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In the vehicle wallet you will find, in addition
to this Instruction manual, a Service
Schedule and a Service address list.
Also depending on vehicle model and equip­
ment there can be various Supplements
(e.g. for car radio, Taxicabs and Hire cars)
If one of these publications appears to be
missing or you have the impression that the
information on some equipment or model
version is not complete, please contact your
Volkswagen dealer. He will be pleased to
help you.

The Instruction Manual
should be read carefully as soon as possible
so that you get to know your vehicle quickly.
Besides regular care and maintenance, cor­
rect operation serves to maintain the value
of the vehicle and is, in many cases, also
one of the stipulations for upholding war­
ranty claims.
For safety reasons please note also
the information on Accessories,
modifications and the renewal of
parts on page 111.


The Service Schedule

Notes on the layout of this Manual:


It desc ribes the largest possible range of
equipm ent envisaged at the time of go ing to
press Some 0 th e equipment may be avall­
able later on or not at all or will not be offered
in certain Export markets.
Items of equipm ent marked with a * are
only standard on certain model vers ions or
are only availab le as optional extras on cer­
tain models.


identification data for your car
the Service intervals


the Service operations

- important details about Warranty
Service work which has been carried out is
also confirmed in the Service Schedule.
This can be important when a claim is made
under warranty.
Your should always present the Service
Schedule when taking the vehicle to a
Volkswagen dealer.

The Service address list
- important addresses and telephone
numbers in Europe and overseas.

important information on the Volks­
wagen dealer emergency services

All blocks of text which have this
colour backing and the title
"Attention" refer to potential
accident or injury risks.


Texts following this symbol and
~ printed in italics are im p ortant
notes on environmental protection.

One final request:
Whe n you sell your car please give th e com­
plete Vehicle Wallet to the new own er be­
caus e the vehicle literature belongs to the
vehicl e