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Abstract DavideCollotta ENG .pdf

Nome del file originale: Abstract_DavideCollotta_ENG.pdf
Autore: Davide Collotta

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Corso di Laurea magistrale in Ingegneria Elettrica

Davide Collotta

Politecnico di Torino Prof. Paolo Guglielmi Prof. Andrea Tonoli

“Progetto del Sistema elettrico di trazione per un veicolo elettrico da competizione”

This thesis concerns the design and development of the electric racing car of SquadraCorse of Politecnico di
Torino, SCXV. The final aim of this research is realising an electric racing car able to compete in the races
promoted from Formula SAE, where its goodness and innovative impact in the automotive market is
evaluated. Therefore, the purpose of this thesis is to investigate and develop the best solution in terms of
performance, efficiency, reliability and safety of new electric powertrain for a race car and its integration and
control in the whole system.
In the first part of the thesis a 4-wheel drive (4WD) systems is compared to a 2-wheel drive (2WD) one in
terms of driveability, acceleration control and energy recovery. Regarding the last point, SIMULINK
simulations of a hard braking have been carried out for both solutions. The simulations take into account
load transfer, tire grip, motors torque curve and the maximum brake torque at the wheels without skidding.
The feasibility of the best solution is also evaluate in term of cost through market analysis of motors and
inverters selected for the car.
The second part of the thesis deals with the design, development and test of the traction battery pack.
Electrical parameters and capacity are determinate with the help of a whole race simulation, considering the
regenerative braking strategy developed by the team. The driver behaviour on the new powertrain system
has been modelled using data collected during the test of the vehicle created by the team previously. The
results of this simulation are compared and confirmed with real data obtained during the races. The LiPo cells
and the choices made using market analysis are tested in a climate camera, under the power consumption’s
cycle expected from the simulation, in order to confirm electrical characteristics and thermal rating.
The last part of the thesis is dedicated to the analysis of the car’s telemetry data. It focuses on comparison
and validation of the simulation results with the data recording of track tests. Data analysis is used to set up
the parameters of traction control and electronic differential system. In the case study, data analysis is
fundamental to solve problem of electromagnetic interference and to adapt the voltage regulation loop for
flux-weakening control.

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