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It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses Foreign Policy.pdf

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pro-business parties they were a generation ago, before
their ideological zeal led them into a blind alley. That
may be their only alternative to irrelevance.
The issue, at bottom, is globalization. Brexit, Trump, the
National Front, and so on show that political elites have
misjudged the depth of the anger at global forces and
thus the demand that someone, somehow, restore the
status quo ante. It may seem strange that the reaction
has come today rather than immediately after the
economic crisis of 2008, but the ebbing of the crisis has
led to a new sense of stagnation. With prospects of flat
growth in Europe and minimal income growth in the

What’s the
matter with
today’s Navy?

It’s Time for the
Elites to Rise Up
Against the
Ignorant Masses

long-term prospects. And globalization means culture as

The End of Eras:
Donald Trump
and the TPP

well as economics: Older people whose familiar world is


United States, voters are rebelling against their dismal

vanishing beneath a welter of foreign tongues and
multicultural celebrations are waving their fists at
cosmopolitan elites. I was recently in Poland, where a
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The Collapse of
the Liberal
World Order