linked to hundreds
of cases of heart arrhythmias and over 100 deaths.

Redux: Taken by millions of people for weight loss after its approval in April
1996, Redux was soon linked to heart valve damage and a disabling, often
lethal pulmonary disorder. Taken off the market in September 1997.
Pondimin: A component of Fen-Phen, the diet fad drug. Approved in 1973,
Pondimin's link to heart valve damage and a lethal pulmonary disorder wasn't
recognized until shortly before its withdrawal in 1997.
Duract: This painkiller was taken off the market when it was linked to severe,
sometimes fatal liver failure.
Seldane: America's and the world's top-selling antihistamine for a decade, it
took the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 5 years to recognize that
Seldane was causing cardiac arrhythmias, blackouts, hospitalizations, and
deaths, and another 8 years to take it off the market.
Hismanal: Approved in 1988 and soon known to cause cardiac arrhythmias,
the drug was finally taken off the market in 1999.
Posicor: Used to treat hypertension, the drug was linked to life-threatening
drug interactions and more than 100 deaths.
Raxar: Linked to cardiac toxicities and deaths.
"1935 The Pellagra Incident. After millions of individuals die from Pellagra
over a span of two decades, the U.S. Public Health Service finally acts to stem
the disease. The director of the agency admits it had known for at least 20
years that Pellagra is caused by a niacin deficiency but failed to act since most
of the deaths occured within poverty-striken black populations."---A History Of
US Secret Human Experimentation

Maintaining the High Cost of Medicines
It is evident that giant multinational pharmaceutical companies are doing
everything in their power to maintain the high costs of their products, even
when those costs mean that essential drugs will not be available to the poor or
the elderly with low incomes.
"Using big money, creative court challenges and a regulatory system prone to
delays, the nation's leading manufacturers of brand-name drugs are fighting
harder than ever to keep cheaper generic imitations off the market…. Generic

drug makers have at times enriched themselves by keeping their products off
the market, deliberately, in exchange for payments from patented drug
companies." Greg Fields, "Brand-name drug makers' tactics slow generics,"
The Miami Herald, Aug. 17, 2000, p. A1.
According to Public Citizen Magazine, the big drug companies are charging
these seniors twice as much on average as the companies charge their most
favored customers such as HMOs and the Departments of Veterans Affairs
and Defense. Public Citizen claims that the mark-up for Medicare outpatients
for Merck's high cholesterol drug Zocor is 144%. The organization says that
the mark-up for Pharmacia's diabetes medication Micronase is a whopping
363%, and that Abbot Laboratories' hormone treatment Synthroid is even
worse at an incredible 1,446%.
The current belief in the United States is that taxpayers have to assume some
of the burden of drugs. Through the government health programs your tax
dollars pay for some of the drugs. However, the taxpayers have already paid
for the basic research to develop many of these drugs and have even paid for
some of the clinical trials! Remember folks, it is us who pays for the research
and development of the drugs (not the cures, but patentable medication from
which a profit can be made), then pays for the clinical trials, and then pays for
the drug itself! Absurdity beyond belief. These “institutes” which collect
donations to find “cures” for heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. have no other
goal but to find a patentable drug which they can market and make huge
Sharon Davis and Mary Palmer of the US Department of Commerce did some
research on the actual cost of drugs. They looked at offshore chemical
synthesizers that supply the active ingredients found in drugs approved by the
FDA. As they have revealed, a significant percentage of drugs sold in the
United State contain active ingredients made in other countries.
They obtained the actual price of active ingredients used in some of the most
popular drugs sold in America. The chart below speaks for itself.

Celebrex 100 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $130.27
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 21,712%

Tenormin 50 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $104.47
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 80,362%

Claritin 10 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $215.17

Vasotec 10 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $102.37

Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 30,306%
Keflex 250 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $157.39
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 8,372%
Lipitor 20 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $272.37
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 4,696%
Norvasec 10 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $188.29
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 134,493%
Paxil 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $220.27
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 2,898%
Prevacid 30 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $44.77
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 34,136%
Prilosec 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $360.97
Cost of general active ingredients
Percent markup: 69,417%

This is extortion folks.

Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 51,185%
Xanax 1 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) :
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 569,958%
Zestril 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) $89.89
Cost of general active ingredients
Percent markup: 2,809%
Zithromax 600 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets):
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 7,892%
Zocor 40 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $350.27
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 4,059%
Zoloft 50 mg
Consumer price: $206.87
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 11,821%
Prozac 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) :
Cost of general active ingredients:
Percent markup: 224,973%

Clinical Trials
Let’s look at these so called “scientific studies” which drug companies use to
push their drugs or discredit natural remedies. The fact is that studies are
funded by someone, and are commissioned for a specific reason. They are
either requested to prove something works or to prove that something doesn’t
work. Studies are never commissioned to find the truth. They are paid for to
give a specific and preplanned result. Drug companies have specific ways in
which they organize studies.
First, they produce secret studies to get some preliminary information on how
to conduct the final study that will give them the required result. These
preliminary studies are never released to the public and are only done to find
the best way to organize the final study to give the drug companies the desired
end result. Drug companies fund 99% of all studies, directly or indirectly. To
hide the fact that a drug company is funding a particular study, sometimes
the funding is 10 times removed! By channeling money through smaller
companies, groups, foundations, and institutes the study seems like it is
honest and truthful. These studies that produce results and supposedly
“prove” that a particular drug is safe and effective are completely false and
For example, first they run studies to find out what kind of person has the
least adverse reaction to their new drug, or no reaction at all. Then they test
various doses of the drug to figure out one that has the least side effects. Let’s
say they find that 45 year old physically fit healthy females are the least prone
to side effects. In their final study they then recruit only 45 year old physically
fit healthy females, and get their desired end result.
If you were a dishonest crook whose only motive was money, and you were
funding a study to prove the effectiveness of your product. Wouldn’t you try
absolutely everything to get the desired results? Especially if billions of dollars
were at stake?

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Unwanted Results are not Published
Results showed that industry-sponsored studies were 3.6 times more likely to
have results that favored the industry than studies with no financial ties to
the industry. Drug companies publish only a fraction of the studies they fund -

- the ones that promote their drugs. If a study does not have findings that are
favorable to its product, it is unlikely it will ever make it into a journal for
There are simply thousands of scientific studies out there that have never
been seen by you or your physician because they have been screened out by
editors and reviewers who are being paid to uphold an industry agenda.

Published studies overwhelmingly favor the funding company’s drug.

Whichever drug is manufactured by the study sponsor is the drug that comes
out on top, 90 percent of the time!
Selectively omitting negative results from clinical trials can actually be deadly
to your health. Merck & Co. proved this statement when during clinical trials
of their Vioxx drug they concealed the fact that three patients suffered heart
attacks. They conveniently omitted this data (along with other relevant
findings) from the copy of the study they submitted to the New England
Journal of Medicine for publication. The omissions were uncovered years later
during the 7,000 Vioxx lawsuit litigations.

Favorable Studies Submitted Multiple Times
If a clinical study shows positive results it is often submitted multiple times in
such a way that the reader doesn’t realize it’s the same study, hidden by
different authors and details. Analyzers have had to look very carefully to
determine which studies are actually duplicates because they are so cleverly
Trials that showed greater treatment effectiveness were significantly more
likely to be duplicated. In one analysis of published reports about ondansetron
(an anti-nausea drug), the same study was published 5 times. This duplication
of data led to a 23 percent overestimation of ondansetron’s effectiveness when
a meta-analysis was performed!
In addition, the editorials that follow a study are submitted by so-called
“unbiased” experts and then published in reputable journals. Contrary to
popular belief they are often done by non-neutral parties who have a financial
tie to the drug maker.
Dr. Golomb, a professor at UC San Diego, gives an example of a trial on
calcium channel blockers (a type of heart medication). The connection between
authors declaring their support for calcium channel blockers and those not in
support of them was highly statistically tied to their relationship with the

drug manufacturer - in fact, the odds that their opinion was NOT due to their
affiliation was more than 1,000:1. In other words, if the author of a drug study
is on the drug manufacturers payroll then they are 1000 times more likely to
praise the drug than someone who is not paid by the drug manufacturer. And
here we are thinking all these scientists are unbiased and have the good of the
people at heart.
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What Happens to Those Who Speak Out?
Intimidating phone calls, direct threats, loss of funding, bans from
organizations, loss of licenses, ridicule etc.
In one case, Dr. Buse, an endocrinologist who is the incoming president of the
American Diabetes Association, presented data in 1999 about his concerns
about the risks of Avandia. Dr. Buse was intimidated with multiple phone
calls by drug company officials. They suggested he could be financially liable
to the company for $4 billion in lost revenues due to his “unscrupulous
Court evidence now available on-line at the University of California library
shows drug giant Merck systematically targeted “hit-lists” of doctors in order
to discredit, neutralize, ridicule, or destroy the critics who spoke out against
the safety and effectiveness of Merck’s drugs.
The methods used to do this included threatening to cut research funding and
attempting to block academic appointments. Remember, drug companies do
not want to save lives and will do anything to stop a whistleblower from
telling the truth, even if it’s a doctor or scientist.
One memo from a drug company stated: “we may need to seek them out and
destroy them where they live….”
Dr Andrew Wakefield said when interviewed by CBS:- “This is not conspiracy.
This is corporate policy.“ – [CBS News – Research Links Kids Vaccines &
Brain Damage - October 9, 2009 childhealthsafety].

Loss of jobs and reputation, even death threats are a normal occurrence to
truth seekers and whistleblowers. They don’t want anyone messing

"Since the 1920s, virtually all continuing medical and public health education
is funded by pharmaceutical companies. In fact, today, the FDA can't even tell
health scientists the truth about vaccine contaminants and their likely effects.
The agency is bound and gagged by proprietary laws and non-disclosure
agreements forced upon them by the pharmaceutical industry. Let us not
forget that the pharmaceutical industry, as a special interest group, is the
number one contributor to politicians on Capital Hill."--Leonard Horowitz
"Since vaccine development information is considered proprietary (protected
by nondisclosure policies) government officials and researchers must shield
potential safety issues from public scrutiny. This censorship is rationalized by
the all too persuasive argument that vaccines cannot be criticized lest the
public become non-compliant in taking them. Finally, this silence is buttressed
by the small number of people capable of critically evaluating vaccine
manufacturing and safety testing procedures. In essence, health care
professionals and the general public know little about the possible dangers of
live viral vaccines."--Dr Martin

Too Big to Nail
Drug companies these days are almost completely safe from any prosecution
for their crimes or wrongdoings. A CNN report from April 2, 2010 reveals the
truth about how shielded these huge drug companies really are.
For example, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company Pfizer engaged in
illegal promotion of their drug Bextra for off-label use, even though they knew
it was associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks. In 2005 it
was pulled from the market but not before many people were damaged by its
Federal prosecutors quickly realized that convicting Pfizer would be a
corporate death sentence since any company convicted of major health care
fraud is excluded from Medicare and Medicaid. So they cut Pfizer a deal. Just
as the big banks on Wall Street were deemed “too big to fail,” Pfizer was
deemed “too big to nail.”
Prosecutors claimed the financial losses to shareholders and job losses by
Pfizer would be too great from being excluded from the Medicare/Medicaid
programs. Prosecutors then went ahead and charged a Pfizer subsidiary
Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. instead (this company was incorporated the very
same day its lawyers filed a guilty plea, kind of like a sacrificial lamb created
specifically for this purpose).

In the end, all Pfizer lost was about three month’s profit, but all contracts,
including those with Medicaid and Medicare, were spared.
There are hundreds of examples like these, and the moral of the story is;
governments or giant corporations don’t give a hoot about you or your health.

Between 1992 and 1996, FDA prohibited companies that sell folic acid from
telling women of childbearing age that .4 mg of folic acid daily before
pregnancy could reduce the incidence of neural tube defects (including spina
bifida and encephaly) by 40%. FDA’s censorship contributed to a preventable
10,000 neural tube defect births.
Between 1994 to 2000, FDA prohibited companies that sell omega-3
fatty acids from telling Americans that those fatty acids found in flax and
hemp oil could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 50%.
FDA’s censorship contributed to a preventable 1.8 million sudden death heart
Between 2000 and the present, FDA prohibits companies that sell saw
palmetto extract (the fruit of the dwarf American palm tree) from telling
Americans that saw palmetto reduces enlarged prostates and relieves related
symptoms. Approximately 50% of all men age 50 and older suffer from
enlarged prostates and are denied access to this information.
Between 2000 and the present, FDA prohibits companies that sell
glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from telling Americans that those dietary
ingredients treat osteoarthritis and relieve osteoarthritic pain and stiffness.
Approximately 20 million Americans suffer needlessly from osteoarthritis. - FDA and Health Freedom Protection Act
“FDA censors every claim that a dietary ingredient treats disease, regardless
of the proof in support of the claim. FDA only allows drug companies to make
claims of treatment. It protects a monopoly for those companies at the expense
of the health and freedom of the American people. The FDA’s unconstitutional
system of speech censorship and monopoly protection has got to come to an
end.”======= order the full version to read the rest of this chapter =======

Why Does a Salad Cost More Than a Burger?

“The Farm Bill, a massive piece of federal legislation making its way
through Congress, governs what children are fed in schools and what food
assistance programs can distribute to recipients. The bill provides billions of
dollars in subsidies, much of which goes to huge agribusinesses producing feed
crops, such as corn and soy, which are then fed to animals. By funding these
crops, the government supports the production of meat and dairy products—
the same products that contribute to our growing rates of obesity and chronic
disease. Fruit and vegetable farmers, on the other hand, receive less than 1
percent of government subsidies.
The government also purchases surplus foods like cheese, milk, pork,
and beef for distribution to food assistance programs—including school
lunches. The government is not required to purchase nutritious foods.”
Basically, governments get more money from lobbying firms of giant
corporations that sell meat products/dairy so they subsidize those farmers and
leave the green producing ones fending for themselves. That means your fatty
burger will cost you less than healthy greens. If you are healthy you are not
profitable, so go on eating your burgers with cola. After all the CEO’s have
high electric bills on their mansions and gas prices are pretty high on their

When you eat this cheap, nutrient lacking food, you get fat! And it’s
highly profitable to keep you fat, because when you are fat you are sick, and
when you are sick you need all sorts of pills, drugs, and surgery. You turn into
a walking money machine for these greedy heartless corporations.

Natural Cures
"If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is
true, there would be little hope of advance."
Orville Wright
"Most secrets of knowledge have been discovered by plain and neglected men
than by men of popular fame. And this is so with good reason. For the men of
popular fame are busy on popular matters."
Roger Bacon (c. 1220 – 1292), English philosopher and scientist
The following section deals with some of the most important things
regarding your health. I highly urge you to read carefully through it and
analyze the information.
Have you ever asked yourself what happened to the act of actually curing
The patient's immune system, and the immune system alone, is responsible
for healing and recovery from ill health. The use of drugs and vaccines
represents an assault on the immune system. In some cases, the use of a
particular drug might be a wise choice to speed healing and recovery for the
patient, but the use of natural, orthomolecular (substances normally found in
Nature) therapies and substances that can more effectively address the cause
of the disease should be considered first because natural substances work in
harmony with Nature. They aid and stimulate the body to truly cure itself,
without the terrible millstone of drug side-effects.
The human body is predisposed to heal itself and to exist as a healthy,
thriving organism. We inhibit that process by ingesting unhealthy foods,
fouling our inner environment with toxins, and relying upon poisonous
substances to treat disease conditions.

The next section is an overview of some alternative therapies that have
demonstrated themselves to be effective and readily obtainable, usually at a
low to modest cost. This list is far from complete.
There is a HUGE amount of evidence and proof from around the world that
natural remedies are effective and safe in treating countless ailments. But
because of drug lobbyists, suppression, ridicule, fake studies, and other cover
ups, you have never heard of them.
For it is a sad fact that, these days, that the discoveries of "unknown" things,
instead of being welcomed with excitement, is often criticized as illusory, or
tabooed as "fantasy." Nowhere are these taboos more prevalent than in the
field of the biomedical sciences and the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical
industry with which it interacts.

The fact is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of genuine, kindhearted,
truth seeking doctors and scientist around the world who are not concerned
about money but want to get the truth out and help the people. Unfortunately
those are the people we rarely hear about, and I am just another reporter
bringing you the truth!
Most people are under the influence from the drug companies that “cures”
must be bought in the form of some treatment or pill that they sell. I’m sure
you knew that they lobbied government to pass a law that states only a drug
or an approved medical device can prevent, cure, or treat a disease. And if
someone, regardless who, stands up and says to all “Hey, eat this orange and
you it will cure your scurvy, mate!” He will go to jail. That’s right, if someone
has (and they have) found a natural cure for a particular disease and claims
that it will cure your disease, even if it has ample evidence, you will get sued
and probably get sent to jail (for example over 35 years ago when some of the
world's top scientists claimed that when vitamin B17 is consumed from apricot
seeds or such, the components of the seed make it 100% impossible to develop
cancer and will kill existing cancer in most cases, the FDA and the
pharmaceutical industry began a massive smear campaign to get it off the
market as soon as possible, and that’s why you probably have never heard of
this miracle vitamin).
Why? Because “big-pharma” can’t patent an orange and charge you a
thousand dollars per slice, because they can’t patent a leaf and make billions
of dollars, because they can’t make money from natural remedies that are
freely available to all. It doesn’t even matter if medical scientists around the
world agree that most diseases are caused by nutritional deficiencies.

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