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Course of Action Manager (COA Manager)
Users interacted with SWS 0.5 in both real-time interactions as well as for faster-than-real-time analysis.
Eight SEAS environments were used simultaneously to investigate the use of different sets of action plans
and to provide an unclassified interface with a select subset of events. One of the environments was placed
in a Society of Simulations with JSAF to capture events in real-time.
A COA Manager was implemented to enable each of the environments to be initialized and to enable
simulation data to be persisted, tagged with a COA identifier. A specific environment could be restarted by
accessing saved data for the desired COA.
The implementation of COA Manager is a step towards an Excursion Manager needed to facilitate SWS

Use Cases of SWS

SWS provides the context within which training excursions are done, presenting the training
community with the unprecedented ability to train in a live and comprehensive synthetic
environment that is validated by theory and up to date with the real world.

For skill refinement, a trainee’s skills can be directly compared with an experienced individual’s
skills by immersing the trainee into the synthetic environment in the real-world context where the
event actually occurred and analyzing the ensuing reactions of the simulated environment.

Skill acquisition is supported by the ability to illustrate the emergent effects achieved by certain
doctrinal theories, and the proper contexts in which to apply them.

The experimentation platform provides trainers with the ability to store and recall training
experiments, start another training experiment where an earlier one left off, and compare results
from multiple experiments.


Analysts’ theories are continuously weighed against emergent phenomena in SWS. As SWS
progresses with new real world events, the divergence between proposed theories or models
indicates a need for a change in thinking. Likewise, the synthetic world may confirm the
relevance of theories.

Cross-excursion analysis reveals the influence of “what if” excursions from a comprehensive

The synthetic reference world of SWS provides immediate access to a mix of details from both
the real and synthetic worlds which remain up to date with respect to real world data and include
details which are not easily obtainable in the real world, such as measurements of emotional
arousal for a group of people.

The analysis capabilities of SWS also reveal relationships between entities that emerge over time.
Analysts can perform full strategic, operational, and tactical net assessment with access to a
dynamic description of the links between nodes and across nodes and resources.


SWS provides tools to develop, reuse, and compose action plans into playbooks. A playbook
database enables planners to recall playbooks.

Planning tools enable plans to be developed for temporally and spatially fine-grained actions as
well as long-term actions and to place combined plans into a single playbook.