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From the political side, there is more pressure on large financial institutions to reduce
systemic risks.
In addition, especially in Europe, there is strong political pressure on companies for issues
related to privacy and management of sensitive data, as well as data security and
transparency. ECONOMICAL
Interest rates are at record low level and so investors are constantly looking for better
risk/return opportunities. Regarding interest rates, they are expected to increase in the
medium term in USA and remain low for the medium term in Europe.
Regarding the dimension of the asset management industry, Global Assets Under
Management are increasing around the world, following the financial crisis; equity markets
in particular have rebounded after 2008. In this regards, most of the major investment
management players are experiencing net inflows in assets under management, especially
in Europe.
It must be said that, after two financial crisis, many analysts expect the economy to recover
in the medium term. In addition, following the quantitative easing program pursued by
major central banks, many players have excess liquidity. This can be favourable to the asset
management industry.
In addition, following the financial crisis and the difficult economic situation that many
countries are experiencing, investors are more risk averse. This means that their demand for
low risk profile investment has increased. SOCIAL
There are a couple of trends that must be analysed. Firstly, pensions are lower, and more
people are concerned with the management of their retirement funds. This is especially true
in Europe and North America. In addition, people are becoming more autonomous when it
comes to financial management decisions. In these regards, some people are more
emotional than others regarding money: some need to know that someone (i.e. not a
machine) is managing their investments. On the other hand, more and more people,
especially young generations, are more confident in technology. People are looking for more