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Hello again, I am Adam C. Miller from United Kingdom. I am also a reputed
member at Warrior Forum. Thousands of people on the internet know me for publishing
internet marketing e-books which are the MOST REALISTIC ONES. I never hurry while
publishing an e-book. I do research, find new methods, apply them, and if I am successful,
then I tell others about these methods in my e-books. You can say that I write an e-book
once in 6 months, but it is always the best one. You might have read my other e-books
earlier, too, so, here is another one. I hope you will like it as much as you liked my
previous e-books. This e-book has a version i.e. 1.8 and if I have some updates on this
method, I will put it in the next version of this e-book.
If you have any doubts regarding this method or you face any problem then
you can contact me at Please mention the name of the e-book
while contacting, otherwise, I will be unable to know about which method you want my
Note: All screenshots in this e-book are in high resolution, please use higher version of
Acrobat Reader to view.
Adam C. Miller