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· .. and the service
~II in all passive safety, strictly tested in
"1ore than 30 different crash tests.

9y our own standards, standards wh ich are
even higher t han those laid dow n by law a~d
....,h ich in many pOi nts go fu rther th an tne
strict US standa rds.

Safe and comfortable
'::ven the seats in your new Golf ensure ef­
'ective protection for the occupants.

They have a robust base, a firm seat .ramp
and are designed so that you do not sl ip out
from under the seat belt (submarining) in the
event of a collision .
It contracts
The new Golf is equipped w ith a safety
stee ring column , whose increased defor­
mat ion distance considerably reduces the
:!anger of it penetrating the interior and thus
Increases passive safety
The new Volkswagen Airbag System is the
Jpti mal supplement to the fastened seat
[Jelt. nggered by an electronic sensor, It
orotects th e breast and head form possible
pact WIt parts of the vehicle interior.

One of the largest and most efficient service
organ isations in the world IS wait ing to look
after you r Golf: in Europe alone there IS a
network of more than 9000 Volkswagen
dealers, who work effiCiently and acco rding
to works guidelines.

• The Volkswagen Service telephone
If you have any questions, suggestions or
criticisms, please call our service advisor
free-of-charge on 130/3102 or In eastern
Germany on 0371/5600426 This service IS
at present only available in Germany.

The Volkswagen dealers will also ensure
that everything is OK on your Golf. BeSides

• 1-year warranty on workshop repairs.
• 1-year warranty on all Genuine parts and
on Volks w agen accessories approved by us.
• The quick, low-priced Express Service
for smaller jobs.
• A reasonably priced replacement car for
the period that yours is being serviced or re­
paired - ask your dealer.
• The Volkswagen Accessory Service.
Tested , factory-approved accessories and
professiona l installation - please read the
notes on page 115.

• 1-year un limited mileage warranty

against defects in manufacture

a whole package of further guarantees and

services is offered in most countries, like for


• 3-year warranty against defects in paint­

work .

• 6-year warranty against rusting through

on the bodywork -the w arranty is valid with­

out annual protection treatment but does

not cover rusting that results from external


• The mobil ity guarantee.

If you should IJ'lve a breakdown at any time,

Volkswagen dealers w ill help you at short

notice. Either by a qUic k repair, a hire car or

even an overnight stay at a hotel for you and

your passengers

• The reliable Volks w agen emergency ser­

vice .

Help around-the-clock -;- only a phone call is

required The numbers are In the list of ad­

dresses in tI-,e veh icle wallet.

Volkswagen dealers will gladly supply de­
tails on the above-mentioned services and
possible deviations in individual countries.
See also the notes in the Service Schedule.
We wish you safe, reliable and en joyable