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Economical – Will the economy rebound? Are normal people going to have more
wealth to invest?
We have decided not to analyse the technological factor, i.e. the second pivotal variable

identified in the PESTEL analysis, as this appears to be highly correlated with the social
variable identified above.
Normal people with more wealth to invest
accepted and
entrusted by
Robo-advisors not
accepted by

(A) Robo-advisors are likely to experience
tremendous growth and capture a growing
client base
(C) Established asset managers are likely to
start offering products for normal investors
(i.e. not only high net worth individuals), taking
advantage of the technological progress
achieved thanks to robo-advisors, by
leveraging on their established brand

Normal people with less/same
wealth to invest
(B) Robo-advisors will experience high
growth rate, with assets under
management growing at a lower
growth rate than in scenario A
(D) The asset management industry
won’t experience drastic changes

3.1.2 Industry Lifecycle of the industry
The robo-advising industry is relatively young and seems to be at the hedge between the
emergence and growth stage. This is because:

There is still a lot of resistance from users and academics on whether algorithms are
actually better than human in managing money on the long run, especially during
financial crisis.
There are not a lot of players, but the services offered start to become less
Profits start to increase.
Barriers to entry are not too high.