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golf mk3 manual.pdf

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You have chosen the European bestseller, the Golf
... and the environment
Built for the future
You I ave chosen a car Whlcli is ladlcal in
ev ry respeCt. Even concerning the environ­
ment Your new Golf has been developed to
damage the environment as little as poss­
IL le Nor only today, but tomorrow and In he
'utu r .
Clean solutions from clean ideas
We beheve that more can be done for the
envtronment today If we forgo some th ings.
So In manufacturing your new Golf, we
have. wherever possible, fo rgone environ­
mentally harmful materials, for e :amp le
CFCs In plastic parts, cadmium and asbes­
tos .

For [he paintwork. we are f OI going chemica l
solvents to an ever rncreaslng degree, and
sing more and more al er-based paints
Clean performance
Naturally, all engines fitted
low pollutants.


the Golf are

They are particularly qUiet and low In uel
consumption That is of course dependent
on your driving style . Tips and advice on the
subject can be found in thiS manual Exactly
Ihere can be found in the alpha betrcallndex
under the heading" EnVIronm ent" .

... and more safety
Reduced emissions
Vaporrzation - from plastics in the vehicle in­
teriol or from the fuel tank -Will hardly occlIr
In you r new Golf .

For example, we have llserl new materlals­
for the Instrument panel, and the walls of
the fue l tank have been trea ted to red uce
emiSS ions a" much as pOSSible
A s ign of the times
Your new Golf has been constructed In such
a way that It can be disposed of environmen­
The plastiC parts have a speCial marking to
Simplify Identlfeatlon and reprocessing of
materials at a later date.
Some of these plastiC parts are made entire­
ly from recycled ma terial.
These rea lly are signs of tile times.

Safe all round
Your nevy Golf has exemplary safety.

It offers an extraordinary high deg ree of ac­
i e and passi e safet
Active - from the running gear to the ergo­
nomics of the interior. Passive - from the
fron enlj structure nd the passenge r cell ,
the steenng, the steerlllg wheel, the seats,
through 10 he seat belt sYStem With bel
tra e\ an oressure limiters for driver ilnd
fro· seat passenger.
.411 15 S he result of our safety philosophy.
For us sa ety means protection .


e ar Iples

S afe and Sound



wh l

Sa l



fro '
e VE
It (

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