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present, so it seems, in ancient Indo-European cosmology. To wit, the concept of
12 zodiacal constellations was already present in the Vedas and the Hittite-Louvite
There is an interesting I.E. myth which illustrates the underlying cosmological idea
for astral symbology:
After its creation from the Cosmic Egg, the World is separated into three parts, one
for the Gods, one for the Mortals, and one for the Titans and Demons. The Upperworld is claimed by the celestial deities, the Middle-world is given to the primordial
Man, the Purusha (skt), or the Ymir of the Eddas and the Green Giant of the
Arthurian Cycles, while the Underworld is devolved to the chthonian inferior deities
or Titans. Henceforth, the celestial waters spew forth from the Cosmic Egg thus
causing the Primordial Flood. From this Great River, comes the Milky Way, home of
the Three Fates, the three Crones or Fairies. The Three Worlds are then supported
by the World Axis, the Cosmic Ash Tree (Eya in Hittite, Osna in Proto-Celtic). The
three roots of the Ash withhold the nine worlds in place and on its trunk is placed
the nine scaled ladder. By this river, there are seven peaks (ascent) with their
valleys (descent) and the Storm God's plain, three sources with their lakes and
streams, and, by which the animals of the Zodiac evolve. In this Ash, on its crest, is
the Eagle (Aquila). In the branches, are the Bearded Snakes (Serpens and Draco),
and below it, the Stag (Leo Major and Minor). These constellations are followed by
the Leopard (Hyades in Taurus), the Wolf (Lupus or Twins/Gemini), the Antelope
(Cancer), the Lion (Leo Major), the Maiden Fate Goddess (Virgo) and the Fish of
the river (Scorpio). Then the Chronocrator, (alpha Draconis) who, in order to
regulate Time (Intertwined Serpents), calls upon his priest, the Wren (alpha Ursa
Minor), who also serves as a messenger between worlds. The King presides over
the sacrifice of an Ox (Taurus) and a Ram (Aries). Then the gods sacrifice the
original Man, the Purusha (Vedas), or Ymir (Eddas), and the Green Giant (Arthurian
cycles). The Earth is created from the Giant's body, from his blood, the earthly
waters, from his flesh, land, from his bones and teeth, the mountains and rocks,
and from his skull, the skies and clouds. In winter, this order is threatened by the
Lord of Death who kidnaps the new-born Sun taking him to the Underworld. The
King sends out his Eagle to find his prince, but fails in the search. Then the Queen
of Fairies sends out her Bumble Bee (Cepheus) from the Hive (Camelopardalis).
Because of its size, it is not detected by the Lord Death, and finds the new Sun in
the under-worldly cavern. The triumphant Sun then returns on the horned
Sturgeon's back (and later on a Dolphin, both for Capricornus). In celebration of his
return, the Queen of Soma has the Mead (Amrita\Ambrosia for Aquarius) of eternal
life poured for the assembly of gods.
In short, this is the cosmological tale which explains the creation of the cosmic
order of the constellations, thus of the concept of astrology.


Masson, Emilia. Le combat pour l'immortalité, chap. 2, Les trois mondes des
Hittites, p. 187-223.